Passions Update Monday 11/24/03

Passions Update Monday 11/24/03

By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

LA hospital

Gwen tells Theresa and Ethan that she hopes that they will be happy together. Gwen throws her wedding ring at Theresa. Gwen tells Theresa to pick up her ring, and Theresa tells her that he never meant to hurt her baby. Gwen tells them that they lost their baby thanks to Theresa and him. Gwen tells Theresa that the ring cost her heart and soul.

Rebecca watches as Julian is kissing Eve, and approaches them. Eve tells Rebecca that she was helping Julian get something out of his eye. Fox is enjoying the show as they fight together. Rebecca tells her that it was Eve that was singing, and that’s why he climbed out of a flying plane to save her life.

Rebecca calls Eve a whore, and Julian tries to protect her. Eve tells her that she has never been unfaithful to TC, and Eve tells Rebecca that she can’t tell TC what happened, and Rebecca tells her that she plans to do exactly that. Rebecca tells her that she is cheating on TC with the man that TC hates the most.

Theresa tells Gwen that she never meant for anything to happened to Sarah, and Gwen attacks her and tells her that she is not allowed to speak about her daughter. Ethan tries to separate them, because Theresa can’t breathe. He finally manages to, and Fox jumps in to take care of Gwen. Liz tells her that she can’t be so hard on her self.

Ethan tells Theresa to leave, and Whitney notices that Theresa picked up Gwen’s ring. Fox tells the group that he is going to fly back with them, because he can’t fly back with dear old dad.

Harmony’s hospital

Sheridan tells Luis that the baby that Beth is holding is their son. Beth continues to rock the baby, but it keeps fusing, and Sheridan keeps tells Luis that the reason that the baby is crying is because he wants her. Sheridan tells Luis that this is their baby, and that he is wrong, and Luis keeps telling her that it is not her baby.

Mrs. Wallace tells her daughter that they are going to figure out that it is Sheridan’s baby. Beth’s mother keeps telling her that everyone will find out that she stole Sheridan’s baby, and she is going to go to jail. She tells her that Sheridan is going to make them do a DNA test on the baby.

Luis keeps telling Sheridan that it is his baby, and that he knows that because he went to Lamaze class, doctor’s appointments with her, and that it is not her’s. Antonio watches as Luis is taking care of his wife. Beth tells Antonio that they were together when they were in Bermuda. Antonio tells Beth that his brother is a back stabbing person.

Alistair is watching Antonio is suffering as Luis comforts his wife. His mistress asks him about his daughter’s feelings. Alistair tells her that he is going to the hospital to put these two brothers against each other, so that they will concentrate on that instead of finding out what happened to their father.

Luis tells Sheridan that she needs to rest. Sheridan tells her that she can’t rest when Beth is holding her baby. Sheridan tells her that the kidnapper tried stealing Beth’s baby, and that the babies got switched.

TC’s car

TC gets a phone call that there flight has been postponed due to weather. Liz puts in her two senses telling them that they should have just let Julian take them back to Harmony. Whitney tells Liz that it wasn’t meant to be with Chad.

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