Passions Update Friday 9/19/03

Passions Update Friday

By Mike
Pictures by Juanita



Inside: While Whitney is away, Fox fantasizes about dancing with her on the beach and making love to her. He says to himself that he can't let Whitney know about his intentions. Whitney hears the last part and wonders who he's talking about. He says Theresa. Whitney says she knows it's hard because Fox is helping Theresa get Ethan when all he wants to do is be with Theresa himself. Whitney goes on to say that soon Theresa will forget about Ethan and will be with Fox. Fox tells her he's happy to be taking her advice. Whitney tells Fox that she's going to find Chad to do something alone, and Fox assumes he means all 3 of them, but she says just her and Chad. After Whitney leaves, Fox says he'll soon be the man Whitney loves.

Outside: Chad and Puff Dog argue over Syd. Chad says Syd will never sing for Puff, and Syd agrees. Puff wonders what would happen if he messed up Syd's face. Chad says Puff will never touch Syd. Puff and Chad trade insults back and forth about Syd, and Chad winds up coming over and punching Puff. Puff and Chad fight while his homeboys hold Syd. They stop once the homeboys get them in control, but soon start up again. Whitney appears and wants to know what's going on. Puff can't believe Chad has two girls. Puff says that Whitney would look good on his arm, and Chad tells him to stay away from her. They fight again, as the homeboys hold Whitney and Syd.


The suitcase is stuck, so Ethan makes Theresa go back to the closet. Gwen comes back in, and says she thought she heard voices. Ethan says he was listening to the radio. Gwen decides to open the closet to put her jacket away, even though Ethan tells her not to. She says "Oh My God", and Ethan thinks she found Theresa, but she only found some stuffed animals that Ethan had bought for the baby. Gwen doesn't see Theresa. Gwen decides to get some juice for her and Ethan, and at this point Theresa comes back out. Theresa says that they're meant to be together no matter what Ethan says, doesn't he remember their visions the night of the green fog? Gwen says she's coming back, so Theresa goes and hides in the closet again. She tells Ethan that she doesn't want to hear him make love to Gwen, but agrees to stay in the closet. When Ethan and Gwen are kissing, Theresa makes a noise. Gwen tells Ethan that she thinks they're not alone.


Eve is talking with Julian about her marriage being over. Eve tells Julian all about how she went to med. school after breaking up with him to find meaning for her life. Her work gave her meaning for a while, but she knew she was missing something: love. She found it when she met TC. TC meant everything to her. Julian says that maybe now Eve can tell him the truth about her past and Liz, but she refuses. She doesn't want her children to know all about her lies. Eve says that she isn't sure what she will do without TC. Julian wonders to himself if maybe she'll be with him now. Julian suggests they go for a walk. He tells Eve he will be there for her. Eve hugs Julian.


Liz and TC kiss, then TC stops. He runs out of the shower, followed by Liz. He gives her a towel, but she keeps taking it off on purpose. TC says it's wrong for them to kiss, but Liz says it isn't. TC wonders how Liz can be so cruel to Eve after Eve let her stay in the house and everything. Liz says that she feels bad, but TC has awakened things in her and made her feel good. She reminds him of all the times they've kissed and that it hasn't really been an accident. TC wants this to end and wants to get home to Eve. Liz tries to convince him that maybe Eve's having an affair with Julian Crane. TC thinks Liz is mixed up because Eve and Julian don't even like each other. Liz basically says that people change; TC probably never thought two months ago that he'd kiss Liz. Liz is upset when TC tells her he's going home to save his marriage. She follows him as he leaves the youth center.


Liz and TC arrive in the park. Liz is saying how sorry she is for causing a problem between him and Eve when she spots Julian and Eve. TC turns around and sees them kissing, although he doesn't realize it's Julian that Eve's kissing.


Hank and Luis discuss the sketch. Luis knows he's seen the woman before, but doesn't know where. He says that it's probably the same one that followed Sheridan on the pier. Luis decides to visit Beth's to see if she knows who the woman is.


Downstairs, Sheridan comes to as Charlie says she still has some time left. Charlie waits for Beth's call for the OK to go ahead with the plan.

Upstairs, Beth wants to know what Antonio knows. He says he knows everything. Mrs. Wallace leaves the room, and Antonio then tells Beth that he knows that Mrs. Wallace is going senile, not making sense. However, he thinks that Mrs. Wallace sounded sure of herself that she knew where Sheridan was. Beth wants to know the real reason Antonio came over. He tells her about the background on the DVD being fake, and says that Luis and Hank are working on it now. Beth gets a phone call from Luis saying he's heading over to show her the sketch of the kidnapper. Antonio and Beth wonder why he would want Beth to see the picture. Beth goes into the kitchen and calls Charlie. She tells Charlie to wait to kill Sheridan until she calls her again. Beth tells Mrs. Wallace what's going on and how she has to hide the baby. When Luis and Hank knock, Antonio enters the kitchen and sees Precious holding the bassinet. Beth explains that it's a doll to get Precious used to dealing with a real baby. Beth answers to Luis and Hank. They ask if she's seen the woman in the sketch. She says no, why would they think she would have? Luis says maybe she would have seen the woman at the Book Cafe or something, but Beth says no.

Downstairs, Charlie is getting tired of waiting and decides to go upstairs. She instructs Sheridan to stay downstairs. Charlie sees Precious and asks her what's going on. Precious shows that her lips are sealed and goes into the kitchen. Outside the kitchen door, Charlie eavesdrops. In the kitchen, Luis asks Precious if she's seen the woman in the sketch before. Precious points to where Charlie is as Luis goes to leave the kitchen. On the other side of the door, Charlie waits to kill Luis.

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