Passions Update Wednesday 12/17/03

Passions Update Wednesday 12/17/03

By Judy
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As we join Antonio and Sheridan at the hospital, Eve is telling him that Sheridan is in desperate need of psychiatric help because of all the stress she’s been under, and her condition is only going to get worse.

Meanwhile, down the hall, Dr. Gallagher, Martin’s pediatrician, is telling Luis that the test results are not good at all and Martin is a very sick baby. She tells Luis there is something wrong with Martin’s intestinal track, and if he doesn’t get better he could die. Beth seems genuinely concerned about her so-called baby, and Edna reminds her that this is all her fault that Sheridan’s baby is so sick.

 Back at the mansion, Gwen is on the house phone trying to find a staff member to take care of little Ethan when Ethan walks into the room and the little boy goes running into his arms.

If things couldn’t get any worse for Theresa it looks like Woody Stupper isn’t planning on hanging around to take her case since he has found out that she’s broke and can’t pay him a dime. So much for “truth and justice will win out”.

Much to Kaye’s chagrin, Charity has come calling looking for Miguel, saying she really needs to talk to him. Charity fills him in on everything that has happened to Theresa’s little boy and Sheridan’s near death experience.

In the kitchen, Endora is being the little demon and  brought some decoration elves to life and they are battling one another with candy canes.  John witnesses this and can’t believe his eyes.

When Ethan finds out that little Ethan is staying at the mansion, he gets very upset and says he needs to be with his mother, not Julian, who isn’t fit to raise baby chickens. Of course, this upsets Gwen and they begin to argue, Gwen fearing that Ethan still has deep feelings for Theresa.

Meanwhile, Woody the sleaze bag pontificates about wanting to help Theresa get her little boy back, but he insists he’s going to need a stipend or two to “climb that mountain” and bring her baby home to her. Pilar is forced to dole out some cash to placate the weasel.

Theresa begs her mom to sneak her into the mansion so she can see her baby, and of course Pilar can’t refuse her, so they go to the mansion.  Pilar manages to sneak Theresa into the nursery to see her baby. Mother and son have a tearful reunion, and Theresa says she’s taking little Ethan with her. Ethan and Pilar both tell her she can’t do this, and before Theresa has a chance, Rebecca and Gwen stop her dead in her tracks.

Back at Tabitha’s, John’s trying to convince Jessica and Reese what he saw, but of course they don’t believe him, and Reese reminds him how John never believed him when he said he saw strange things going on at Tabitha’s house.

Rebecca has threatened to have Theresa arrested if she doesn’t leave immediately. Pilar says she will be happy to take care of little Ethan.  Rebecca says, “….and I will be happy to fire you. El job-o is gone-o, vamoose". Theresa and Pilar have no choice but to leave the mansion. Outside the nursery, Theresa vows to get little Ethan back and then destroy Julian, Rebecca and Gwen.

Ethan and Gwen continue to argue about Theresa and her son, Gwen firmly believing that Ethan is not over her. Ethan walks out and places a call to Woody, promising him legal advice on how to get Theresa’s baby back and also paying his fee. The only stipulation is that Theresa must never know that Ethan’s behind this plan.

Back at the hospital, Edna continues to lambaste Beth, as Martin gets worse and Sheridan is going hysterical outside his room, saying she feels a connection and that her baby needs her. Is this finally the end for Beth? Guess we’ll have to tune in tomorrow and tomorrow and on and on and on.

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