Passions Update Wednesday 11/12/03

Passions Update Wednesday 11/12/03

By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

LA warehouse

Chad tells Ethan that he wish that he would have told Whitney that he was married to Latoya. Whitney tells Theresa that she feels pathetic, because she doesnít know Chad at all. She tells Theresa that she gave up her life to be with him, and then they come out here and he all ready has a wife. Whitney tells her that this will affect the rest of their life.

Theresa tells Chad that he should fill for a divorce, so that would tell Whitney that he wants to be with her. Fox tells Whitney that he was also shocked about Chad having a wife too. Whitney tells him that she was played by a fool, by Chad.

Whitneyís parents arrive, and Whitney greets them with open arms. TC tells her that she should have never gotten involve with him. TC sees Chad, and he attacks him.

Fox tells his father that he came out here to be with his friends. Fox also tells him that he saved all of them, or none of them would be here today. Julian tells him that he never saved anything in his whole life, why start now.

Tabithaís house

Tabitha tells Kay that she cannot tell her parents that Ivy hired David to play Graceís first husband. Kay also tells her that she is going to tell them that Tabitha is a witch. Kay storms out of the house to find her parents. Tabitha vows that Kay will pay.

Kay calls her father, and Tabitha stops her. Tabitha tells her that she is not as innocent as she thinks she is. Tabitha tells her to look at what she all did, such as get pregnant. Kay tells her that she will do anything to get her parents back together, so it will save her soul. Tabitha binds Kay to a tree with her magic, when Kay wonít let the subject drop.

Kay tells Tabitha that she is going to burn in Hell, if she doesnít get to ask God to forgive her soul. Tabitha releases from the tree, and she gets a hold of her father, and tells him that they need to meet at Graceís house.

Davidís bedroom

David tells his son that he would like nothing more than to be with Grace, but it is complicated. 

Graceís house

Ivy is sitting out side the house telling Grace that she will never get Sam back. Charity tells Grace that she is glad that she is back, because she had a terrible premonition. Charity tells her that it is not her fault that she canít remember after the fire. Grace tells her that when she first found out that she was in shock, and now she is in confused about what happened. 

Grace tells her, that no matter whom she chooses, that some one is going to get hurt. She tells them that she loves Sam, but she canít ask David to sign the papers, and how to be with her son John.

Ivy tells David when he joins her outside that he is proud of what ever he did, because Grace has feelings for him. Ivy tells them that there lives arenít going to be ruined, because they are all going to have someone to lean back on, that he shouldnít worry. Kay comes up from behind and tells her that isnít true.

Harmonyís bridge

Mrs. Wallace tells Luis that it is his child that she is holding in her hands. She tells them that she doesnít need to go and search that it is his baby. Charlie is watching the whole thing, as she hides behind a bush.

Beth tells Luis that the reason that her mother is upset is because that he is spending too much time with Sheridan, and looking for their baby. Beth pulls Luis aside and tells her that she hired Precious so that she would take care of her, and now she thinks that she should put her mother in a home. Beth tries to tell him how sorry she is, that his other baby didnít make it. 

Beth gives Luis their baby, so that he would only think about their son, and not Sheridanís and his. Luis apologizes to the baby that he isnít spending enough time with him, and Beth tells him that he understands.

Hank tells Beth and Luis that the license plate on the car is not real, that she must have been planning her get away for a while. Beth tells them that the common dominator might be Luis, because she attacked Beth, and Sheridan. 

Sam tells Hank that until they find the babyís, and the kidnapperís body that they canít give up on the search. Sam tells Hank that he keeps thinking about when Grace lost their baby, because she found out about Ivy and him.

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