Passions Update Tuesday 12/16/03

Passions Update Tuesday 12/16/03

By Judy
Pictures by Juanita

While Luis and Antonio wait for Sheridan to wake up, they both wonder aloud how she ended back at the cliff when she said she was going to visit her mother’s site at the Crane mausoleum.

Beth, furious that her plan backfired, is already hatching another plot to kill Sheridan. Edna and Precious, of course, are celebrating that Sheridan is still alive.

At the courthouse, Pilar and Theresa await the lawyer that she has hired to get “Little Ethan” back.  Theresa laments that she wishes Ethan could be her lawyer, but Pilar reminds her he just lost his daughter and he needs to be with Gwen.

Just then, in walks her lawyer--none other then Woody Stuper, the lawyer that proved Theresa was legally married to Julian and therefore a true Crane heir. Of course, that was later proven to be false. Woody tells Theresa without a doubt he will have “Little Ethan” back with his mother by the end of the day. The Crane name doesn’t scare him off at all.

Back at loopy Beth’s house, Edna points out that Martin isn’t feeling well and that he has a fever. Beth can’t get a hold of the doctor, so she’s forced to take him to the emergency room.

When Beth, Martin, Edna, and of course Precious arrive at the hospital, Beth convinces Eve to put her far away from Sheridan’s cubicle because the baby would just upset her more if she heard him crying.

Meanwhile, back at the Crane mansion, Rebecca tells Julian he needs to make sure that Theresa won’t have a chance to get her son back. She tells him to “Call that judge, the crooked one”.  Julian says “There’re  so many”, and Rebecca says “the really greedy one”. Julian remembers his name is Judge Reilly and Rebecca says, “Yeah, his middle name is “ka-ching”.

So, under threat from Rebecca that she will tell TC about him and Eve, he promises to call him.

Rebecca also reveals to a shocked Gwen that “Little Ethan” isn’t at child services but right upstairs under the Crane roof, and that’s where he’s going to stay forever. Rebecca wants Gwen to bond with him, saying it will bring her closer to Ethan. Gwen is horrified that her mother would suggest such a thing, right after she has lost Sarah. But when Clarice, the social worker brings “Little Ethan”  downstairs and leaves him with Gwen, she can’t help but try and comfort a very sad and unhappy boy. She holds him and tells him everything will be alright 

Back at the hospital, the pediatrician informs Beth and Luis that Martin has not been responding to the anti-allergy medication, and he’s very dehydrated and under nourished. If the IV fluids they are giving him don’t work, his life could be at a terrible risk.

As Theresa and Pilar anxiously await her lawyer’s return, he comes out of the office looking very dejected. He says that “Little Ethan” isn’t there and has already been placed with the Cranes. He fears there is nothing he can do to get her baby back for her.

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