Passions Update Monday 12/22/03

Passions Update Monday 12/22/03

By Mike
Pictures by Juanita


Tabitha sees a big coffin in her kitchen and realizes her family has arrived. She and Kay try to keep John, Jessica and Reese out of the kitchen and the living room by sending them upstairs to look at her new wallpaper. Outside, Miguel and Charity run into Nurse Kravitz. She tells them she needs to apologize to Tabitha about the way she treated Endora. When the door won't open, she decides to go to the kitchen door. Charity says she senses evil. Inside, Tabitha's family, including Cousin Harry and Boozy Boozborne, emerge from the coffin. Cousin Harry sees Kay and says this must be the woman who is trying to steal Miguel from Charity. Kay says she loves Miguel, but they all laugh. Meanwhile, Tabitha goes and sees Santa and the elves running around the living room. She goes outside where she runs into Nurse Kravitz. Nurse Kravitz gives her the little toy sheep she got for Endora. Endora misunderstands Tabitha when she says thanks for the sheep and makes sheep appear and disappear around Nurse Kravitz. Nurse Kravitz is bewildered. Meanwhile, Kay helps Tabitha out by telling everyone, including Simone, who just arrived, that she hears carolers outside. After they go outside, Tabitha wants to undo the spell. Meanwhile, Nurse Kravitz walks in the kitchen door and sees all of Tabitha's relatives. She assumes this is some kind of Christmas costume party. She also says that Tabitha probably has a magician hanging around and that he was the one who performed the spell with the sheep. Inside the kitchen, Santa's two elves meet with two girl elves who Endora brought to life. They gross Tabitha when they make out. While everyone is still outside, Tabitha wants Endora to take the Santa and elves away. Nurse Kravitz interrupts and says what a good costume party this is. After she goes, Endora makes the Santa and elves leave. The kids come back in and complain that Kay must be hearing things because there were no carolers. Nurse Kravitz returns to the kitchen to get some water and Tabitha's family reappear, chanting "sock it to me". Nurse Kravitz wonders what that means.


Theresa is wrapping gifts for Little Ethan and hopes she can spend Christmas with him. A deliverer from Crane Industries comes by and sets up a computer for Theresa, He says it is connected to cameras at the Crane Mansion so she can see, hear and talk to Little Ethan. Meanwhile, Fox dresses up as Santa with gifts for Little Ethan. Whitney gives him a kiss for all the nice things he's done. Later, Theresa talks with Little Ethan. She says she misses him. She also thanks Fox and Whitney for helping her out. Fox says that they better be careful so they're not caught. However, someone walks in and unplugs the camera, which causes Theresa to lose her feed.


Sheridan is put in isolation at the psych ward. Eve and Antonio talk with the psychiatrist, Dr. Ackland. He says the only way Sheridan can be let out of isolation is if she is calm. Eve comes to Sheridan's room and releases her. She takes her into the lobby, where other psychatric patients are. Eve says Sheridan must remain calm. Although Sheridan doesn't want to be left alone, Eve has to go. Two male patients spot Sheridan and want to have sex with her. Norma shows up and pushes them away. Sheridan asks how she can repay Norma. Norma asks if she knows Tabitha, and Sheridan says yes, she's nice but a little odd. Sheridan asks Norma if she can find out how long she will have to stay here. Norma returns and says Sheridan will be here permanately. Sheridan screams that her baby needs her, so the guards have to take her back to her room. Meanwhile, Dr. Ackland makes a secret call and says everything's taken care of. Later, both Eve and Antonio wonder why Dr. Ackland would admit Sheridan to the psych ward. Also, Dr. Ackland has a secret meeting with Alistair. Alistair says Sheridan will have to stay here until she is dead.


While Luis watches over Martin, Mrs. Wallace says Beth needs to reveal the truth for the sake of the baby. Beth is about to tell Luis everything, but instead says that they need to call on God for help. Later, Luis realizes Martin's lips have turned blue and he's stopped breathing. Mrs. Wallace says Martin is dead and it's all Beth's fault. Beth cries and says he can't be dead.

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