Passions Update Friday 12/5/03

Passions Update Friday  12/5/03

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Eve arrives at the cottage to check up on Sheridan. Meanwhile, Luis receives a call from Beth to meet him at the rink. Luis doesn't want to, but Sheridan and Eve think it's a good idea if he goes, so he tells Beth he will come see her and Martin. Later, after Luis is gone, Antonio is coming home when Liz stops him. She tells how sorry she is about all he is going through and he asks if she knew about Luis and Sheridan too. She tells him she did. She says that Antonio needs to fight for Sheridan and not let Luis hurt him like her sister hurt her. Liz decides to leave. After she is gone, Eve comes out and tells Antonio that Sheridan has been waiting for him. After Antonio goes inside, Liz comes up from behind and taunts Eve about her past coming out. Eve says Liz won't tell TC because she knows he will ask why Liz didn't tell him sooner. Liz says that if Rebecca was able to find out, so could other people. After Eve leaves, Liz says that Eve is trying to fool her so she won't tell TC, but everyone will learn the truth soon. Back inside, Antonio and Sheridan talk. Antonio says Luis shouldn't have taken Sheridan from him, but she says it's not Luis's fault. Antonio says the past is behind them and they should go for a walk.


Charity urges Gwen to go talk with Ethan by asking her what Sarah would want. Gwen finally goes and kneels with Ethan in front of Sarah's coffin. Charity leaves and Gwen and Ethan talk. He thanks her for staying. She says that she was about to leave, but Charity helped to change her mind. Both Gwen and Ethan think that Sarah would want them together. Gwen says if they're going to be together, he can't go help Theresa whenever she needs him. He promises this on Sarah's grave. Gwen says he better know what he's saying. Ethan says he does and he means it. Gwen says she believes him as they hug.


Theresa and Whitney talk. Theresa tells Whitney she's glad she at least has Little Ethan. Rebecca watches and says Theresa won't have him for long. Theresa and Little Ethan go skating as Fox and Whitney watch them. Whitney says that Fox should ask Theresa to skate, but he says she should spend time with Little Ethan. Later, Theresa and Whitney talk as Fox skates with Little Ethan. Whitney says that Theresa should move on, but Theresa says she's not ready yet. Theresa wonders if it's truly over between Whitney and Chad. Whitney says it probably is. Theresa suggests Whitney go after Fox, but Whitney says her father wouldn't let her because he's a Crane. Whitney also thinks Fox isn't interested in her. Later, Fox tells Little Ethan he likes Theresa as a friend, but he likes Whitney more. Whitney comes up and takes Little Ethan for hot chocolate to let Fox and Theresa hang out.

Rebecca comes over to Julian and asks if he invited Eve to their wedding. He says she and TC probably won't come. Rebecca says they pretty much have to since she is blackmailing them. Later, Rebecca says that Julian has to call Child Protective Services. Julian wonders why Rebecca is being so harsh, but Rebecca wonders why he's being so nice. She finally convinces Julian to call Child Protective Services by blackmailing him again about telling TC about him and Eve. Later, a woman from Child Protective Services named Clarice Robbins arrives at the Rink. Rebecca shows her how Theresa and Fox are skating with Little Ethan nowhere in sight. She also tells Clarice about how Theresa went to LA for a few months without Little Ethan and "killed" Gwen's baby. After telling the story (off-camera), Rebecca says she would be a good mother herself and could devote all her time to Little Ethan. Clarice finally agrees and says they'll get the paperwork in motion. Later, Rebecca informs Theresa that this might be the last day she spends with her son.

Beth, Mrs. Wallace, Precious and Martin all arrive at the rink. Beth says Luis should join them to be with Martin at his first outing so she calls him. Mrs. Wallace taunts Beth as she knows Luis is saying he can't come. Finally Luis says he'll come. Later, Luis arrives and Beth talks of how much Martin looks like him. Beth finally gets Luis to stay for a little longer than he was going to. Meanwhile, Mrs. Wallace decides to go skating, even though Beth doesn't think it's a good idea. Also, Luis takes Precious skating and she fantasizes they are figure skaters. Later, Sheridan and Antonio come to the rink. Sheridan is happy until she sees Beth and Luis with Martin.

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