Passions Update Tuesday 11/18/03

Passions Update Tuesday 11/18/03

By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

Grace’s house

Sam tells the group that Grace had to do what she had to do. He tells her that the marriage is over, and that there is no chance to get back together. Grace tells them that she should be the one to leave, because the girls shouldn’t be up routed. Grace tells them that she is going to stay at B&B. Kay explodes in the family face, that this is the wrong decision that is being made.

Grace is backing her bags and comes across some old stuff that the girls made when they were in elementary school. She sits down and starts reading it, and asks herself if she is going to loose all her kids.

Jessica is down stairs telling her dad that he should go upstairs and shake some sense into her. Kay tells them that she spent a whole life time with her, and that john would not know anything about her. Kay wishes that her mom would die from all the pain. David goes to comfort her, and Sam snaps in his face.

Kay tells David and John to get out of the house, and they leave. Jessica is confused why she would choose them over her and Kay and Sam. Kay tells them that they don’t love her, or any of us. Kay tells Ivy that if he isn’t happy that she will tell everyone about her lies, and David’s lies.

Charity tells Jessica that Grace loves all of them. Jessica then turns to Kay and tells her that it is all her fault. Kay tells her that it isn’t her fault, and that Grace is no longer her mother. Kay then tells them that he wants their father to move, to some one who will make him happy.

Sam approaches Grace up in her bedroom, and asks her if this is really what she wants, and she tells him that this is what she wants, and that David is her first husband, and then she got amnesia and then she married him. Sam asks her if it is easy for her to back up 20 years of marriage for her. Grace tells him that this is the hardest thing that she ever had to do.

Ivy approaches Kay and tells her that he won’t be long that he is unhappy, that she is going to make him the happiest man alive. Charity is talking to Miguel about what is going on. Charity tells him that there is evil in the house, and that is why Grace choose David over Sam.

Harmony’s hospital

Luis tells his brother that the man that Sheridan loved was him, and they were suppose to get married, and they are going to be together. Antonio attacks Luis for what he said. Luis tells his brother if there was anything that he could do to stop the pain that he is feeling. Pillar tries to separate them, and tells Antonio that it isn’t his fault. Luis did everything that he could and he lost his soul when he thought that she was dead.

Sheridan tells Beth that she is upsetting her baby and that she is going to go, and Beth attacks her. The nurse comes into the room to break up the fight, and Sheridan tells her that this is her baby, and that she would know it any were. The nurse tells her that her baby died.

Antonio asks Luis why he didn’t tell him before now. Luis tells them that they were afraid to tell him so he wouldn’t die. Antonio tells them that he is sorry that he ever lived. Antonio gets furious and smacks the cart when he finds out that everyone in Harmony new before him. Luis tells his brother that he is sorry that it had to happen. Antonio is furious that his own brother was trying to make moves on his wife.

The nurse tells Beth that Sheridan isn’t going to hurt the baby, and Beth becomes furious. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that when Luis gets here, that he is going to know exactly what she has done. Sheridan flashes back to when she was holding the baby after she gave birth. A doctor enters the room, and asks what is going on.

Antonio tells Luis that Sheridan is his world, and Luis claims that she still is his life. He tells them that it was hard for him to watch it, but he was able to do it because he loves his brother. Luis tells him that there was no right time, and that he never meant for that to happen.

Sheridan is cuddling the baby, and Beth tells the doctor that Sheridan has her baby, and that she wants him back. The doctor tells Sheridan that he wants to check the baby out, and Sheridan refuses to let him, because no one is going too take them from her again. The doctor tells Beth that he isn’t going to let her get out of the hospital, and that they are going to get a shrink doctor.

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