Passions Update Thursday 12/18/03

Passions Update Thursday 12/18/03

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Theresa, Fox and Whitney are all at a table. Theresa says she hired Woody Stumper to take her case. She says that they tried to get Little Ethan back last night, but the judge said no. Fox says that the lawyer just learned a lesson on what it's like to go against the Cranes. Whitney says that Theresa's not going to give up, and she says of course not. Theresa wonders how Ethan could turn on her when she needs him the most. Whitney says she's sure he wanted to help, but Gwen made him promise not to. Theresa says that Gwen should know what this is like, losing a child and all. Whitney says that Rebecca's behind this, and Fox says Rebecca hates her. Theresa wonders how Ethan could let little Ethan grow up in a place like the Crane mansion. Fox says he could talk to Ethan, but Theresa says he probably wouldn't listen. Theresa says she's going to have to fight the Cranes alone and she has no money. Fox gives her his watch and says she can sell it to pay her lawyer. Whitney promises they'll help her anyway they can. Theresa says she doesn't know how she's gonna do it. Later, Theresa says she can't picture L. Ethan growing up with the Cranes. Fox says someone must have got to the judge. Theresa says there has to be a judge that can't be bought, but Fox says it's unlikely. Theresa comes up with an idea that Whitney could go visit L. Ethan, but Whitney knows that Rebecca wouldn't let her. Fox suggests she pretend to be his girlfriend. Theresa finally gets Whitney to agree.


Ethan drops by to visit Woody. He gives Woody some custody cases he researched. Ethan tells Woody he will pay whatever costs Theresa has as long as L. Ethan gets back to Theresa. Ethan says that Theresa can never know about this. Woody wonders what Ethan's angle is. Ethan says he just wants L. Ethan back with Theresa. Ethan says he'll be back with Woody's retainer later. Woody says the Cranes will be hard to beat, but Ethan says they must be stopped. Later, after Ethan has gone home (see bellow), he returns with the money. Woody makes sure that Ethan doesn't want to tell Theresa the truth. Woody says there has to be more to it than just helping L. Ethan. Ethan tells him to just do his job as he leaves.


Rebecca complains that Julian didn't come to bed last night. He says he was too preoccupied and can't believe what they've done to Theresa. Rebecca says she is enjoying every minute of it. Julian says he paid off the judge to grant custody of Little Ethan to him. Rebecca says that there's no way Theresa will get Little Ethan back because she can't afford it. Later, Julian is trying to get a stock report and realizes no one is answering him because Rebecca fired Pilar. Rebecca says it's one less Lopez-Fitzgerald on the property. She says she hates going down to Sheridan's cottage unless it's to see Antonio and Luis in their speedos. This makes her think of Sheridan's money and she is afraid Sheridan could pay Theresa's lawyer to get Little Ethan back. Rebecca says that Julian will have to call the bank to freeze Sheridan's account. Julian refuses, but she says she will tell TC about him and Eve. Later, Rebecca is discussing wedding plans. Rebecca wonders when Julian will call the bank. However, she is interrupted when Fox and Whitney walk in. Rebecca wonders what the both of them are doing in there together, and Fox says this is his girlfriend. Rebecca says she wants to have a talk with Whitney, so Fox tells Whit to be careful how she acts around them. Julian asks if Fox is treating Whitney ok, and she says he is. Julian tells Fox that he told him to stay away from Whitney, but Fox refuses. Fox says that it might start to seem strange the way Julian protects Eve and Whitney. Later, Rebecca asks Whitney how Eve is. Whitney says she is good. Rebecca says Eve would never keep a secret from her family, but what if Whitney found out her mom wasn't as moral as everyone thought? Whitney says that would never happen. Meanwhile, Fox decides to go check on Little Ethan. Ethan asks him if he will see Theresa later. Fox says yes, but Ethan says never mind; Theresa probably hates him. Fox says she doesn't hate him, she's just disappointed in him, especially now that he's not helping her get Little Ethan back. Ethan asks him what's up with Whitney. He thought Fox loved Theresa. Fox says the only woman he's ever loved is Whitney. Later, Rebecca asks Julian if he froze Sheridan's accounts, and he says yes. Rebecca says that her coffee's bad. Julian says everything's bad since she fired Pilar and she should rehire her. Rebecca says Pilar would just come in and steal away Little Ethan. Julian whispers that's all the more reason to hire her. Meanwhile, Whitney and Fox play with Little Ethan. Whitney tells Fox that she overheard him tell Ethan that she was the woman he loves. Fox says he was just pretending. Whitney says she should have known. Fox says he's going to have to show Little Ethan how to have a snowball fight if he's going to continue living with the Cranes. Whitney says she hopes he doesn't, but Fox says he knows his family and they'll make it really hard for Theresa to get him back.


Theresa returns after going to the hospital (see below) to meet with Woody. She can't believe he did all this research. Woody says he promises to get her boy back. She says all she thought he cared about was money. He says that he is going to file an appeal this afternoon. Theresa sees Ethan, but ignores him. She says at least she can count on Woody.


Gwen arrives. Antonio tells her that Sheridan's been depressed and not sleeping, eating, or showering. Sheridan comes out and Gwen suggests she shower, but Sheridan says it doesn't matter. Antonio goes off to make breakfast, and Gwen tells Sheridan that it's really important she get rest. Sheridan says she heard her baby at Sarah's funeral, but Gwen says she imagined that. Antonio comes out with some eggs, but Sheridan doesn't want them. She decides to go make some more coffee, even though Antonio just made it. Gwen says this is the worst she's ever seen Sheridan. Eve comes by to check up on Sheridan. She says she talked to a psychiatrist and he said it sounds like Sheridan has clinical depression and he wants to see her as soon as he gets in from Boston. Gwen tells Sheridan that maybe they could go away to the spa, but Sheridan says no. Eve says that if Sheridan doesn't start eating or sleeping, she could die. Sheridan becomes excited because then she could be with her baby. Sheridan decides to go lay down, and Eve says she shouldn't be alone. Gwen decides to draw a bath for Sheridan, but Sheridan refuses. Eve says Sheridan needs to get some rest. She says she knows what Sheridan's going through. Later, Sheridan continues to refuse to take a bath. Eve says they have to do something before it's too late.


Beth watches over Martin as Luis and Pilar talk. Pilar apologizes for not being there last night as she was helping out Sheridan. Luis says she's getting worse and he should be there for her. Pilar says Antonio will take care of her and he loves her, but Luis says not as much as he does. Pilar says he needs to be there for Beth and Martin. Eve comes by and Beth asks if there's any news. Eve says yes, but it's not good. She tells them that Martin isn't getting nutrients and he's basically starving. Pilar asks how long he could survive without nutrients, and Eve says not long. Later, Theresa comes by the hospital. Luis asks if she's ever going to give up on getting Ethan and she says no. He says he will get an advance on his pension to help her pay the courts. Theresa brings up that Rebecca fired Pilar and Luis can't believe it. Luis says Julian and Rebecca won't get away with this. Theresa asks Luis if there's anyway he could ask Sheridan for money. Pilar says no, and Luis says he doesn't think it's a good idea. Luis finally agrees that he will ask her. Later, Pilar asks how L. Ethan is. Theresa says everyone is being supportive except for Ethan. Luis promises he will find a way to pay for her attorney. Theresa decides to leave. Meanwhile, Beth tells Luis that she's really scared. Luis promises Martin will be all right. Later, Beth and Luis wonder what's taking the doctor so long to examine Martin. Dr. Gallagher comes out and says that his condition is critical.

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