Passions Update Friday 12/12/03

Passions Update Friday  12/12/03

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Charity hums as she decorates Tabitha's tree. Meanwhile, in the kitchen Tabitha refuses to let Kay have Endora kill Charity because she has Timmy's heart. Kay says they're going to have to find another way to break apart Charity and Miguel then. Kay picks up Endora and tells her that if she has to miss Sarah's funeral, she will to go to Charity's instead. Later, Kay tells Endora to set Charity on fire. Tabitha refuses to let Kay take Endora in the living room because she can't risk Miguel seeing her powers. She says there has to be another way. Meanwhile, Simone arrives to see Kay and Maria. Miguel and Charity get Simone to help them decorate. Tabitha tells Kay she will use Simone to get Charity to leave by using her powers. The boys in the basement start roaring and Tabitha puts a spell on Simone so that she asks Charity why she isn't at the funeral to support Sam and Jessica. Simone doesn't know why she just said that, but Charity thinks that's a good idea. Miguel says he will go too, but Tabitha puys another spell on Simone to make her tell Miguel that he should stay with Maria. Charity thinks that's a good idea too. Simone once again wonders what made her say that. After Charity leaves, Simone says something about Grace's tomato soap cake making her want to hurl (still under Tabitha's spell). She can't believe she said that and apologizes to Kay, but Kay says it's no big deal. After a little while, Kay and Miguel go to decorate and Kay starts "crying" to Miguel that she should have gone to the funeral, but she can't because it will make her remember how they almost lost Maria. Kay says maybe she's selfish, but Miguel says she isn't. Miguel says Maria is here with them now and nothing will take her away.


Luis and Antonio both think Sheridan should be back, and Antonio says he'll go look for her. Pilar tells them to give Sheridan time alone. Meanwhile, as Fr. Lonigan begins the service, Theresa comes in screaming for Ethan. Rebecca tells Ivy she's been waiting for this. Gwen asks how Theresa could interrupt the funeral. Theresa says she needs to get Little Ethan back. Rebecca tells Julian that Theresa will get what she deserves. Everyone wonders what Theresa is trying to say. She says that "they" took him. Gwen is upset when Ethan pays attention to Theresa and asks him who's more important: Sarah or Little Ethan. Theresa begs Ethan to help her. Meanwhile, Mrs. Wallace decides to go find Beth and leaves. Jessica asks Sam what's going on with Theresa and he says he will find out. Whitney tells Fox that Theresa will die without Little Ethan. Pilar and Antonio beg Theresa to tell them what happened. She gives the document from Child Protective Services to Luis and he reads it. Rebecca says Theresa will get what she deserves. Pilar and Luis wonder why this could happen. Julian asks how he could let Rebecca talk him into this. Meanwhile, Sam decides to call CPS and find out what's going on as everyone tries to calm Theresa. Sam says he will help out Theresa if Ethan can't. Ethan tells Fr. Lonigan to continue with the service as Rebecca celebrates to herself. Meanwhile, everyone tries to comfort Theresa as Sam calls CPS. Luis and Antonio discuss Sheridan and Antonio wants to go find her, but Luis says maybe it's best to let her stay gone with the situation with Theresa going on. As the funeral continues, Ivy reads from the Bible and Charity arrives. Jessica tells her that Sam is helping out Theresa. Rebecca tells Julian that at least she's doing something to avenge Sarah's death. Ethan says that Ivy's reading was wonderful and he thanks her. Meanwhile, Eve says she might have to give Theresa something to relax. Pilar, Whitney and Fox wonder why this has happened. On the phone, Sam orders CPS to tell him the name of the complaint. Later, the funeral wraps up as a woman sings and Fr. Lonigan concludes. Ethan thanks him for the service. Ivy and Rebecca both say their children don't deserve this. Theresa remembers Rebecca's threat to her about how everything might change and she thinks she knows who had her child taken. Sam gets off the phone and tells everyone the complaint was filed by Julian. Back at the gravesite, Charity senses danger. Theresa comes running in and starts after Julian, attacking him, screaming for him to die.


Sheridan hears her baby's cries and goes off to find it. Sheridan says mommy is coming and looks for her baby. Beth says that this is too easy. Mrs. Wallace and Precious and the baby meet up with Beth. She says she's going to ruin Beth's plan, but Beth says she is too late. Beth says Sheridan will fall off the cliff and Luis will be hers forever. As Sheridan continues to search for her baby, Beth says Sheridan will fall off the cliff soon. Mrs. Wallace asks what kind of monster Beth is? Beth says a smart one. She says they will all think Sheridan was sleepwalking and will never trace her death back to Beth. Meanwhile, Sheridan hears her baby's cries coming towards the cliff. Sheridan says she still can't find her baby. Beth says she's going to play the speaker near the cliff so Sheridan goes off. Beth says if Mrs. Wallace and Precious interrupt her plan, they'll go off the cliff too. Precious has a fantasy of Luis saving her in a black and white film. Mrs. Wallace says that Sheridan is about to die and there's nothing they can do. Sheridan continues to inch closer to the cliff looking for her baby. Meanwhile, Mrs. Wallace tells Beth she's going to hell but Beth doesn't care because she'll have Luis. Beth says Mrs. Wallace will go to hell too for her past sins. As Sheridan reaches the cliff, she slides off the side and falls.

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