Passions Update Friday 11/7/03

Passions Update Friday  11/7/03

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Chad is upset with Fox for selling Syd's contract. He tells Fox that he has nothing now. Fox says he didn't mean to do it to hurt Chad, he did it to save their lives. Chad says that wasn't Fox's right to sell Syd to Puff. Whitney says that Chad should be thanking Fox instead of yelling at him. Whitney says that that singers come a dime a dozen, but their lives are priceless. She says that Chad must see Syd as more important than his friends. Fox says that Chad would never put Syd above Whitney, would he? Chad tells Fox to stay out of this. Whitney says Chad is the one making things worse and it's obvious that Syd is more important than her. Whitney says that maybe Chad was interested in Syd all along. She asks Fox to take her back to the hospital. Chad says he'll take her, but she just wants Fox to. Fox and Whitney go to leave.


Grace says that she had the storybook family, with a perfect husband and perfect kids. David says until he came along. Grace says it's so incredible knowing she has David and John, she feels so connected to him. David has some flashbacks of times with Grace. Later, David apologizes for making Grace choose between he and Sam. Grace says it's not his fault; she is glad to find a son and spend time with David. Grace says they better get down to the bridge before Ivy sinks her claws into Sam.


Mrs. Wallace and Precious drink gin while watching the news. Beth says her sweet boy is sleeping like an angel. Mrs. Wallace reminds her that it's Sheridan's boy. Beth says no one will know that with Charlie dead and Mrs. Wallace not opening her big mouth. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that Luis is missing. She explains that he went in the water to find the baby. She says Luis may die because of Beth. Beth tries to watch the news, but they don't say anything about Luis. She remembers times between her and Luis. Beth says she can't lose Luis now. Mrs. Wallace claps because of all the trouble Beth has gone through just to have things end up like this. Beth says she is going down to the bridge herself. Later, Mrs. Wallace rambles about how Beth can't swim and if she tries to save Luis she might drown and then no one will be able to take care of her (Mrs. Wallace). Meanwhile Precious fantasizes about saving Luis herself and nursing him back to health. Later, Mrs. Wallace sees that Luis has been saved and praises the angels and saints.


The divers say that they haven't seen Luis. Sheridan screams for Luis, saying she loves him. Antonio overhears and can't believe his brother and his wife are in love. Antonio remembers times when Sheridan and Luis were close and can't believe he didn't see this before. Meanwhile Sam and Hank tell Sheridan they will do everything they can to save Luis. Sam, Hank and Antonio all decide to go in the water to look for Luis, even though everyone says it's too dangerous. Antonio promises Sheridan he will bring Luis back. Sam sees Grace and David. David tells Sam he can help find Luis too because he's been diving. John wants to go in, but David makes him stay with Grace. Beth arrives and sees Sheridan all alone. She says that she should just push Sheridan over the bridge and no one would notice. Beth is about to push Sheridan when John sees her and asks what she's doing. Beth tells Sheridan she was about to fall so Beth saved her. Beth says that's what friends are for. John says that's what he loves about Harmony, everyone is friends with each other. Pilar sees Beth and wonders what she's doing out. Beth says her mother and Precious are watching the baby. Meanwhile, in the water, no one finds any signs of Luis and they continue searching. On the bridge, Sheridan and Pilar pray for Luis and Antonio to be all right. Beth does as well, but in her head. Ivy prays for Sam. In the water, Antonio shouts that he's found Luis. Sheridan, Pilar and Beth are all happy. Finally, Luis is dragged out of the water, as well as Antonio, Sam and Hank. Grace doesn't see David, and begs the divers to find her "husband". Meanwhile, Sheridan lays by Luis as he comes to. Pilar sees Antonio alone and asks if he's all right. He says maybe he'd be better off being lost at sea.

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