Passions Update Friday 11/21/03

Passions Update Friday  11/21/03

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Sheridan’s Connection to Her Baby Threatens Beth’s scheme:

Beth urges Luis to get “their” baby away from Sheridan before she begins to seriously bond with him. Before being able to talk to handle the situation Luis is confronted by Antonio about the paternity of the baby. He accuses his brother of cheating with Sheridan behind his back just before Luis admits that he does not have proof yet that he is the father. Not willing the explain himself any further Luis heads off to help Sheridan understand that the baby she’s holding is not hers. His attempts however are unsuccessful as she bluntly refuses his claim and is certain that the baby in her arms is their son recalling his sound, touch and smell during the brief time she was allowed to hold him after his birth. Desperate to have the life that they’ve always dreamed of Sheridan pulls Luis aside and suggests that they run away together with the baby. Luis again tries to explain that the child’s mother is Beth but Sheridan continually insists that they have the mother-child connection. With continued pressure from Beth, Luis asks Sheridan to hand over the baby as a favor to him and she lets little Martin go. Just as Beth removes Martin from his real mother’s arms he begins to cry. Beth, frantic to stop his whaling, tries to remain calm as Sheridan again begins to claim that the child is her own and is crying because he wants to be held by his mother again. When Luis quiets her down he makes a solemn promise to find their baby at all cost.

Gwen Calls it Quits with Ethan:

Ethan makes a desperate plea to Gwen to save their marriage but she is unforgiving insisting that their relationship is over. Unable to forgive him for cheating on her with Teresa she finally admits to herself that the only reason Ethan married her was because she was pregnant and decides to release him out of their marriage so that he can be with his true love, Teresa. Meanwhile, outside Gwen’s hospital room Rebecca sets Teresa straight on keeping her paws off Ethan while he and Gwen try to work out their problems. Theresa tells Rebecca that she has no right giving out any kind of advise on relationships when she can’t keep Julian’s eye from wondering. She insists that Rebecca accept the fact that Julian will never love her just like Ethan will never love Gwen resulting in an intense slap across the face from Rebecca. Teresa, confident that Ethan will soon reunite with her, lets the slap slide and tells Rebecca that she pity’s her for not being to keep even a low life like Julian. Rebecca, stunned by her gall comes to the realization that Teresa was right about Julian loving another woman and vows to kill her when she discovers her identity. Back in Gwen’s room Ethan tells Gwen that he loves her and would not be there trying to give their relationship another try if that weren’t true. For a brief moment Gwen begins to soften but when Ethan goes on about the two of them going back to Harmony an building a life together with other children Gwen gets offended. She believes that he is non-sympathetic over the death of their baby girl, Sarah and tells him that she never wants to see him again. When she rushes out of the room they run into Teresa who again tries to sympathize with the agony Gwen and Ethan are going through over the death of their daughter. Gwen, not amazed that Theresa is still looming around, congratulates her on winning what she has been chasing for the better part of her life…Ethan.

Julian Warns Fox Not to Hurt the Russell Family:

Outside the L.A. hospital, Julian warns Fox to stay away from Whitney so that history does not repeat itself and destroy her life. He recalls his love for Eve and tells Fox that if he truly loves her he will spare her from the damage she would suffer from loving a Crane. Fox sympathizes with his father but proclaims to being a stronger man by making the decision to be with Whitney despite his family’s wishes which was something that Julian could not do some 20 odd years earlier with Eve. Fox insists that what he feels for Whitney is true love and is goal in life now is to do anything he can to spend the rest of his life with her. Later while alone in the courtyard he is found by Eve who has come to check on Gwen before leaving for Harmony. The two take the time to talk and understand how secrets can ruin people’s lives. Julian then tells Eve that he will continue to love her from afar when she returns home to mend her relationship with her family. He also vows to keep searching for their son and reveals that he will not go through with a marriage to Rebecca. Moved by his decision, Eve embraces him and the two share an intimate kiss as Rebecca watches from only a few feet away!

Whitney Says Good-Bye to L.A.:

Eve and Liz manage to break up the fight between T.C. and Chad and convince him to leave before T.C. finishes him off. Chad reluctantly leaves the apartment promising to make things right for him and Whitney. Before being pushed out the door Chad begs Whitney to give him another chance and to stay in Los Angeles with him. She reinforces the idea that he lied about having a wife which is something she can never forgive him for. When Eve is called away to check on Gwen before that fly back home, Whitney is left to manage through the pain with aunt Liz as T.C. makes their final airplane arrangements. Liz comforts Whitney as she goes through the pictures for her an Chad during their happy times and assures her that time does help heal. Later Fox runs into Chad at the apartment and is informed that Whitney is being escorted back to Harmony by her parents. Chad tells Fox that he plans to get is divorce settled from LaToya and his music career back on track so that he can prove to Whitney’s parents that he is worthy of her love but in the meantime asks Fox to do him the favor of taking care of Whitney while he’s away. Fox is all to quick to agree to the task knowing that Chad has just handed his girlfriend to him on a silver platter.

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