Passions Update Friday 12/26/03

Passions Update Friday  12/26/03

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Ethan comes in to have a secret meeting with Woody. He tells Woody that he doesn't want anyone to see them together, so he pretends to go on the computer while he talks with Woody. Woody says he won't tell anyone about their meetings, but wouldn't it be better if Theresa knew? Ethan says no, because it's not fair to Gwen. Woody tells Ethan there's a problem with Ethan's bank account and there's not enough money for Theresa's bills. (IMO, how did he expect Theresa to pay the bills when Ethan's even having trouble?) Later, Ethan tells Woody not to tell him that he is giving up. Woody says all the money in the world won't win against the Cranes. Ethan says that Julian and Rebecca cannot own every judge in Harmony, but Woody says it doesn't matter as long as they own Judge Reilly. Ethan says he is not going to let Julian and Rebecca get away with this bribery. Woody says it will cost a lot and gives Ethan the cost per hour on a piece of paper. Ethan doesn't like the cost, but agrees to pay it. Meanwhile, Theresa calls Woody from her house and overhears when a waitress asks Ethan if he wants more coffee. Woody tells her that she is mistaken and that Ethan isn't here. He says that the waitress just called someone a heathen. Theresa goes on to Woody about how Ethan won't help her, etc. Woody says that they need to get a new strategy for getting back her son and he says he will get back to her later. After Woody gets off, Ethan asks him how they will get back Little Ethan for Theresa. Woody says that Ethan is the legal eagle and that he can figure it out. Ethan says that there's no way Theresa will accept losing her son, and Woody says just like she won't accept losing Ethan. Ethan says it's different and they're talking about her child. Woody says that because Julian is so rich, they won't have a chance at getting L. Ethan back. Ethan says he will not let Theresa lose her son. Woody says that for once, he's not holding the wool over someone else's eyes, referring to Theresa and Ethan. Meanwhile, Miguel and Charity are also at the Book Cafe, exchanging books. Charity says she hates causing so much friction with Kay. Miguel says the important thing is that he shows Kay that he can be a father to Maria and be with Charity. Later, Ethan tells Woody that it's nothing romantic and he's just trying to take L. Ethan away from his mother-in-law. He says it's not fair Rebecca is trying to punish Theresa. Ethan says they will have to find a new judge to take the case, but Woody says Judge Reilly rules all the judges. He says the only way to find out Rebecca and Julian's strategy would be to have a spy. Ethan says he will do it. Meanwhile, Charity says they should head home, but Miguel says not to rush. Charity says she just thinks they should go check on Maria, and Miguel finally agrees. Later, Woody calls Theresa and tells her that there is a sure plan to get her son back, but tells her he can't reveal it. He only says they have someone special on their side.


Rebecca is busy making seating arrangements for the wedding on a chess board while Julian reads the paper. Julian ignores her when she asks where she should sit Alistair. Rebecca says that this is going to be a fancy wedding, unlike his wedding to Theresa on the island. Julian brings up Little Ethan and says that they should just let L. Ethan stay at home with Theresa. Rebecca says no, they are taking L. Ethan and this time Theresa won't get him back. Later, Julian suggests that Rebecca could spend more time planning the wedding if she would just give up her quest to take L. Ethan. Rebecca says she wants L. Ethan taken from Theresa's arms. Julian says it's harsh, but Rebecca says it's not considering what Theresa did to Gwen's baby. Rebecca decides to go call the attorneys to get a strategy to keep L. Ethan from Theresa. Later, outside Ethan arrives and says as much as he doesn't like it, he will spy to get L. Ethan back to Theresa. Inside, the maid gives Rebecca some papers, but she and Julian can't understand what they're saying. Ethan comes inside and Rebecca asks him to read them. Ethan says he wishes she would reconsider this case, but Rebecca says no and asks if Ethan is siding with Theresa. He says no, and that he'd not like to get involved with their fight. Rebecca says he is involved no matter what he wants. Ethan says he will look over the papers. Rebecca asks what he is worried about; she is not a monster. She says that she can give L. Ethan a better life than the poor immigrant Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Ethan says all right, he will look over the papers. Ethan thinks to himself that he won't allow Theresa to lose custody of L. Ethan.


