Passions Update Friday 11/28/03

Passions Update Friday  11/28/03

By Mike
Pictures by Juanita


Theresa is playing with Little Ethan after just returning from LA. Pilar comes in and is happy to see Theresa. Pilar and Theresa begin discussing Theresa's time in LA. Theresa tells Pilar that Gwen's baby died. Pilar says that Theresa is partly to blame. Theresa tells Pilar that Gwen just couldn't face the fact that Ethan loved her more. Pilar goes off to the Crane mansion to cook dinner, while Theresa and Little Ethan decide to head to the Russells for dinner.


Julian is staring at a picture of Eve when Rebecca walks in the room. She says it better be a picture of her he's looking at and not Eve. Julian hides the picture from her. Meanwhile, Gwen is upset with Ethan wanting to talk to her. Fox interrupts and tells Ethan to give Gwen some alone time. Ethan doesn't want to listen to Fox, but Gwen says he should. Later, Gwen decides to leave to go visit Sheridan even though Rebecca tries to convince her to stay and get Ethan back. Pilar arrives and Rebecca taunts her about how she'll be the new lady of the house soon. Rebecca says that Pilar's daughter murdered Gwen's baby. Pilar goes off to cook dinner.


David and Ivy talk in the kitchen about how David will spend Thanksgiving with Grace at the Russells. John walks in and asks if he looks fine; he wants to look good for the first Thanksgiving as a family with Grace. David and John leave to go to meet with Grace. Ivy decides to check the turkey, which winds up blowing up in her face.


Kay and Tabitha are waiting for Miguel to arrive and for Maria to be released. Kay is upset when she sees Miguel show up with Charity. Meanwhile, Luis helps Sheridan get ready to go home in her room. Also, Alistair Crane visits with Antonio to make sure Antonio knows he's his ally. Later, Kay and Tabitha are leaving with their babies when they run into Luis and Sheridan leaving. Sheridan becomes upset over the loss of her baby upon seeing their babies. She tells them to never let their babies out of their sight.


Eve returns home to find Grace cooking. She thanks Grace for all she's done. She mentions something about Sam and the girls having dinner with them, but Grace tells her that she finally chose David. Eve says that Grace is making a big mistake. Grace and Eve get into an argument when Grace brings up Eve's love for Julian. Meanwhile, Simone tells Whitney that she hates her and will never speak to her again. David and John arrive and TC comes out from the other room. TC asks when dinner will start. Eve says now. TC says Sam and the girls aren't here so they can't start yet. Grace explains choosing David over Sam. TC decides to go see how Sam is doing. Later, at dinner, John says what a good Thanksgiving it is as Simone says it's the most horrible one they've ever had. Whitney mentions Theresa coming over and John mentions Theresa being involved with Gwen's baby's death. Grace didn't know anything about it before hand and decides to go see Sam to console him over his grandchild.
Later, Theresa arrives with Little Ethan and tries to convince Whitney to move on with Fox. Fox arrives and wonders what's going on as Whitney and Theresa smile.


Kay, Tabitha, Miguel, Charity and Maria return home. Kay mentions that Tabitha will be staying for dinner. While Sam and Jessica are cooing over Maria, Kay and Tabitha check on Ivy in the kitchen. They see her disaster and force her out of the room. Tabitha performs a spell to make the food right so that Grace won't have to come to the rescue and reunite with Sam. Ivy can't believe it when she comes back in the room to find the food all prepared. At the dinner table, Miguel removes Grace's chair to take away bad memories. TC arrives and tells Sam how sorry he is. Sam says it doesn't matter if Grace wanted to be with David. Meanwhile, Ivy sees Grace lurking outside and deadbolts the front door. Grace realizes that Sam has moved on with his life. She is even more upset when she sees Ivy and realizes Ivy has taken over her spot. Back inside, Charity wants to go see Grace at the Russells and Miguel is going to take her. Kay stops Miguel from leaving by showing him an envelope from the hospital. She tells Tabitha it will keep him away from Charity forever.


At Sheridan's cottage, she and Luis return home to find gifts from her baby shower in the living room. Sheridan is upset. Gwen arrives and she and Sheridan go off to talk alone about their losses. Meanwhile, Luis blames Antonio for not getting rid of the gifts. As he is taking the gifts to the garbage, he runs into Antonio. Antonio wants to see his wife, but Luis says no. Antonio says they'll just have to see what Sheridan says about that. Luis and Antonio begin throwing punches at each other.

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