Passions Update Monday 12/15/03

Passions Update Monday 12/15/03

By Judy
Pictures by Juanita

As we tune in today Tabitha is trying unsuccessfully to quiet Endora who is growling incessantly about all the Christmas celebrating going on around her. Tabitha explains it away to Simone as indigestion.

Kay and Miguel return from the park with Maria, and Kay is all hyped up that she is finally on her way to getting Miguel back, Tabitha tells her "don't count your chickens before they're hatched."

John comes in dressed as Santa Claus disturbing Endora even more and her growling gets louder. Tabitha tells Kaye that Santa Claus to Endora is like garlic to a vampire.

Meanwhile back at the gravesite, Theresa is attacking Julian literally, because she has found out he was the one that reported her to Child Services. Sam has to pull her off him, as he lays cowering on the ground as she threatens to kill him.

As we left Sheridan Friday, she was about to fall off the cliff. As Beth and Mrs. Wallace hide in the bushes and watch, it appears that Sheridan has slipped off the cliff and fallen to her death. But alas to Beth's disappointment and Edna's joy, Sheridan has managed to grab onto a drainpipe above the swirling waters below and is screaming for help.

Back at Sam's house Endora is more upset then ever and decides to make Grace's infamous "tomato soup cake" float around in the air. In attempt to stop her, Tabitha tries to catch it, but in the process lands her face right into it. As Reese takes the cake from her, Endora works her magic and makes him trip and he too falls face first into the cake.

As Sam tries to calm all parties involved, Pilar and Rebecca get into a shouting match, Rebecca telling Pilar and her whole immigrant family to stay out of it and in her words "You've all gone loco" With this, Pilar shoves Rebecca and she lands into the empty grave. Ethan tries to pull her out but only succeeds in losing his grip on her and burying her even deeper. Finally Ethan and Sam dig her out with Rebecca screaming, "Arrest that woman she tried to kill me." Theresa vows to go to court and get "Little Ethan" back, but Ethan refuses to be her attorney because he has promised Gwen never to be bothered with Theresa again.

As it looks like Sheridan is going to plummet to her death, Luis and Antonio rush to her rescue after Charity gets a vision that she is in danger. While Beth and Edna hide in the bushes looking on, Luis and Antonio try to pull Sheridan to safety. Just as things are looking dire, "Angels in heaven!" Precious comes to the rescue, helping the two brothers to pull Sheridan to safety. As Luis and Antonio take Sheridan to the hospital to be checked out , Charity eyes Beth suspiciously knowing that Beth had something to do with Sheridan's alleged fall. Beth silently vows to kill her rival for Luis's love one way or another.

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