Passions Update Friday 12/19/03

Passions Update Friday  12/19/03

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Theresa thanks Woody and says she's glad he cares about helping her get Little Ethan back. After talking with Theresa, Woody goes over and sees Ethan. He tells him that Theresa doesn't think he cares for her. Ethan says he wishes he could openly help Theresa, but he can't do that after he made a promise to Gwen.


Dr. Gallagher tells Beth that Martin's condition is critical. Beth wants the doctors to try something else, but Gallagher says they've tried everything. Gallagher says that maybe they should have a baptism for Martin, and she admits to Luis that Martin may die. Beth freaks and says she wants a new doctor. Gallagher says she will get another specialist, but they still need to think about baptizing Martin. Pilar comes over to Beth and comforts her. Luis says he'll go call Father Lonigan, even though Beth doesn't want to have a baptism. Mrs. Wallace arrives and tells Beth she needs to give Martin back to Sheridan. Beth says she will never do that, no matter what happens to him. Luis wants to go call the family and tell them about the baptism. Fearing Sheridan will get to close to her baby, Beth asks Luis not to invite her. He says he will only call Antonio.

Meanwhile, Nurse Kravitz hears what's going on and it reminds her of how strange Endora was. She begins to feel foolish for treating Tabitha like she was evil. She decides to visit her and give a Christmas gift to Endora.


Gwen and Antonio try to get Sheridan to take a bath, but she refuses. Eve tells Antonio to keep a good eye on Sheridan. Later, Luis calls Antonio and invites him to the baptism. Sheridan overhears Antonio telling Eve about Martin and Sheridan says she doesn't want her baby taken away. Eve reminds her that Martin is not her child. Even though Antonio thinks Sheridan should stay at home with Gwen, Sheridan decides to go to the hospital.


The baptism is about to take place. Luis can't believe Sheridan came. Sheridan wants to see Martin, but Beth says no. Luis tells Sheridan she should go back home and that Beth should be with her baby now. Sheridan says she needs to save her baby, but everyone tells her it's not hers. Beth gets upset with Sheridan, but Luis manages to calm her down. Fr. Lonigan finally arrives to baptize Martin. Sheridan holds Martin since she will be his godmother. After she gives him back to Beth, she begins to scream that her baby can't die. Eve and Antonio take Sheridan out of the room and try to convince her that Martin is Beth's baby, but of course Sheridan refuses to believe that. Later, Antonio decides to admit Sheridan to the Psych ward. Eve says this is the best thing. Sheridan is dragged off to the Psych ward in a straight jacket. Meanwhile, Theresa sees Ethan at the baptism and tells him she is mad he turned his back on her. Later, a doctor tells Luis and Beth that they can't do anything else for Martin, so they might as well just take him home.


Kay is upset as usual with Charity, and tells Maria they will have to somehow get rid of the Grinch (Charity). Outside, Tabitha tells Endora that she must be careful about how she uses her powers. An owl gives Tabitha a message that company is coming. She says she doesn't need this company now. She also says she needs to get rid of the teens before her company shows up. Inside, Tabitha finds the kids singing carols and warns Endora not to do anything. She tells them they will have to go because Endora is sick and may be contagious. Charity says it's a shame Endora can't tell Tabitha what's wrong, and Endora makes Charity sense pain. Tabitha says Endora always lets her know what she wants. Kay wonders why Tabitha is trying to get rid of everyone. She wants Miguel to stay. Endora uses her powers to turn the TV on. Tabitha explains that the TV turned on because of faulty wiring, and Reese warns that she better be careful. Tabitha tells Kay that she is going to have some special company coming over. Meanwhile, Charity says she has a premonition of evil. Tabitha tells Kay that Charity's premonition has to do with her family on her mother's side who are coming over for the holidays. Tabitha says her mother was Samantha, a witch, and her father was Darren, a human. (Obviously from Bewitched.) Tabitha says Darren was an embarrassment to her family. She then realizes she did the same thing as her mother by sleeping with Julian and having a half human child. However, she won't tell Kay who Endora's father is. Meanwhile, Reese is trying to figure out why the TV keeps going on and off. It's Endora using her magic, though they don't know it. Endora finds a show with Santa and two elves and decides to bring them out of the TV and into Tabitha's living room. However, the kids aren't in there so they don't see it. Tabitha tries to keep the kids in the kitchen. Suddenly Tabitha's relatives begin to arrive. And at the same time, Nurse Kravitz shows up at Tabitha's door.

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