Theresa is playing with L. Ethan. She decides to call Woody. (see above) Later, Theresa sees L. Ethan looking at a photo of Ethan and tells herself that she can't believe Ethan turned his back on her. Later, Theresa gets a call from Woody. (see above)


Alistair has a meeting with Dr. Ackland. He is upset that Dr. Ackland was so careless to let Sheridan (and Norma) escape the psych ward. Dr. Ackland says they will track down Norma, but Alistair is more concerned with Sheridan. Dr. Ackland says he can bring up charges on Eve, but Alistair tells him to forget it and just bring Sheridan back. Ackland says it is hard to do that because Sheridan is not insane. Alistair says that Ackland should understand that he (Alistair) will do anything to keep Luis from prying in his family. Later, Alistair tells Ackland that he has a way to bring Sheridan back here and to keep her from Luis. He will murder Luis. He burns pictures of Antonio and Luis as he quotes a verse from the bible where Cain kills Abel.


Beth's is the new hangout as Pilar, Luis, Antonio, and Eve are all gathered there. Luis says he checked out Sheridan from the Psych ward and she won't be returning. Eve asks how Sheridan's doing (to Luis), and Antonio says he is Sheridan's husband, why doesn't she ask him? Luis says now is not the time for them to be competitive. Beth complains that Sheridan had to sleep in her bed last night with the baby. Eve says she should be grateful because Sheridan saved her baby. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth she (Mrs. Wallace) is a miracle worker for bringing the baby to Sheridan. Luis asks if Martin is out of the woods yet, but Eve says no. She says Sheridan isn't either. In Beth's room, Sheridan plays with her baby and tells him she knew he was hers all along. Meanwhile, Eve tells everyone she is worried about Sheridan because when she finds out the truth about Martin she will be devastated. Beth says that maybe they shouldn't go along with this for too long, and Eve agrees. Mrs. Wallace says that Beth should stop this, but Beth disagrees. Meanwhile, Sheridan says no one will take her away from her baby again. Later, Beth wants to know how long Sheridan will have to pretend Martin is hers when Eve gets a call from Kay about Maria (see below). Kay and Pilar rush off. Antonio and Luis decide to go check on Sheridan when she comes downstairs and asks what everyone is talking about. Luis asks how Sheridan slept, and Sheridan says she and the baby had the best night's sleep. Martin fusses and Beth wants to take him, but Sheridan says he is hungry and decides to feed him. Antonio and Luis wonder if they should tell Sheridan the truth. Later, Sheridan asks Luis to sit with her and Martin. Beth tells Mrs. Wallace that she cannot just stand by and watch Sheridan with her baby. She says that Martin is hers and no one can take him from her.


Kay discusses how happy Maria gets when she sees Miguel and that Miguel should be coming over in a few minutes. Tabitha tells Kay she is looking through the paper to find a story about Norma escaping. Tabitha tells Kay what happened with Norma, and Kay thinks she imagined it. Tabitha says it doesn't matter, she's not going to dwell on her past like Kay does with Miguel. Miguel arrives and Kay says she has a whole day planned for the three of them. However, Charity walks up from behind. Kay says she thought it would just be the three of them (her, Miguel and Maria), but Miguel says he never said that. Miguel and Charity decide to go return some books and return when Kay is in a better mood. (see above) Meanwhile, Kay returns and feels that Maria is warm. Tabitha feels her too and says she is burning up. The thermometer says Maria has a 103 fever. Tabitha says she'll give Maria a bath while Kay calls the doctor. Kay wonders where Miguel is when she needs him. Later, Kay gets a hold of Eve and asks to come over to check on Maria. Also, Kay tries to get a hold of Miguel, but he won't answer his phone. Eve comes over and checks Maria. Eve asks how Endora is doing, and Kay wants to know why Eve is asking this. Meanwhile, Pilar is worried that Miguel isn't there. Kay wants to know what's wrong, but Eve isn't sure. Eve gives Maria an antibiotic, but Maria seems to have stopped breathing, so Eve has to perform CPR. Miguel and Charity return, and Kay asks where they were. She begs Eve not to let her baby die.

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