Passions Update Thursday 9/18/03

Passions Update Thursday 9/18/03

By Mike
Pictures by Juanita


Inside: Fox and Whitney come in the room. Fox apologizes to Whitney for the kiss. Whitney says she is embarrassed, but it's not really Fox's fault. Fox decides to go get some drinks. When he comes back, he asks Whitney if she ever took dance lessons. Whitney says no, her father used to always make her practice tennis. The conversation changes to Fox and Theresa. Whitney tells Fox she's sorry that Ethan's in the picture, and that things aren't working out between him and Theresa. She hopes that Fox and Theresa can one day have a true love like her and Chad. Whitney says that she knows he and Theresa will wind up together. Fox invites her to dance again, but she says she shouldn't or she might lose control again. Whitney finally gives in and her and Fox dance. Afterwards, they sit again and Whitney says it's her turn to get some more drinks. Fox says that Whitney will soon be his.

Outside: Syd and Chad are discussing one of her tracks when a rapper named Puff Dog and his "homeboys" come up to them. Puff Dog wants Syd to join his recording label. Syd argues with Puff Dog and tells him there is no way she will sign with his label. Puff Dog says she doesn't know who she's messing with, and Chad tells him to back off. Syd suddenly realizes seeing something in the paper about Puff Dog killing some people and going free. She becomes a little frightened and then asks why Puff Dog wants her to be on his label. Puff says he wants to venture out with new artists. Chad tells Puff he is not going to let Syd sign with him; Syd's already signed a contract. Puff Dog tells Chad not to interfere with Syd or he'll eliminate him.


Theresa and Ethan are kissing outside when Ethan stops and says about how it's unfair to Gwen, etc. Gwen enters the apartment and comments on how nice it is. She is about to go out onto the balcony when she says "Oh My God!". It's only Ethan, who enters alone and tries to dissuade Gwen from going outside. Gwen says she thought he'd be in bed already. Outside, Theresa hides so Gwen can't see her and listens to Gwen and Ethan's conversation. Gwen has to go to the bathroom, and Ethan lets Theresa inside to hide her stuff while Gwen is gone. Theresa is stuck in the bedroom when Gwen comes out of the bathroom. Gwen wants Ethan to show her the bedroom that Theresa is in, but he tries to convince to go get something to eat. Inside the bedroom, Theresa finishes packing her things, hides her suitcase under the bed, and then hides in a closet. Gwen enters the room as Theresa hides. Gwen says she has to go to the bathroom again, and while she is gone, Ethan and Theresa try to get Theresa's things out from under the bed, but the suitcase is stuck. Gwen says she's coming as Theresa and Ethan panic.


Hank and Luis discuss Sheridan's kidnapping. Luis says that it might be the same woman that stalked Sheridan in the hospital (for those who forget, it was Beth in a disguise) or the woman that was following Sheridan on the wharf (Charlie). All of a sudden, Hank remembers when he saw Charlie on the wharf beating up the Blondie doll with a brick. He says he thinks he knows who kidnapped Sheridan, but he forgot her name. Luis says they should go down to the police station and have a composite drawing made up. After Luis leaves, Hank says to himself that Sheridan might be dead by now.


Hank and Luis arrive. A sketch artist makes a drawing of Charlie based on Hank's description. Luis sees the sketch and says they have to find this woman.


Downstairs: In the pit, Charlie taunts Sheridan. Sheridan begs to see her baby one last time, but Charlie says no. Charlie then shoots Sheridan, or at least she thinks she does. Sheridan feigns unconsciousness until Charlie goes to climb the ladder to leave the pit, when Sheridan grabs her and they wrestle for the gun on the floor. Sheridan gets the gun, but Charlie knocks it out of her hand and asks why Sheridan isn't dead. Sheridan says the bullet missed her, but Charlie says it won't miss her this time as she holds the gun up again. She gets a call from Beth telling her not to shoot Sheridan because Antonio's upstairs. (see below) Charlie tells Sheridan, who has fainted, that she's got a little bit left of her life until Charlie gets Beth's call to go ahead with killing her.

Upstairs: Beth coos over her new baby boy. Mrs. Wallace reminds her that her plan won't work, but Beth says it will. Once Charlie kills Sheridan, Beth will kill Charlie. Later, Beth is putting the baby in the bassinet and tells it he will love Luis as much as her and that he has the same eyes as her. Mrs. Wallace says Beth is crazy and she hopes to see Beth rot in prison. She says something about the angels sending her a sign that Beth's plan won't work, and as soon as she says that, Antonio bangs on the door. He wants to talk to Beth about Sheridan's disappearance. Beth asks her mother what she should do, and Mrs. Wallace keeps yelling for Antonio to come in. Antonio says it's locked, so he'll have to bang it down if Beth doesn't answer. Beth finally tells Precious to take the baby in the kitchen and shut the basement door. Beth puts on another shirt and a stuffs a pillow inside of her, then answers the door as Antonio is about to bust it open. Antonio says he heard a gunshot, but Beth makes up an excuse that it's the neighbor's car. Antonio says he swore it was a gunshot. Beth goes into the kitchen to check up on Precious and call Charlie. (see above) While Beth is gone, Mrs. Wallace tells Antonio that the monsters have Sheridan. He doesn't understand her at first, but when Beth returns, Antonio tells her that Mrs. Wallace has told him everything.

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