Passions Update Monday 11/10/03

Passions Update Monday 11/10/03

By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

Harmony's Bridge

A flashback of when Luis was unconscious shows that Sheridan is begging Luis to be all right. After Luis gains control, he wants to jump back into the water, to help save David. 3 officers approach Pillar, Sheridan, Luis, and Antonio, they tell them that they have some bad news, that if there was anyone else down there that there is not way that they are alive. The air to to the car ran out a long time ago. 

Sheridan becomes overcome with grief, and Luis tries to calm her down and tell her that they think that the baby might be in the care of someone else, that the car seat might have been empty.

Beth watches from the side lines, and is thankful that they think that Charlie is dead. She tells herself now that she is out of the way she can have Luis all to herself, with out her wondering when Charlie is going to spill the beans about her having the baby.

Grace is also at the sight, and when she realizes that all the men are back except David she begins to worry. She tells the police that they have to find "her husband David" and Sam over hears this. She tells them that she doesn't know what she would do with out him.

David appears and Grace is ecstatic that he is okay. Ivy is then convinced that Sam is know her's because she thinks that this was proof that Grace wants David. After the paramedics treat David, Grace becomes worried about Sam. Ivy fills her in that she was calling out for David, and that Sam over heard her, and that now Sam is convinced that she should be with David. Ivy tells her now that it should be easy, because her heart all ready told her who she needs to be with.

In the River

Charlie in some what awake in the river, and starts to call out Beth's name. She tells to no one in particular that once she gets out there that she will be after Beth. She regains conscience and begins to swim to the shore line.

Beth's house

Mrs. Wallace is home with the baby, and is watching what is happening now on the bridge. Mrs. Wallace begs with God that Evil should never triumph. She also tells God that Beth shouldn't get away with anything. Mrs. Wallace begins then to flash in to the story of Hansel and Gretle, In the story Beth plays the evil witch, and the mean lady that want to boil them. Sheridan and Luis are the main characters, and they are trying to find there lost baby. They stop at this lady's house to get a bite to eat, and she invites them into the house. 

She feeds them, and when they want to leave she gets in there way so that they have so choice. She locks them up in a cage, and Mrs. Wallace and Precious appear to warn them that she is dangerous. Beth then dangles the baby in front of them so that they are trying to reach the baby. She tells Luis that the only way that they are going to get out of this is if he agrees to kiss her, and that they can raise the baby together. Luis denies at first.

Luis later agrees because he could no longer stand to see his family hurt. Mrs. Wallace helps them out, what Luis is kissing Beth, she opens the oven stove, so Luis can push Beth in to the fire place, and that is exactly what he does.

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