Passions Update Thursday 12/25/03

Passions Update Thursday 12/25/03

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Merry Christmas!


Tabitha is at her house with Endora and is glad the Christmas season is almost over. Norma shows up dressed in a Santa suit and holding a hatchet. She knocks at Tabitha's door, and when Tabitha answers Norma tells her that it's time to deck the halls with her (Tabitha's) guts. Tabitha realizes it's Norma and shuts her door. She uses furniture to keep Norma from getting in and zaps her with lightning. Tabitha is trying to do all she can from letting Norma get in, and looks to Endora, but Endora is asleep. When Tabitha looks back, Norma is gone. Norma sneaks to the back door and inside Tabitha's house. She follows Tabitha all around the house and finally tries to wack her, but Endora is able to shoot Norma out through the chimney. John and Reese pass by and think they see Santa in the sky, but decide it must just be their imaginations.


Outside, Sam can't believe Ivy can walk. Grace and David show up as Ivy and Sam kiss. Sam is happy that Ivy is walking again because he thinks her accident was his fault, but she assures him it wasn't. Sam and Ivy both say that they will be grateful to each other for everything they've done for each other. They also both discuss that they mean a lot to each other. Grace comes over and Sam sees her. Grace says that it seems Ivy got her Christmas wish, and Ivy asks if Grace means that she can walk. Grace says no, that isn't what she means. She and David go into the church.

Inside, Rebecca wants to grab Little Ethan from Theresa, but Julian refuses to let her. She finally gives in, but says L. Ethan can only stay with Theresa for Christmas. Also, Gwen and Ethan argue a little. Ethan says that a child should not have to be away from his mother for Christmas, but Gwen says Sarah is. Later, Rebecca says she will get L. Ethan back first thing in the morning. Also, Theresa tells Ethan that she will be celebrating Christmas with L. Ethan because Whitney and Fox didn't turn their backs on her like he did. She tells him Merry Christmas, and after she walks off, Gwen calls her a bitch. Ethan says they are in church, but Gwen says God knows that Theresa truly is a bitch. Gwen asks why Ethan didn't tell Theresa that he let Fox and Whitney take L. Ethan to her. Ethan says it would be better for Theresa just to hate him.

Sheridan is holding her son as Luis watches. Mrs. Wallace gets a call from Beth asking where she and the baby are. Mrs. Wallace says she is saving the baby, so Beth decides Mrs. Wallace must be at the church, so she decides to come there. Mrs. Wallace says Beth will get a shock seeing Sheridan with Martin. Antonio and Pilar see Sheridan with the baby and are glad at how happy she is. Pilar notices that the baby is eating from Sheridan and Luis tells her to go get Eve. Sheridan says the baby will be fine and both Antonio and Luis talk about how happy Sheridan is. Mrs. Wallace is thinking that Beth won't be able to stop this, when Beth shows up. Beth wonders what Sheridan is doing with Martin and decides to grab him from her, but Mrs. Wallace stops her. She tells Beth that it is a miracle because the baby is better now. Eve comes in and notices the baby is drinking Sheridan's breast milk. Eve assures Antonio and the others that this is ok for Sheridan physically and mentally and that it could save the baby's life. Beth is furious watching Sheridan with Martin. Luis and Pilar think that this is a gift from God, and Luis tells Beth that Sheridan saved Martin's life.

Meanwhile, Jessica asks Reese to spend Christmas with her because she feels alone, and he says yes.

After mass, David and Grace are leaving and David says he thinks she and the kids need more time to come to terms about her decision. She hugs David.

Sam sees Grace and David hugging. He and Ivy decide to go see what is up with Luis and Eve. As they walk, Rebecca and Julian spot them. Rebecca can't believe Ivy is walking. Julian says it is a miracle, and Rebecca says she thought Ivy was stuck in the wheelchair. Rebecca says she feels for Sam now that Ivy can walk. Meanwhile, Jessica and Reese see David and Grace hugging and Jessica is upset, so they storm off. Sam and Ivy come over and check on the situation with Sheridan.

In the chapel, Precious winds up walking up to Fr. Lonigan, who gives her a blessing.

Outside, Eve is crying. When Julian comes out, she covers it and says she was just thinking of their lost son. They both hope that he is safe and happy somewhere. Eve says it would take a miracle to find him, but she thinks miracles come true after seeing Martin's recovery. Julian promises Eve he will find their son and they hug.

Inside, as Sheridan continues to comfort her baby, Kay begins to cry and tells Miguel that she doesn't know what would happen if she lost Maria. Miguel promises that Maria is safe and nothing will happen to her. Charity says it is nice to see good instead of evil. Miguel tells Charity that they will always be together. Kay says to herself "yeah right". Meanwhile, Gwen sees Sheridan and the baby and decides to light a candle for Sarah. Also, Ethan finds L. Ethan's teddy bear and thinks he will be upset to have lost it.

Rebecca and Gwen talk. Rebecca is upset Theresa has L. Ethan, and Gwen agrees. She says she is just trying not to act like a monster in front of Ethan. Rebecca says that Theresa will never get her son back after tonight. As she walks outside, a snow drifts falls and buries her. Gwen decides to help and Eve and Julian hear. As they go to check it out, Julian says maybe this is a miracle from God.

Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that Martin needs Sheridan to live. Beth says she doesn't want her son to die, but she can't stand to see him with Sheridan. Beth says that she knows this is the only chance the baby has, but she can't stand it. Mrs. Wallace tells her to get over it because Luis, Sheridan and the baby will be a family. Beth says never because she and Luis and the baby will be together. Mrs. Wallace says it is too late. Meanwhile, Antonio tells Pilar he will always love Sheridan as Sheridan and Luis declare their love for each other.


Theresa, Little Ethan, Fox and Whitney come home. As Little Ethan opens presents, Theresa tells Whitney that Julian and Rebecca have lost Little Ethan. Both Whitney and Fox can't believe that Theresa actually believes she has L. Ethan back, but neither one is able to tell her the truth. They know that tomorrow Julian will take L. Ethan back. Whitney decides to open the door to get some air. Theresa thanks Fox for all he and Whitney have done for her and hugs him. Ethan comes by and can see them through the open door. Ethan comes in. Theresa says she thought he cared about her and L. Ethan, but she was wrong. Ethan finally gives her the teddy bear and leaves.

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