Passions Update Wednesday 9/17/03

Passions Update Wednesday 9/17/03

By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

PCPD gym

Liz tells her sister that if there marriage wasn’t doomed, then TC would have been able to push her away. Liz tells Eve that her marriage is over, and Eve tells her that it is not. Eve tells her that she is going fight her with all her might. Liz tells her that Eve lost and she won. Liz tells her that she is too late, and that she already won.

TC is taking a shower in the gym, and Liz decides to join him. TC makes a point that he has to tell Liz that this is not going to work. TC tells her that he will not cheat on his wife, and Liz tells him that she loves him, and that he has not marriage left. Liz tells him that he will never come first with Eve, but that he will always come first with her.

TC tells Liz that there marriage is more important then her. TC tells her that it is hard for a doctor to divide her time. Liz tells him that sometime relationships don’t just work out. TC tells her that he loves his wife and that he has never gone with out Passion from his wife. Liz begs him to tell him that he can’t live with out her. He can’t tell her no, and they start to kiss madly.

LA hospital

Gwen got dressed, and she is on her way to the hotel to see her husband. The telephone rings in the hospital room, as she is about to exit, and it is her mother on the phone. Rebecca tells her that she should go to him, because too many nights he could wander into someone else’s arm.

Gwen tells her mother to stop saying all those gruel things that Theresa is back in Harmony. Rebecca tells her to just keep an eye on him. Gwen asks if everything is all right with her and Julian. Rebecca tells her that there is another woman, but it is in the past, but she can’t let it go. Gwen tells her that she has nothing to worry about. Rebecca tells her that she believes that this woman is still in his heart, but she will make sure that Julian will never leave her no matter what.

Gwen tells her mother that the only reason that she is leaving the hospital is because she wants to get out of there.

LA hotel

Theresa asks him that he has to look into her eyes, and tell him that he doesn’t love her. Theresa tells him that she knows that he loves her, and she refuses to believe what he is saying. Theresa tells him that she knows that he wants a perfect life with her and little Ethan. Ethan tells her that he wants to be the perfect father and husband to Gwen.

Theresa asks him to look at how he is treating her. Ethan tells her that he is sorry, and that they are going to have to live with it, because nothing is going to change. Theresa tells him that he is not doing the right thing, because he is only doing it because he thinks he is doing the right thing. Theresa tells him that they belong to each other, and that it is fate, and Ethan tells her that maybe it is fate that, that is the reason that they can’t be together.

Theresa doesn’t want to believe it, and he goes on to tell her that he will have to move far away from where Theresa is, because he can’t see her again. Ethan tells her that if they can’t put there felling aside then he need to leave. Ethan tells Theresa that once the baby is born then, he is going to come clean about the whole truth.

Gwen arrives at the hotel, while Ethan and Theresa are talking on the porch.

Police Department

The computer expert tells them that the background is definitely a fake, and there assumptions are right that she is somewhere here in Harmony. Luis tells the dispatch that he wants everyone on the job. Luis blames him self that he didn’t believe that the DVD was a fake, and that Sheridan could be home with them know, if he would have investigated it.

Luis puts to and two together that how could Beth know about how to fake a DVD. Antonio tells them what Beth said, about the weather station, and the green screen, and how they just place things behind the person. Antonio tells her that she might have saved Sheridan’s life, and that she is always putting people before herself.

Beth’s house

Beth tells her mother that she is going to tell Luis that the baby came too soon, and that she didn’t have time to. Mrs. Hodgkin’s tells Beth that Charlie is going to kill Sheridan, and then she is going to kill her, so she can’t be with Luis. Mrs. Hodgkin’s tells her that she deserves to pay for everything that she is going to get. Beth tells her that once Charlie kills Sheridan, Beth is going to kill Charlie so she can’t get into the way.

Mrs. Hodgkin’s asks her where she is going to put the two bodies, and Beth tells her that she could put them in the Canary, and she would wind up just like they thought Julian did. Mrs. Hodgkin’s asks how she is going to foul a doctor that she didn’t give birth. Beth tells the baby that she is his mother.

Beth’s basement

Charlie points a gun at Sheridan, and tells her self that nothing is going to take her away from her and the baby. Sheridan sits in the pit praying to God, that nothing will harm her baby. Sheridan flashes in to the future of what she wishes would happen. Where Luis comes into the hospital room, and tells her that she loves the baby, and her. Sheridan ends her flash back as Charlie is ready to pull the trigger.

Sheridan asks if she could hold her baby, and Charlie tells Sheridan that she can’t stand blond people because of her mother always telling her that she wasn’t good enough. Charlie hides the gun behind her back. Sheridan begs her to hold the baby, and asks what sex the baby was, because she didn’t even check. Charlie tells her that it is over, and that it is time to die.

The docks

Julian finds crying eve on the dock, and she tells him that her marriage is over. Julian tries to comfort her. Eve tells him that she can’t believe her whole life is falling apart. Julian tells her that everything is going to be all right. Eve tells Julian that she can’t believe that she left Liz into there life. Eve tells him that she can’t go home, because he is planning a romantic dinner for him and Liz. Julian tells him that he doesn’t want to make things worse for her, and that they should go and talk.

Antonio, Luis and Hank being there search out on the docks. Luis yells at himself, that he can’t believe that he didn’t believe himself. Hank tries to help saying that he did try to help. Luis tells him that the kidnappers know them, because why would they send them the ring and the video tape, when she is married to Antonio.

Luis tells Hank that someone watched her, and that toke her out of the house with out the guards noticing.

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