Passions Update Monday 12/15/03

Passions Update Monday 12/15/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Beth is unhappy that her plan to kill Sheridan seemed to work. Edna is happy that the drainpipe saved Sheridan and that she was saved. Precious is happy too that Sheridan was saved. Beth is going to make Precious pay for helping out. Beth is going to have to try again to kill Sheridan. Edna knows that Beth will never win. Sheridan’s streak to live has to come to an end. Beth needs a little practice killing someone. She decides that she will start with her mother and Precious.

Pilar and Theresa can’t believe that Rebecca and Julian did this to them. When the social worker came by, it was like Theresa’s heart had been ripped out. Theresa wonders why Ethan didn’t help her. The man was burying her child and Gwen blames Theresa for the death of her child and that was the reason. Theresa needs a lawyer that isn’t corporate. One shows up to help.

Rebecca says that Pilar and Theresa pushed her into the grave. Julian knows that isn’t true. Ethan doesn’t blame Theresa for Sarah’s death and Rebecca can’t believe that Ethan is saying this. Rebecca is going to make Theresa pay. She will make sure that Theresa never gets her child back, ever.

Edna and Precious runs for their lives. Beth wants to kill them, or so she says. She is only making a joke and she laughs. She has to figure out another way to get rid of Sheridan. She isn’t super human, there has to be a way. The baby starts crying but Beth ignores the child. Edna says that the baby has been sick and not eating. Beth rushes to the hospital and finds that the baby is burning up. Beth will call the pediatrician and report this. They have to make sure that the baby is fine. Beth can see that the child isn’t feeling well.

Sheridan is in the hospital and she wakes up to find Eve and the brothers over her worried about her condition. They tell her that she is fine and only has a few bumps and bruises. She learns that she fell over the cliff. She had originally said that she was going to the mausoleum. What made her go to the cliff?…

…Sheridan remembers hearing her baby’s cries near the cliff. She was following the baby...

…Sheridan demands to know where her baby is, as she is sure that the child is somewhere waiting for her to come to the rescue.

Julian gets a drink and heads to the library, as he can’t bear to talk about any of this anymore. Ethan is disappointed in him for what he has done to Theresa. He is sad as ever now, after what Rebecca has forced him to do, knowing that Rebecca has pledged revenge and that there is nothing that he can do about it…

…Ethan finds that Julian and Rebecca have been very cruel to Theresa by calling the authorities and having her child removed from her home. He can’t get over it. Gwen only wants to know if Ethan is going to take the case for Theresa or not. Ethan can’t do that for her, as that isn’t her area of expertise, but he surely hopes that she gets a good lawyer that will do the job properly. He is a corporate lawyer and someone else would be best for her. Ethan feels that Theresa should get her child back. Gwen sees that he is still taking Theresa’s side. Ethan only knows that Theresa shouldn’t lose her child. Gwen shouldn't have lost her child, but they did. Ethan knows that taking Little Ethan isn’t going to bring Sarah back.

Theresa has called this lawyer to help her with her case and he is here now promising her the stars. He represented Theresa before and won for her. He only believes in winning and he is going to win this case. He handles injustice and that is what he is there to do that day. He knows that there has been a scandalous misuse of power. The lawyer knows that the media is going to have a field day with this. Theresa doesn't care about the media. She should as the lawyer has already called the media. He will go into the court and have the child returned immediately. The man has already filed an appeal and when the man is done with this, the Cranes are going to be sorry. The man is sure that there is no way that they can keep a child from her momma. He wants Theresa to trust him. He will get little Evan back. Theresa corrects the child’s name for him. The lawyer is going to fight, he says, “We gonna fight…fight…fight…”

Sheridan is sure that she heard her baby and so she followed the sound. Sheridan would like to go back to the cliff but she is immediately stopped. She is told that her baby wasn’t there. Eve knows that this is difficult for Sheridan. Sheridan says that she knows what her own child sounds like. She knows her own baby.

Beth learns that there is nothing that can be done for her baby at this time. The doctor that she uses is out and she has to bring the child into the ER, as there are no other doctors available. Beth won’t take the child into the ER as Sheridan is there. The last thing that Beth wants is to have her baby near Sheridan. Edna knows that Beth is scared that Sheridan will recognize her baby. The child responds to Sheridan, like he never will to Beth. Everyone else may figure everything out. Beth is not going to let anyone figure this out. Edna dares Beth to go to the hospital. She will go. She gets the child and heads to the door. She has to keep Sheridan from the child. Edna knows that Sheridan will come looking for her baby if she hears the crying. Edna will not be left home. She will be there when Beth gets cooked.

Sheridan tries her best to get out of bed, but Luis and Antonio force her back into bed. Luis knows that this is hard for her and he would like the baby to be alive, but they have to accept the fact that the baby is dead. Eve tells her that she made a mistake once thinking that Beth’s baby was hers. Maybe she is doing this again. Sheridan will not be swayed. The beeper goes off and Eve has to go…

…Beth and her mother are at the hospital and eve comes to see them. Beth says that the baby is sick and won’t eat. The child is very warm. Eve will put the baby in a cubicle and get some blood work started. Beth will be put in the cubicle next to the one where Luis is.

The lawyer will hit the mat and get to work. Theresa is happy that she has someone like him in her corner. He will have the baby back in her house by nightfall. Theresa says that Julian was the one that filed the complaint and he comes from a strong family. It is almost impossible to win against the Cranes, but the lawyer remembers going up against the Cranes before. He won the case but this time, Julian is heavily involved and the father of her son. Lose is not a word in the lawyer’s vocabulary. He assures her that justice will be served. He will not leave the offices without her son. Theresa believes him. The man leaves Theresa and her mother and enters the office to discuss the case…

…Pilar hopes that this man knows what he is saying.

