Passions Update Tuesday 11/5/03

Passions Update Tuesday 11/4/03

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LA Warehouse
Theresa and Whitney arrive at the warehouse, and they hear something, and they decided that they are going to go see what it is. Puff Dog and Chad are fighting, and when the girls walk into the room, Puff Dogís people grab them. Latoya tells them that Chad is going to go back to her, so they can let go of the girls.

One of the gang members tells him that Chad is lying, that he is only saying this to free his girl. Latoya picks up a gun, and points it at Whitney. Latoya tells them that if Whitney was out of the way then, he wouldnít have any reason not to come back to her. One of the gang members tells them that they have to take them out back and kill them. Fox tells them that he only has to listen to him for five minutes, and that he can change him mind.

Theresa tells Ethan that she is really scared, and that they will be able to get out of there. Ethan tells Theresa that he wonít let anything happen to her.

Julianís plane
Rebecca questions why he saved Eve, when he would only do anything for money. Rebecca tells the group that Julian wants Eve, and TC attacks him. Rebecca and Eve are begging them to stop. A flight attendant stops then, and tells them that the plane canít take any more stress, that they have to go sit down. Rebecca starts flirting with the flight attendant as TC is making treats at Julian.

TC tells Eve that he wants some answers of what Rebecca said. Eve tells him that she doesnít know what she is talking about, and Eve goes in to a flash back of her and Julian. Rebecca tells them that she is not imagining it. Julian tells him that he was the only one, because TC was knocked unconscious, and everyone is trying to survive.

TC tells them that he only saved Eve because her in love with Whitney. Julian tells him that the tape is over twenty years old. He pulls out the tape, and shows him the tape. TC canít figure out whose voice that is. Liz jumps in and tells him that it has to be Eveís voice. TC tells her that it canít be her, because she doesnít even like to sing.

Liz tells Julian that Rebecca is going to find out about Eve and him, and she is going to hurt him.

Middle of Harmony
Sheridan is heard over a loud speaker, and is talking to Charlie. Charlie tells him that she is not going to allow Sheridan to have her baby, and then she shots Luis. Luis begins to stir, and the group pulls him back. He tells them that he was wearing a bullet proof vest.

Charlie tells her that she is nothing that Sheridan can do, she not a cop or a judge so Charlie tells her that she doesnít trust her. Luis heads behind the car so that he can shot out her tires. Charlie finds something odd when she doesnít see Luis, and gets in the car and takes off for the closed road. Luis attempts to shot out the tires, but she gets away.

Bethís house
Beth witness the shooting on TV, and the whole family goes nuts. Beth tells her mother that if Charlie kills him, then she is going to kill Charlie. Beth witness Luis moving, and jumps for joy.

Beth watches as Sheridan tries to get threw to Charlie, and starts banging on the TV set, at what she is seeing. Beth is sitting in front of the TV, telling him not to listen to Sheridan and that he should just kill Charlie. Mrs. Wallace tells her that she wonít get away with any thing. Beth grabs the baby, and tells her mom that she is running away.

Beth tells Mrs. Wallace tells her mother that Precious would have been a better mother then her. Beth tells her that Sheridan doesnít deserve to have Luis or the baby. Beth begs Charlie to go off the bridge so they think that they baby is dead, so that they wonít know that Beth as the baby.

Harmonyís hospital
On the phone Sheridan is begging Charlie to let go of her baby. She tells them that Luis doesnít want her hurt. Sheridan begs her to give her up the baby that she will give her anything that she might want, and that she can go free. Sheridan begs with Luis that he will get their baby back and then they can be a family together.

When Sheridan is finished talking to her, Pillar tries to calm her down by telling her that she has to pray.

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