Passions Update Friday 9/26/03

Passions Update Friday

By Mike
Pictures by Juanita


Inside: In the living room, Fox and Ethan talk. Fox says that he knows Ethan will still love Theresa, no matter what he tries to do to deny it. Ethan says that Fox doesn't understand the first thing about love, but Fox says "try me". Ethan says that love is when you would sacrifice everything to be with someone, but Fox wouldn't understand that because all he cares about is himself. Fox says that he knows exactly what that feeling is, when you can't eat or sleep without thinking of that person. Ethan accuses Fox of lying, but Fox says Ethan is the one lying to himself. He says that every time Ethan and Theresa are around each other, it's like he's cheating on gwen. He also says that Gwen is not stupid and that she probably realizes Ethan still loves Theresa. Ethan tries to deny this, but Fox asks him what he would do if both Gwen and Theresa would have wound up pregnant at the same time. Ethan refuses to answer this question because he says life is not about being hypothetical. Fox says that Ethan is just afraid to answer the question. Fox wonders what Ethan will do when he's all alone and thinks about Theresa. He wants to know what Ethan will feel like knowing he is denying his love for Theresa.

In the other room, Chad and Whitney talk. Whitney suggests that she should go outside and talk to Theresa to try and calm her down, but Chad doesn't think it's a good idea. Chad says he doesn't want her playing matchmaker between Fox and Theresa because if it turns out bad, she'll be the one stuck in the middle. Chad tells Whitney that there is no real attraction to Fox from Theresa because all she is doing is using him to get Ethan back. Whitney says that's foolish; Fox and Theresa are like two peas in a pod. Chad says that's bad because opposites are what attract; Whitney says they aren't opposites, yet they're still together. Chad still continues with his fear of Whitney getting involved with Fox and Theresa.

Outside: Gwen wants to know what Theresa is doing in LA. Theresa is shocked to see Gwen. Gwen realizes that that was a stupid question because she knows exactly what Theresa is doing in LA: trying to steal Ethan. Theresa tries to get Gwen to calm down when she begins having pains, but Gwen is convinced that Theresa wants her baby to die. She wonders if Theresa prays every night for the baby to die so she can be with Ethan. Theresa tells Gwen that the only reason she and Ethan aren't together is because of Gwen's pregnancy, but Gwen says it's because of the many times she's lied to Ethan. Gwen says that for the first time ever, she will say aloud that she was once jealous of Theresa's beauty, but not anymore. She wants Theresa to stay away from her husband. Theresa says that she had no idea Ethan was in LA, but Gwen calls her on her lie by telling her about the kiss she saw on LA Tonight. Theresa tries to say it was some other people, but Gwen knows it was them. Theresa tries to tell Gwen why she really came to LA, but Gwen doesn't buy it. Gwen has more pains and Theresa tries to tell her that she needs to go back to the hospital because that's what her doctor told her she needed to do. Gwen asks how Theresa would know that's what her doctor said, was she eavesdropping on her and Ethan. She wonders if Theresa would have just stood there and watched her and Ethan make love. Gwen accuses Theresa of trying to seduce Ethan in their bedroom, but Theresa denies it. Gwen tells Theresa that she will never have Ethan. As Theresa tries to walk away, Gwen grabs her by the hair (I think) and doesn't want to let her go.


In Harmony, Pilar arrives at the police station as Hank, Antonio, and Luis work to find Sheridan. They discuss trying to find Sheridan, and after Antonio walks away, Luis tells Pilar of his fear that Sheridan is dead. Pilar tries to convince him not to think like that. Luis says that he thinks they would all be better off finding Sheridan if they told Antonio the truth about him and Sheridan. Pilar says it's not a good idea, but Luis says it would be best. He becomes upset. Antonio returns and says it's like Luis lost the love of his life. Antonio tells Luis that they will find Sheridan and the baby and bring them home safely. Luis accidentally says he will make the person who took Sheridan from him pay. Antonio wonders what he means, but Hank and Pilar cover by saying that Luis gets really attached to his cases. Antonio wants the truth why Luis always acts like Sheridan is the love of his life. Before anyone can say anthing, an officer comes over and tells Antonio he has a call from Liz. Antonio leaves to take the call as Pilar and Hank try to convince Luis it's not time to tell Antonio the truth yet. Antonio returns after his call with Liz (we don't see it or know what it was about) and wants Luis to tell him what's going on between him and Sheridan. Luis tells Antonio he is finally going to tell him the truth.


There is a replay of Beth and Charlie tossing Sheridan overboard and cheering as Sheridan sinks. Charlie tells Beth that they can finally be together like Thelma and Louise. Beth says that Thelma and Louise died in the end; is that really want Charlie wants? Charlie says that what they don't show you is that Thelma and Louise wound up flying over the cliff and moving to Mexico, where they live happily ever after. Somewhere during Charlie's Thelma and Louise speech, she has a fantasy of her and Beth dressed as Thelma and Louise. (I can't remember exactly where it was.) Beth realizes that she has to kill Charlie now as she remembers telling her mother her plan. When Charlie goes to check the engine, Beth finds a bar that she can hit Charlie over the head with. Charlie comes back and checks on Sheridan. As Beth is about to hit her, Charlie says that Sheridan's stuck on something and hasn't sunk all the way down yet. Beth is worried, but Charlie says that no one will find her and she'll eventually sink. Beth convinces Charlie to look down and make sure that Sheridan will drown. As Charlie looks down, Beth prepares to hit her over the head with the bar.

Meanwhile, as Sheridan drowns, she arrives in heaven. She sees a screen with herself drowning and says she doesn't want to die. She says she wants to see Luis and her baby again. The screen dissolves into Luis making a video of the baby talking its first steps. Sheridan's mother Katherine arrives and says that she has come to take Sheridan to heaven. Sheridan says she doesn't want to go yet, but Katherine says it's time. Sheridan refuses to go with Katherine, and Katherine says she is making things more difficult. Sheridan says she wants a happy life with Luis and the baby. More scenes on the screen show Luis and the baby (now older) reading. However, Sheridan doesn't know if her baby is a boy or a girl yet and wants a chance to see it. Finally, she sees a scene of the older kid on his graduation day, but can't see his face. She says that this must mean she still could have a chance. Katherine says it's not a chance, those are just wishes she is having. Katherine says they must leave now and tries to take Sheridan with her. Sheridan walks away from her mother back into the screen and ends up back in her drowning body.

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