Passions Update Thursday 11/13/03

Passions Update Thursday 11/13/03

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Eve begs TC to calm down. TC blames Eve for the whole situation of Whitney being involved with a married man. Liz watches happily. Fox explains how he saved all their lives to Julian. Julian says he had no right to use Crane money; he will talk to his lawyers about this. Fox says that he will tell Eve all about Julian's selfishness. Julian says Fox will say nothing to Eve. Fox says Julian won't undo the deal then. Julian says he did not agree to that. Fox wonders why Julian is even out here. Julian said he came here to see Gwen with Rebecca and offered to let Eve and TC ride with him. Fox says he knows something is going on between Julian and Eve. Meanwhile, Chad tries to explain his situation to TC, but TC doesn't listen. Latoya is being dragged out of the house by the police. She tells TC all about how she and Chad used to mkae sweet love to each other. Whitney introduces her parents to Latoya. Latoya says she should have known; she researched them on the internet. Chad tells Latoya to respect Eve and TC. TC says that's a good one coming from Chad. Latoya says that Chad will abuse Whit just like he abused her. TC says they are taking Whitney back to Harmony. Chad begs them not to. Puff comes out and talks about how Syd is all his now. Fox says Puff shouldn't be so smug because he can lose everything. He tells Puff he's got the gun. Puff and Latoya are dragged away. Whitney tells TC she doesn't want to go back to Harmony, but he insists. Chad complains about how everythingn is going wrong for him. Whitney says that everyone deserves to thank Fox. However, Julian and TC say that Fox probably just wanted something for himself. Fox denies this. Eve says everyone should apologize and show gratitude towards Fox. Liz convinces TC that it's all Eve's fault for letting Whitney come out to LA. TC also wonders why Julian's being so nice. Meanwhile, Chad wants to talk with Whitney, but she refuses. Chad asks Theresa how he can get through to Whitney, but she says that he needs to wait. Julian warns Fox to stay away from Whitney. Fox says he can't do that anymore than Julian can stay away from Eve.


At Tabitha's, Tabitha concocts a spell to stop Kay from revealing the truth about David and Ivy. At the Bennetts, Kay taunts Ivy about revealing the truth. Ivy begs David to stop her, but he doesn't know how. Ivy tries to convince Kay that if she doesn't tell Grace, she can get Miguel because Grace won't interfere. Inside, Grace and Sam wonder why Kay called Sam home. Sam says nothing would surprise him after Grace called David her husband on the bridge. At Tabitha's, she convinces Endora that she won't let Kay expose them. Ivy bribes Kay with her jewelry to keep quiet, but Kay refuses. Kay says that the idea of Sam being with Ivy is all the reason to tell the truth. She calls Jessica and John and asks them to come over. Back inside, Sam and Grace talk about Kay's belief that Grace loves Charity more. Kay overhears Grace say that sometimes Charity is easier to deal with than Kay. Outside, John arrives and wonders what's wrong, but Ivy and David say they don't know. After John goes inside, Ivy continues to complain about all the things they've done to get to this point and now it is all ruined. Meanwhile, Charity tries to convince Kay that Grace didn't mean what she said. Also, Tabitha continues finishing her potion. Sam says it is all Grace's fault for letting David come between them. Kay comes in and agrees with Sam. Everyone wants to know what Kay's big secret is. Kay tries to say something, but she just winds up coughing from Tabitha's spell. Kay stops coughing finally and everyone wants to know what she needs to say. Kay remembers hearing Grace say that Charity is easier to live with and to love. Kay decides not to reveal the truth; instead, she asks Grace to chose between Sam and David.


Behind the bush, Beth pretends to be happy Charlie is alive and says that now they can plan their escape. Charlie wonders who Beth thinks she's fooling. Charlie says that one of them won't be around to take care of the baby. Mrs. Wallace wonders where Beth is and then sees her with Charlie. She can't believe Charlie's alive. Luis and Hank hear something going on behind the bushes. Beth comes out and tells them she just tripped on a root. She tries to keep Luis and Hank away from Charlie. Meanwhile, Charlie tells Mrs. Wallace that she's not who Mrs. Wallace thinks she is. Later, Beth returns. Charlie gives her a long kiss and says that she's leaving town. She tells Beth not to worry because no one will find her. After Charlie leaves, Beth says there was definitely something strange about Charlie tonight.


Charlie arrives on the Crane jet. One of Alistair's women tells Charlie that she needs to get off because this is only for Crane use. Charlie grabs a cigar and sits down in a seat. She rips of a mask to reveal herself to be none other than Alistair Crane. He explains that he had to do whatever it took to keep Sheridan and Luis' baby from them.

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