Passions Update Thursday 11/6/03

Passions Update Thursday 11/6/03

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Kay wants to tell Simone about Whitney and Chad, but Tabitha wonders how she will explain finding out about this. A new image comes in of Grace and John at the Bennett house. Kay is disgusted. She congratulates Ivy on knowing how to push Grace's buttons. Tabitha says she thought Kay and Grace were going to reconcile and is glad Kay has changed her mind. Later, in the bowl Kay and Tabitha hear of Luis being underwater and Kay is scared Luis will die. Kay fears Sheridan and Luis will be torn apart if Luis dies. Tabitha is happy. They decide to check back on Whitney's situation back in LA. Kay says she wouldn't believe Tabitha's power to break apart relationships if she didn't see it herself. She wishes she could tell Simone. Tabitha says it's just the beginning of pain and heartache.


Ethan and Chad rag on Fox for selling Syd's contract to Puff. Theresa tries to convince them that Fox saved their lives, but they don't listen. Chad says he and Whitney will find somewhere else to stay, but Whitney says no, she wants to stay with Fox. Whitney says it could have been worse then Fox just selling Syd's contract. They could have been killed. Chad wonders if it bothers anyone that Latoya will be walking free. Both Ethan and Chad say that Latoya and Puff are free to come after Whitney again. Whitney and Theresa still say they are grateful to Fox. Whitney says maybe she'll just move back to Harmony to be safe. Whit says if she goes back to Harmony, it won't just be about the shooting, it will be about Chad being married too. Chad asks Fox if he ever thought about his plan putting Whitney in more danger. Fox pulls out the gun that Latoya shot Whitney with and says Latoya will be put away. Fox tells them he got the gun while Puff was busy with Syd's contract. Fox says the police will find Latoya's prints on the gun and match it to the one on the tape of the shooting and arrest her. Whitney says Fox is brilliant. Chad and Ethan both apologize to Fox. However, Chad freaks out when he learns that Fox actually did sell Syd's contract. Fox says Puff Dog would be too smart to fake the contract. He says this is the price they had to pay.


Grace, Ivy, David and John watch the news from down at the bridge. Grace says she is praying for Sheridan's baby. All Ivy can think about is Sam being all right. David decides to turn off the sound on the TV because it's getting depressing hearing the same things over and over. Grace says she is worried about Pilar, and David says he is sure Luis will be fine. Grace says that Luis is just trying to save Sheridan's baby. Ivy says it's his baby too, and Grace doesn't want to say anything. John says he is old enough to deal with the facts of life. Ivy says Grace is just a little overprotective after missing so much time with him. Grace says she has already lost one child, she never wants to lose John again. Ivy can't believe Grace is still blaming her for the miscarriage. Ivy tells David that he has to break up Sam and Grace or she'll tell John all about him. Later, Grace says what a miracle it is finding her son. John decides to go down to the bridge to help out. Grace reluctantly lets him go and warns him to be careful. After John leaves, Grace thanks David for raising John so well. She can't imagine how Sheridan will live if her baby is dead. Ivy says that she will get by just like Grace did after the miscarriage. Ivy throws back in Grace's face the fact that she had to raise Ethan alone when she was even younger than Sheridan. Grace says it is Ivy's fault, and she tells Ivy that she needs to get out of their house tonight. Grace remembers times when Sam blamed their marriage problems on her.


Luis begs the divers to continue searching for the car, but they say it's too rough out there. The divers say that the occupants are probably dead by now. Luis decides to go in himself and search for the baby. Meanwhile, Antonio arrives and says he's glad he came down here to see exactly what's going on. He says that it's clearer to actually see the scene in person than on the news. Everyone except Luis is relieved he doesn't know about Luis and Sheridan. Antonio says that Sheridan should be back in the hospital, but she refuses. Luis says he's going in the water and Antonio wants to go too. However, everyone tells him that he should stay with Sheridan. The divers tell Luis that he shouldn't go in the water because it's too dangerous. Sam tries to get Luis to change his mind, but Luis wonders what Sam would do if it was one of his kids. Everyone tells Luis to be careful as he dives into the water. The divers say to themselves that he probably won't come out alive. Later, Sam sees John and asks him if Grace is all right. He gets a call that the coast guard warning that the storm is getting worse and that Luis needs to get out of the water. Sam and Hank see Luis and warn him not to go back down, but he doesn't hear them. Ivy, Grace and David all arrive at the bridge. Ivy tells Sam all about Grace kicking her out of the house. Hank tells Sam that they have searched for Luis, but they couldn't find him. The divers said he would probably only last a few minutes in the water. Sheridan screams out that she can't lose Luis.

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