Passions Update Thursday 9/25/03

Passions Update Thursday 9/25/03

By Mike
Pictures by Juanita

Hi everyone. I'm really, really, really sorry this is a day late. I've been really busy last night and today (Friday) but I finally got to watch yesterday's episode. So here's the update:


Outside, Whitney and Chad are arriving home. Chad tells Whitney not to worry about Puff Dog; he won't let Puff Dog touch her. She says she is nervous about Puff Dog because she knows he was involved in a drive by shooting in New York. Chad assures her that the part of his life involving Puff Dog is over.

Inside, Ethan packs his things to go to a hotel as Theresa and Fox watch. Ethan asks Fox and Theresa not to let Gwen know about anything that happened between Ethan or Theresa or even that Theresa is in LA. Theresa says she won't, but wants to know why Ethan is leaving. She tries to get him to stay by reminding him that the apartment is closer to the hospital than his hotel would be, but he refuses to stay. He later says that he and Gwen will stay in LA after the baby is born and not return to Harmony as to stay as far away from Theresa as possible. Theresa is upset and doesn't think Ethan means that, but he says he does. Whitney and Chad return home and Fox clues them in on what's going on. Theresa begins crying after Ethan tells her they'll never be together. He asks her if she really loves him as much as she claims, she'll let him go. Theresa goes into the other room, crying.

Ethan and Chad stay in the living room. Ethan says that seeing Julian with all different types of woman as a child made him vow never to let that happen to him, but he is doing the exact same thing. He promises that he will tell Gwen everything that's gone on in LA with Theresa since he's arrived. Chad wonders what will happen if she finds out some other way, but Ethan says she won't be able to.

In the bedroom, Whitney and Fox try to convince Theresa to give up on Ethan, but she says she won't. Whitney reminds Theresa that Ethan is married and is not the kind of man that would cheat on his wife. Theresa says that Ethan's love for her is stronger than for Gwen. Theresa says that she will never move on when Whitney and Fox try and persuade her to. She vows she will get Ethan for herself.

Later, Whitney and Fox talk among themselves about Theresa. Fox says that Whitney and Theresa are so different; Whitney is down to earth, Theresa lives in a fantasy world. Whitney tries to convince Fox that he and Theresa will be together soon. She says that Theresa and Fox could not have had a kiss like they did down on the beach without it meaning something. Fox remembers his kiss with Whitney and agrees with her. After talking for a little while longer, Fox heads off to take a shower.


Gwen is watching the late night edition of LA Tonight when the scene with Ethan and Theresa kissing comes up. She freaks out, but then wonders if her mind is playing tricks on her. She thinks that maybe it isn't Ethan and Theresa, but when the scene on TV of the kiss pans out, she is able to tell for sure that it is them. She decides to go back to the apartment and gets dressed. She looks at a picture of her and Ethan and wonders how he could do this to her. As she is preparing to escape from the hospital, a nurse comes in and orders her back to bed. Gwen tries to explain that she was going to go for a walk, but the nurse won't let her because of Dr. Abel's orders. She makes sure Gwen is in bed when she leaves. As soon as the nurse is gone, Gwen gets out of bed and leaves to go to the apartment.


Outside, Theresa comes out to get some air. She wishes upon a star that Ethan will realize his love for her. At the same time, Gwen arrives at the apartment. She is freaking out, but then wonders if maybe Theresa isn't really here. She wonders if it's just her hormones going crazy. She decides not to tell Ethan about this incident, but decides to stay and surprise Ethan. She thinks he'll be happy to see her and heads towards the apartment. Before she can go to the door, she spots Theresa sitting on the steps. Gwen drops her purse and Theresa turns to look. Gwen calls her a bitch.


Luis, Hank and Antonio decide to head back to the police station. After they leave, Beth runs over to Charlie with the key for the boat. They haul Sheridan onto the boat. Beth is happy that she'll finally have Luis all to herself. Charlie sees her smile and says that she loves seeing Beth happy. It'll only be a little while until they start their life together. Beth gets uncomfortable and goes off to start up the boat. As they are riding away, Luis, Antonio and Hank return to the wharf. They see Mr. Jackson's boat and immediately recognize it. However, they find it odd that he is going out this late at night. Luis tries calling him, but of course gets no response. On the boat, Beth freaks out that Luis will find her. Charlie holds up her gun and says she will kill the Three Stooges, but Beth convinces her not to. Back on the wharf, Antonio reminds the other guys that Mr. Jackson is hard of hearing. They decide to head back to the police station to continue up on any leads on finding Sheridan.


Luis, Hank and Antonio discuss finding Sheridan. Hank says that he sent the sketch through the FBI database, but they've gotten no response yet. Antonio decides to get them all some coffee. After Antonio leaves, Luis tells Hank that he has a strange feeling that Sheridan is dead.


With the men gone, Beth and Charlie decide to get rid of Sheridan's body. Sheridan comes to and asks for her baby, but passes out again. Charlie suggests that they take the blindfold off Sheridan, but Beth doesn't want Sheridan seeing her face, even if she is going to die. Charlie says that they should buy an RV and start their road trip tomorrow. Beth is uncomfortable again and says that they better get Sheridan overboard before she comes to again. Finally, Beth and Charlie carry Sheridan to the edge of the boat, and on the count of three, throw her overboard. As the two smile and cheer, Sheridan sinks in the ocean.

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