Gwen hates that Ethan is taking Theresa’s side on this yet again. She expressly asked him to stay away from the girl, but it looks like once again, Ethan is going to end up in the girl’s clutches and that sickens her. Ethan feels that a mother shouldn’t have her child removed from her, no matter who she is. He isn’t breaking his promise to her just stating a fact, but he can’t sit back and watch what Rebecca and Julian are doing. He is only saying this because he believes in the right thing. She can’t bear the thought of Theresa being happy with her child after what happened to them. She believes that this is justice…

…Rebecca finds Julian and makes him come with her to talk about Theresa and how they can make a stronger case. Rebecca knows that Theresa will have an attorney to fight for the child. Rebecca would like Julian to make a few calls and make sure that things end up her way. She wants him to call a judge and make things right. There is a judge named ‘Riley’ that she would like Julian to call. She forces Julian to make the call or she will call TC and tell everything about he and Eve. Julian heads off to make the dreaded call…

…Rebecca is happy that Theresa will never get her son back. She smiles to herself.

Eve goes to tell Luis that Beth is there and that the baby is ill. Edna knows that whatever Beth is cooking up isn’t going to work.

Ethan tells his wife that he loves her and she tells him that she loves him. Ethan leaves the room…

…Rebecca worries that Ethan will represent Theresa but she learns that he hasn’t done anything to help the girl yet. Gwen assures her that he will not do that, as he has promised and knows that his marriage will be in jeopardy if he does anything like that. Rebecca is going to make sure that Theresa pays and while doing that, she will cement Ethan’s relationship with her daughter. She has a plan. Gwen has no idea what Rebecca is talking about, she only misses her daughter and can think of nothing else. Rebecca says that she should use this situation with Ethan and destroy Theresa. Rebecca knows that Ethan adores Little Ethan, and she feels that Gwen should get to know the boy. Gwen can’t do that. She is glad that protective services have the child as she feels that the child would be better off with someone else. Rebecca reveals that CPS doesn’t have Little Ethan…they do. The boy is upstairs and will be living with them from now on.

Sheridan remembers hearing her baby’s cry and she will never forget the sound of her own baby’s cry. No mother would. She is sure that her baby is out there crying for her and she still feels that she has to find the child.

Beth goes to Luis and tells him that the baby is sick and she is worried. The baby is undergoing tests. Beth hopes that it is nothing serious. Luis knows that the baby will be fine. This happens to babies and then they get better in no time…

…Edna asks about Sheridan and learns that she is doing well in spite of almost dying. She has survived falling off the cliff. Edna would like to know why Sheridan was at the cliff. She is told that Sheridan heard her baby’s cries. She has a really hard time accepting that her baby is gone. Edna feels that maybe there is something to Sheridan feeling that her baby is alive. Luis wishes that she were right but that is not the case. Beth assures her mother that the baby is gone.

Ethan is in his room looking at the baby album. He is very sad and beside himself. He thinks about Sarah. They were going to fill the empty pages with beautiful loving pictures of the child and now… He hugs the album.

Rebecca feels that Little Eric belongs in the mansion and Rebecca is going to keep the child forever. Gwen feels that she has lost her mind. Why would Rebecca want to look after the child? Rebecca doesn’t want to look after the child, the nannies will do that. Rebecca says that it wouldn’t hurt for Gwen to spend time with the child so that she can get close to Ethan…

…Clarice comes to talk to Rebecca. She has Little Ethan with her. They were looking at the nursery upstairs and the social worker is very happy with the room and how things are set up for the child. The social worker sees that the boy is very lucky to have people like this for a new family. Little Ethan never raises his head. Rebecca would like this to be permanent but it might take a while. Clarice has to go and she says goodbye to Little Ethan, who doesn’t once lift his head. Clarice is gone…

…Rebecca wants to go and find Pilar to fire her. Gwen doesn’t want to left with the little boy but Rebecca leaves her anyway…

…Little Ethan cries and cries. Gwen is sorry for the way that the child is feeling but she doesn’t go near him.

Beth finds that the baby’s condition is not improving and he isn’t responding to the medication. He is dehydrated. They are giving him fluids for now. If that doesn’t work they will have to come up with an alternative course of action. The baby’s life is at risk.

Sheridan is sleeping and calling out for her baby…

…Eve returns and learns from Antonio that Sheridan has just fallen asleep. Her condition is fragile. Depression is a normal reaction to losing a child but Sheridan is farther than that. She hallucinates and imagines that Beth’s baby is her child. Antonio knows that in time with a lot of rest, Sheridan will snap out of this. Eve feels that things are much more serious. Eve has no choice now. She is going to call in a psychiatrist and put Sheridan under psychiatric care. They look at Sheridan as she mumbles for her baby.

Rebecca gets an update on what happened with Judge Riley. Julian has made his call but can’t confirm what is going to happen. Julian regrets what he has done. Rebecca reminds him again that she can call TC at any time and tell the truth. Eve offered to tell TC the truth but Rebecca doesn’t believe that. She can see that he really does love Eve but that is too bad as she is going to make sure that he marries her and there is nothing that he can do about that. Rebecca runs off…

…Julian knows that at least he will have protected Eve and that is worth all this trouble…

…Little Ethan is crying and Gwen tries to make him feel better. The child rushes into her arms and she clutches him to her chest assuring him that things are going to be okay.

The lawyer returns to Theresa and tells her that the boy is already gone. Theresa has questions. She learns that the baby is at the Cranes. The lawyer sees that the Cranes are way more powerful than he thought. The lawyer seems to have lost some of his energy. Things don’t look good. He isn’t sure that he can get the boy back for Theresa. Theresa cries and cries on her mother’s shoulder.

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