Passions Update Thursday 11/20/03

Passions Update Thursday 11/20/03

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In LA, Ethan and Chad drink at a bar and discuss their ended relationships with Gwen and Whitney. Two girls come over and hit on the guys, but they say no thanks. A guy asks if they're gay, but they say that they're not, they just got out of long relationships. The guy tells them that they should try and reconnect with their girls if they are so upset that they won't even jump the girls at the bar. Ethan and Chad agree and leave. The guy then tries to get the girls for himself, but they say no. The guy then asks the bartender what he's doing later on.


Theresa is with Whitney as she packs up her things to go back to Harmony. Theresa says that Whitney should talk with Chad, but Whitney says no. She says it was wrong for Chad to ask her to marry him when he already has a wife. Theresa says that Chad is a good man; he didn't know that the divorce wasn't final. Whitney says he is selfish for only thinking about Syd's contract at Puff Dog's, but Theresa says he helped Whitney and Eve by saving their lives in the past. Whitney says she doesn't care; she's going back to Harmony and finding someone new. She says that Theresa should do the same. Theresa says she will never give up on Ethan. Whitney mentions how good of a man Fox would be for Theresa. Theresa says that if Whitney thinks he's so good then she should take him for herself. Whitney says her dad would never let her be with Fox because he's a Crane. Later, Whitney and Theresa hear Chad outside the apartment window. They help him inside, but Whitney refuses to talk with him. She tells him she's going back to Harmony. Theresa hears Chad say that Ethan went to go see Gwen at the hospital and of course she has to run right over there. Later, TC comes in the room and finds Chad and Whitney together. Whitney pushes him out and locks him out. Chad begs Whitney to come with him but she says she's going back to Harmony. Finally, TC bangs the door in and tells Chad he's dead.

Meanwhile, Julian asks Fox why he's looking at a picture of Whitney. Also, Liz is telling Eve that TC will find out about her and Julian soon. Eve wants to put the past behind them, but Liz says that will never happen. TC tells Eve that he is trying to find a cheap flight home. Julian offers to ride them home in the jet, but TC refuses. He asks Julian why he's being so nice. Fox says that maybe Julian wants to be near the woman he loves. TC asks who that is. Fox says Rebecca of course. He says that Julian came here to be with Rebecca and Gwen. Julian says they can use the jet because he will be staying here a little longer. However, TC still refuses. Julian and Fox head off to the hospital to see Rebecca and Gwen. Later, TC gets a call from the airlines that their flight home is ready. He leaves to go tell Whitney. (see above) Also, Liz tells Eve that TC will find out the truth soon. Eve says that TC would never want to be with a piece of baggage like Liz. After Eve leaves, Liz says that if she can't reveal the truth, someone else will.


Rebecca comes to talk with Gwen, but Gwen slaps her. Gwen says she's getting even for her mom slapping her before. Rebecca says that Gwen needs to get Ethan back before he goes off with Theresa, but Gwen says he can have her. Rebecca says Gwen will be making a big mistake if she lets Ethan go. Rebecca reminds Gwen that they have a plan for her (Rebecca) to marry Julian and he will adopt Ethan and Gwen will get some of the Crane fortune. Gwen says it doesn't matter now since Sarah's gone. Rebecca says Gwen will get Ethan back.

Theresa arrives and finds Ethan before he can go see Gwen. She wants to work things out, but Ethan says no. Theresa wants to talk, but Ethan walks away. Theresa listens as Ethan asks Gwen to listen to him.

Julian and Fox also arrive. Julian wonders if Fox wants Whitney. Fox tells Julian that he loves Whitney and he will do anything to be with her. Julian says he forbids Fox to go after Whitney, but Fox says Julian can't forbid him to do anything. Fox tells Julian he promises not to hurt Whitney. He says he's loved her since the first time he heard her sing. Fox thinks maybe that is how Julian fell in love with Eve. Julian tries to deny it, but Fox says he knows that's Eve's voice in the tape that Julian always plays. Julian and Fox threaten one another; Julian says he'll tell Whitney about Fox's past; Fox says he'll tell TC about about Julian's past. Julian says he should have killed Fox at birth and begins strangling him.


Sheridan holds "Beth's" baby and tells Luis it's theirs. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that she is finally going down. Beth tries again to take the baby from Sheridan, but the doctor tells her not to because Sheridan is so upset. Sheridan says this is a miracle. Beth tries to tell Luis it's her baby, but the doctor stops her. Outside, Antonio realizes everything. He realizes Sheridan and Luis lied to him and the baby isn't his. Pilar tries to get Antonio to calm down, but he says that it's all Luis's fault and now Luis has to pay. Antonio bursts in the room and tells everyone that he knows everything now. Beth is upset because this will ruin her plan. Mrs. Wallace continues to taunt Beth about her plan ruining. Sheridan tells Antonio to look at her and Luis's baby. She realizes what she just said. Antonio tells her that Luis told him everything and they will deal with this. Luis wants to set Antonio straight, but the doctor asks to talk to him. The doctor tells Luis that the baby is "Beth's", not Sheridan's. Meanwhile, Antonio tells Sheridan to rest and they will talk later. She hears her baby cry and holds it. Beth gets upset seeing Sheridan with "her" baby. Antonio and Luis go off to talk. Antonio tells Luis that if they don't get some things straight, he may have to kill Luis. Sheridan asks that Luis and Antonio both come hold the baby with her. She says their family is so lucky, as the rage ensues in Antonio, Luis and Beth.


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