Passions Update Tuesday 9/23/03

Passions Update Tuesday

By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

Out side of the Club

Chad tells the men that they aren’t friends anymore. The guy tells him that he will take Sid instead of Whitney. The guys tell them that Chad been around the block more than once. They tell Whitney that she deserves a real man.

Beth’s basement

Sheridan pegs for help, and Charlie lowers the rope into the hole. Because Sheridan is to weak to climb the rope, because of her giving birth, Charlie pulls the ladder up. Sheridan keeps asking about her baby, and asks if it was a boy or a girl. Charlie tells her not to worry, and that she is going to take a long bath in the deep blue sea.

Charlie ties her up and plans to dump her in the sea. Sheridan tells her that she will get anything for her, as long as she spares her life. Charlie disagrees.

Charlie takes her upstairs and then has to bring her down again and shoves her down the stairs.


Antonio doesn’t believe that this one is the one that they are looking for. Antonio tells us that he misses his wife, and Hank asks how he is going to tell Antonio about him and Sheridan. Luis thinks he hears Sheridan’s baby. Luis tells him that he has a feeling that this is his baby.

Luis keeps telling her that he keeps hearing Sheridan and his baby. Antonio over hears Luis talking, and yells at him. Hank covers for him, and Antonio buys it.

Beth’s house

Mrs. Wallace asks why she is going to drown Sheridan in the Ocean. Beth tells her that there won’t be any evidence that way. Mrs. Wallace tells her that she shouldn’t do it. Beth tells her mom that this is a way of getting even with Sheridan.

Mrs. Wallace tells her that she can’t be a good mother, because she is nuts. She lists all her flaws, and tells her that Precious that she would make a better mother than her. Beth tells her maybe she would be a good mother, as long as she had a good role model, which she isn’t. Mrs. Wallace gets down on her knees and asks for forgiveness.

Beth dreams of Luis pampering her, and telling her that he loves only her. In the middle of her dream there is a knock on the door, at its the police. Luis asks if she ever saw this woman on the sketch. Charlie sees that Luis is in the living room and pushes Sheridan down the stairs.

LA hotel room

Gwen yells at Fox asking why he is calling Theresa. Ethan tells her to calm down. Fox tells her that it is another Theresa that he met on the beach. Gwen believes it, and relaxes. Gwen tells them that the name even makes her upset.

Theresa doesn’t want anything to happen to the baby, and yes Gwen should be worried. Gwen is trying to set Theresa up with Fox, and Ethan tells her that she has to go to the hospital. Gwen puts up a fight, and tells him to call the doctor and talk to him. Ethan tells her that she has to go to the hospital, and she finally agrees. She goes to the closet where Theresa is hiding. She grabs her jacket, and doesn’t see her in there.

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