Passions Update Friday 11/14/03

Passions Update Friday  11/14/03

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Tabitha complains when the potion blows up in her face. Endora "laughs" at Tabitha. Tabitha returns to her bowl to watch the Bennetts. At the Bennetts, everyone waits for Kay to tell her news. Kay calls Grace a bitch. Kay says it's time Grace made a choice between Sam and David. Sam tells Kay that is enough, but Grace says she does have to decide. Sam says this can wait since it's been such a long day, but Grace says it can't. Sam tells Grace that before she decides, he wants her to know that he loves her very much, they have a wonderful family and he doesn't want her to give that up. Back at her place, Tabitha wonders why Kay hasn't blabbed about David and Ivy yet. At the Bennetts, Jessica begs Grace to listen to Sam. Ivy forces David to go up and talk to Grace. David tells Grace that he knows she doesn't remember their marriage, but it was wonderful and he wishes she could remember it. John tells Grace that he's always wanted a mother and he's so happy to have found her. Jessica says that she is grateful to have both parents and asks Kay to say something to Grace. Kay refuses because she thinks Grace would rather listen to Charity. Finally Grace says that she has decided. Grace recounts memories between she and Sam and it seems as though she's chosen Sam. However, she admits that she's chosen David. Sam, Jessica, and Charity are all torn apart, while Kay, Ivy and Tabitha are all estatic.


Beth tries to get Luis to take a break from searching for the baby by offering to go get something to eat, but Luis isn't hungry. The baby keeps crying. Beth says it must be his feeding time. However, Mrs. Wallace says she tried feeding him, but he wouldn't take his bottle. A paramedic tells Luis that he needs to sign some paperwork. She sees "Beth's" baby and says he looks dehydrated and that they better get him to a hospital. Meanwhile, Pilar tries to comfort Antonio over his baby's disappearance. Antonio says he is not only in pain over losing his baby, he's also in pain over losing his brother and wife. Meanwhile, Luis says that they better play it safe and take the baby to the hospital even though Beth says he's fine. Mrs. Wallace taunts Beth about taking the baby to the hospital and the doctors finding out the baby isn't hers. Luis returns and he and Beth head to the hospital. Mrs. Wallace follows and prays Beth's schemes are exposed. Later, Antonio tells Pilar that seeing how emotional Sheridan was over Luis has made him realize the truth. Pilar tries to make excuses, but Antonio says that it's time he sees the truth. Antonio wonders if Luis and Sheridan are in love and if this is what they have all been hiding from him. Antonio says losing Sheridan would kill him.


A doctor tells Beth that the baby is dehydrated. He suggest that the type of milk may not agree with the baby and that Beth could breastfeed. Mrs. Wallace asks Beth how she'll get out of this one. Beth tells the doctor and Luis that she can't breastfeed due to a problem that Dr. Culver said she had. The doctor says that a nurse will give Beth a new type of formula. Mrs. Wallace keeps trying to get the doctor to take blood from the baby, but he says that's not necessary. The nurse who gives Beth the formula recognizes Luis from TV and gives her prayers to Sheridan. Later, Luis decides to go check on Sheridan. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that someway in his subconscious Luis knows this is his and Sheridan's baby, but Beth ignores her. Mrs. Wallace decides to go for a walk. She says to herself that if Luis is attracted to the baby, Sheridan may be too. In Sheridan's room, Luis talks to her as she sleeps about how he won't stop searching for their baby. A nurse arrives and says Luis has a call from the Coast Guard. Once Luis leaves, Mrs. Wallace sneaks into Sheridan's room. As Sheridan sleeps Mrs. Wallace whispers for her to go to her baby. Sheridan can hear the baby's cries in the background and half-consciously says she can hear her baby. Mrs. Wallace urges her to go to it. Meanwhile, Antonio and Pilar arrive. Antonio begs Pilar to tell him Luis and Sheridan are not together. Luis walks up and says that Antonio can just ask him.

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