Passions Update Monday 9/22/03

Passions Update Monday

By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

Out side the Club

A guy hold Whitney back, as Chad fights another guy on the beach front. Two guys hold down Chad while another one beats him. The guys is telling him that he is going to break his jaw, so that he can’t sing, and that Sid will be singing with the other guys label, or someone is going to pay.

Whitney puts two and two together, to remember where he remembered him last, in the NY paper, for killing people and getting away with it.

Ethan’s hotel room

Gwen hears something in the closet, and tells him that there is someone in here with them. Ethan tells her that no one is in here with them, and tells her to go to sleep. Ethan tells her that was something out side, and she agrees. The hospital calls and him that Gwen missed her medication and that she need to come back to the hospital and take it. Ethan tells Gwen that they are going right back to the hospital.

Ethan asks the doctor if she should keep her there tonight, because it is so late. It is important that she comes right back to the hospital right away, because any stress could hurt her and the baby.

Theresa is hiding in their closet.

The park

Eve tells Julian that she isn’t ready to move on, and Julian tells her that he is with her what ever he decides. Julian fantasies of him and Eve being together, and her coming home to greet him, everyday. The present flashes back that he is only dreaming, that they can’t be together. Julian tells her that he would do anything so that they can be together, but he know that she is still married, and that she should go home and find TC. Eve tells him that he has been a good friend tonight, and that he was selfless. Julian tells himself that when things are over with TC, that she will come running to him.

Liz tells him that Eve and him have always been a old couple, and that there has always been something up with them. TC turns around and sees that his wife is kissing another man. Liz tells him that he turned to her, and Eve turned to Julian Crane. TC tells him that he is going to kill them both, and goes to do something, and he realizes that it is not them.

TC tells her that he is going to go home, and talk to her, and clear up this incident. Liz doesn’t like that answer and follows him.

Beth basement

Sheridan is calling for Luis to come and find her.

Beth’s house

Beth tells her that she finds it strange that the monkey gave them a clue. Mean while Charlie is hiding behind the doorway, and tells them that if Luis comes after her that she is going to kill him. Beth tells Luis that she doesn’t think that the kidnapers are in her house. Beth tells Charlie to go and hide, and not to open the basement door, because he might her Sheridan.

Luis goes to search the house, while Beth tells them that she wanted to make sure that things were safe for herself. Mrs. Wallace tells her that she is going to have a bullet in between her eyes, if she doesn’t acting smarter. Charlie tells herself that one day Beth won’t be her there to stop her killing Luis.

Charlie decides that he is going to kill the three men in Beth kitchen, and pulls a gun on the people in their. She points it, but the men have all ready left to do a door to door search. Charlie and Mrs. Wallace argue that she can’t kill Sheridan, because of leaving a trace. Beth tells her that she knows how they can kill her, and not leave any marks.


Nicole approaches Fox about who he was dreaming about. She tells him that she knows that he has a crush on some one. Nicole tells Fox that he knows that he is always out to score. Fox tells her that the woman that he really loves doesn’t care that she is a Crane, and she likes him the way that he is. Fox also tells her that he will do everything that he can to break them up. Fox tells Nicole that being with her takes his breath away. Nicole wishes him good luck, and exits the pool. Fox decides that he is going to cheer up Theresa, and leaves the hotel.


Luis is asking everyone on the docks if he has seen Charlie, and a woman tells her that she know her. Luis is shocked.

TC and Eve’s house

Eve tells her that he went to a lot of trouble. TC tells her that he did it for her, and Eve goes into daydreaming of her husband and her sister in a romantic dinner. Liz is outside telling her that he might be her husband now, but not for long.

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