Passions Update Wednesday 9/24/03

Passions Update Wednesday 9/24/03

By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

La Hotel Room

Theresa came out of the closet after Ethan and Gwen left for the hospital. The two of them talk about Fox telling her that this is all a fantasy, and that Fox doesn’t believe that he will leave his wife. Fox tells her that she is going to be very disappointed, and Theresa flashes back to when she and Ethan were kissing on the Terrance.

Theresa tells Fox that she and Ethan are meant to be together. She said that fate is on her side, and that they will always find there way back to each other. While Theresa is going on, Fox dreams of Whitney and him kissing, dancing, and making love. Fox comes out of his trance and tells her that maybe she is right.

Theresa tells Ethan that he has to calm down. Ethan starts to pack, and tells Theresa that Gwen can never hear this, so that she can’t tell her.

Beth’s basement

Charlie yells at Sheridan to get up. Beth and Mrs. Wallace go down to the basement, and she ties her up, so that she can’t get away, and that she can’t hear who they are. Charlie helps Sheridan up the stairs. Sheridan says good bye to her baby, and Charlie even lets her hold it.

Beth’s house

After the guys leave, they hear Sheridan scream, and then Charlie climbs up the stairs with a knife in her hand, and looking distressed. Charlie tells her that Sheridan tried to kill her and that is her blood, not Sheridan’s. Charlie retells her story, and tells Beth and Mrs. Wallace that she is going to kill her right now.

Sheridan tells her son that she loves him, and Charlie takes her from him. Mrs. Wallace is taking care of the baby while she is gone.

Outside the Club

The guys are teasing Chad that since he has an uptown girl, now that he trying to act like an uptown boy. Chad fights off the guys, and attacks the guy that is saying all those bad things. Security guards break up the fight, and tell Chad that if these kinds of the people aren’t allowed down here any more. Whitney tells Chad that she is upset that this had to happen.

The guys talk about how they have to teach Chad where he came from.

LA Hospital

The nurse tells her that it wasn’t the smartest thing to do. The doctor takes her to her room, and checks her out. The doctor tells her that she is lucky that she came back to the hospital because her blood pressure is too high. The doctor tells her that she isn’t going to be able to be released until she has the baby.

The doctor tells her that she can’t leave the hospital, because she risked her and the baby’s life. Gwen doesn’t like it, but Ethan tells her that she has to say there. The nurses tell Gwen’s doctor that Ethan was making love on the beach. Gwen tells him that he has to go home, so that she won’t worry about him to much.

Gwen turns on the TV, and Ethan and Theresa are on the TV, making love, but Gwen is studying the remote to find the volume. Gwen turns to the TV and notices that it is her husband, and that could be Theresa.

Beth’s car

Beth tells her that she is going to borrow someone keys for a boat, and she is going to take it out, and dump her some where off the sea. Mean while she is driving, a cop car puts his siren on, and Beth prepares to pull over. Charlie and Sheridan hide under the covers. The cop tells them that she tail light is out, and Beth tells him that Luis will have to fix it in the morning.

The docks

Luis hears voices on the docks, and thinks it is the woman. Mean while Charlie is all most caught on the docks, while trying to dump Sheridan in the sea. The guys split up to search, and Beth and Charlie try to dump her.

Sheridan starts to stir, and Luis over hears it. But it turns out to be a cat, or that’s what he thinks. Beth gets Sheridan on the boat, and heads off for deeper seas.

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