Passions Update Thursday 12/4/03

Passions Update Thursday 12/4/03

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Maria sleeps as Tabitha tells Kay that her plan is working, and Maria is doing all the work for Kay. Later, Kay tries to work out a schedule to take care of Maria, which only allows her 4 hours to sleep. Both Charity and Miguel agree that Kay needs more sleep than that, and Miguel says that he's going to help out. Later, Miguel finishes reworking his schedule. Tabitha says that he is busy and something in his life will have to go, referring to Charity. Miguel tells Charity that he won't be able to go ice-skating with her today. Miguel says it will be hard to squeeze Charity into his schedule, so he offers to let her be with someone else. Kay and Tabitha watch happily that their plan is working. Charity says that they will find a way to make it work since they love each other so much. Maria starts crying so Miguel goes off to take care of her. Miguel helps Kay as she nurses Maria. Meanwhile, Charity decides to leave. Later, Miguel wonders where Charity went. Tabitha says she probably went ice-skating. Miguel says nothing should interrupt Charity's life.


Theresa wonders if Ethan's sure his relationship's over. Thinking he's talking about Gwen, she tells him that all those bad things happened for a reason, but fate has brought them back together. She says they can start over and he can be a father to Little Ethan. Ethan finally cuts in and tells Theresa that he was talking about them. Theresa tells Ethan she knows he loves her, but he says he needs to be with Gwen. Theresa says that Gwen doesn't want to be with him, but he says that he's not giving up on the marriage. Ethan says that Theresa is just having fantasies, but Theresa is convinces it's fate. Ethan says it would take a miracle for them to be together. Ethan says he's going to keep trying to get back with Gwen for their daughter's sake. Ethan tells Theresa that she's going to have to learn how to live without him.


Eve and TC sit down after skating. Eve says it's the first time in ages she's been this happy. TC says if Grace and Sam spent some time together like he and Eve, their situation might not have happened.

Grace and John pose for a picture in front of the Christmas tree as David takes it. A man comes by an offers to take a picture of the three of them. As he is taking the picture, Sam and Ivy come by. John and David go off to get some cocoa, but Ivy decides to stay. Ivy brags to Grace all about how the kids have decorated the house and how nice it looks. Grace hopes they have a good Christmas, but Ivy brings up Sarah's death. Grace offers help, but Sam says he knows she's busy with her new family. Sam walks off as Ivy asks if Grace's idea of comforting Sam would be to make tomato soup cakes. Ivy tells Grace that now she has Sam and she is not intending to lose him again. Meanwhile, David and John discuss how sad Grace seems. Eve walks over to Ivy and threatens to expose her and David. Ivy tells Eve to make sure she also comes clean about her own past with Julian. Eve says that one day Ivy will pay for her blackmail. Ivy says she doubts it. Meanwhile, Jessica and Reese try to cheer up Sam. Jessica runs into Grace and asks Reese to take her home. Grace tells Sam that her whole family hates her now. Sam tells her that she brought this on herself. Later, Grace wishes a Merry Christmas to Sam before leaving with her new family.

Rebecca and Julian arrive. Rebecca complains that they are walking around town. Rebecca asks Julian when he will take Little Ethan from Theresa. Rebecca says that Theresa should feel exactly how Gwen feels. Julian tells Rebecca that he can't go back on his word to Theresa. Rebecca says either Julian takes Little Ethan or she tells TC about him and Eve. Julian tells Rebecca that she is a cold woman. Rebecca can't believe Julian doesn't want to just grab little Ethan from Theresa. Julian asks to change the subject. Rebecca says that she wants to invite the Russells and Bennetts to the wedding. Julian wonders why she would invite people she hates there. Rebecca says she wants to rub the fact that she is the new Mrs. Julian Crane in their faces, even if she has to blackmail them to come.

Later, Rebecca visits with Ivy and congratulates her on getting Sam. Ivy tells Rebecca that Julian is a useless man when Rebecca shows Ivy her engagement ring. Ivy later says that they shouldn't snipe at each other because of Sarah's death. Rebecca informs Ivy that Gwen is beside herself with grief. Later, Ivy and Rebecca spot Theresa arrive with Little Ethan and talk about how unfair her life is. Rebecca informs Ivy that she and Julian are taking Little Ethan from Theresa. Ivy says it couldn't happen to a more deserving person. Meanwhile, Eve sits next Julian and tells him that he shouldn't marry Rebecca. He says he has no other choice, unless she wants Rebecca to tell TC. Julian tells Eve how Rebecca said she would cut off funds for TC's athletic programs if they don't come to the wedding. Eve says she should just tell TC the truth. Julian says he loves Eve too much to let her do that. TC walks up, but doesn't hear this. He tells Julian to stay away from his wife and that he won't be at the wedding. Eve says that she will tell TC later why they should go to the wedding.

Meanwhile, Whitney and Fox continue skating. Whitney says she can't believe she keeps thinking she sees Chad. Fox wonders if Whitney wishes she stayed in LA, but she says she doesn't think so. They race to the concession stand. Whitney thanks Fox for being such a good friend. Later, they run into Theresa and Little Ethan. Theresa tells them that it's over between her and Ethan, this time she feels it's for real. Theresa wonders what she will do with out Ethan. Whitney says she will move on with her life, with her family and friends and especially little Ethan.


Gwen sobs over Sarah's casket. She has a vision of what Sarah's life would have been like as she grew up. Gwen says she would give anything to hold Sarah right now, but she's lost her and her father. Later, Charity arrives. She says that Gwen shouldn't be alone and suggests calling Ethan. Gwen says not to and tells her that they're not together. Charity says love is sometimes tested at its strongest points. Charity says that Gwen needs to believe in love. Charity says that Gwen needs to think about what Sarah would want. Wouldn't she want her parents to be together? Just as Charity says this, Ethan arrives with a bouquet of roses as he and Gwen gaze at each other.

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