Passions Update Wednesday 11/5/03

Passions Update Wednesday 11/5/03

By Emily
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Julian's plane
Eve flashes back to when she was swept out of the plane. TC wakes her up, and tells her that as long as he has know Julian, he has never gone out of his way to help anyone else, why start now. TC vows that he is going to get to the bottom of this.

Eve tells Julian that Rebecca is on to him.

LA warehouse
Latoya tells Chad that she wasn't good enough for him, and that he deserves to kill them. Latoya tells Chad that he is the only way out of this problem.

Ethan vows to not let anything hurt her. Fox enters the room, and Puff Dog looks like there is nothing to change there mind. Puff Dog and Fox have struck a deal, and Puff Dog agrees to let go of them. The arrangement is that Fox called Crane's head quarters so that Sid will be under Puff Dog record. Chad is not happy about the arrangement that he made with Puff Dog, and he wants to fight.

The five of them get out of there. Ethan, and Chad yell at Fox, because he betrayed them with giving Sid to them, and letting Latoya come after them again.

Beth's house
Beth urges Charlie to go over the bridge, so that they think that the baby is in the river, and that they won't know that Beth as the baby. Mrs. Wallace tells her that she is heart less because she is letting Sheridan think that her baby is dead. Mrs. Wallace can't imagine that this is her daughter that she raised. Beth tells her nothing so going to stop her from being with Luis now.

Mrs. Wallace tells her that Luis has started a search in the water, she also tells her that Charlie might be alive, and she is going to tell Luis all about Beth having the baby. Beth threatens her mother that if she tries to stop her, she will kill her.

Harmony's roads
Charlie puts her car in to full power, and drives over the bridge. Luis keeps muttering "my baby" as he goes into shock. He tells the boys that he has to go down into the car, as see if her can get the baby.

Luis tells the divers that they are suppose to save that baby. Hank tells them that it doesn't look good, the currents of the river, are going to be strong, so that they don't have much time. high tides have forced the crew to leave the water, because of the storm. Sheridan arrives at the scene, and begs him to find their baby, Luis wants to jump in and save the baby, but Hank and Sam stop him.

Harmony's hospital
Sheridan is on her bed begging that this didn't happen. Antonio comes to her bedside, and asks what is wrong. Pillar tells Antonio that Luis was able to track down the car, and that they think that the baby is inside the car.

Sheridan gets out of bed, on a mission that she has to get where Luis is, so that she can be with her baby, and so that she can be with Luis.

LA hospital
Eve and TC arrive at the hospital to see if Whitney is all right. When they got to the room Whitney wasn't there, and TC goes to call the cops because Gwen tells them that the girls went to save the girls.

Liz breaks in and tells them that she read a report, saying that Puff Dog was never convicted, they let him go. Gwen then tells them that Chad is married to Latoya. TC tells the group that he is going to rip Chad into little pieces when he gets his hand on him. Eve, Liz, Julian, and TC are getting heading to Puff Dog's house. Rebecca puts two and two together that he is only going because he wants to be with Eve.

Rebecca tells her daughter that she will always be with her. Gwen breaks down in tears that she will never get to hold her baby Sarah. Gwen tells her the whole story about how she lost the baby. Rebecca tells her that they can have other children, and Gwen tells them that Ethan cheated on her, so they are threw. Rebecca slaps her so that she will calm down.

Rebecca tells her that she has to do everything to keep Ethan. She then goes and tells her that she thinks that Julian is involved with Eve.

Julian's car
Liz is brain washing TC in the car, about how Julian is being so kind. Liz tells him that Julian isn't doing any of this for him.

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