Passions Update Wednesday 11/26/03

Passions Update Wednesday 11/26/03

By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

Russell’s house

Grace is helping Simone cook Thanksgiving dinner for them, so when the Russell’s get home that they will have dinner. Simone tells her that she wasn’t looking forward to spending time with her sister, but now Whitney might be able to tell her that Chad never loved her in the first place.

Grace decides that she wants to spend the holidays with her whole family, so she calls up Jessica and asks her if she wants to come over. Jessica turns her down, and Grace gets discourages. David tells her that the missed out on a lot holidays, and she tells him that they have a lifetime to make it up.

Grace goes back into the kitchen, and Sam approaches her.

Tabitha’s house

Kay comes home with food to make for Thanksgiving dinner. Ivy tells her that she never made Thanksgiving before, or anything else in her life. The servants usually did that. Ivy tells Sam that they should have Thanksgiving dinner here, so that the girls will have things as normal as possible. Sam tells her that he doesn’t have many things this year to be thankful for.

Ivy yells at Kay tells her that she isn’t one of her servants. Tabitha watches as this all goes down. Jessica tells her father that her mother called, and that she doesn’t want anything to do with her ever again. A pot exposes on the stove, because they didn’t take care of it. Kay takes the cakes out of the trash that she threw away, and gives into the lady that stops by from the shelter.

Harmony’s hospital

Alistair tells Sheridan that he knows exactly where her baby is. Alistair tells them that he had a private investigator out searching for the baby. Alistair hands them a picture of Charlie, and Luis a packet of information. Sheridan tells him that this is the woman that took her baby.

Mrs. Wallace tells her daughter that Alistair is going to take away her baby, and she is going to go to jail. Sheridan begs to have her baby, and her father tells her that he will tell her where the baby is.

Alistair tells Sheridan that the baby was in the car when Charlie drove over the edge. Luis tells him that he is wrong. Alistair then approached Beth and tells him that he knows everything.

Alistair tells her that he told her, her baby is dead so that the child couldn’t bond them together. Alistair tells her that all she has to do is keep them apart and he won’t say anything. Alistair tells Antonio that Luis is trying to play tricks with Sheridan’s mind, and it should be him that is with her.

LA Hospital

Rebecca tells TC that nothing is going to stop her from telling the truth. Julian tells Rebecca that he will tell TC the truth, and Rebecca puts up a fight. Julian tells TC that he has a secret, and that it is about time that he tells them. He tells the group that he is going to marry Rebecca.

Liz finds it skeptical, and TC wants to know why he kept them here this long for this piece of information. Liz tells TC, that Rebecca has more to say. Rebecca tells them that she is overjoyed, and TC tells them that they are going to leave right now.

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