Passions Update Tuesday 9/16/03

Passions Update Tuesday

By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

LA club

Whitney tells Ethan that he would object to any one dating Theresa, as long as it wasn’t him. Ethan tells Whitney that she is wrong, and Whitney tells him that he hates the feeling that Theresa being with any man. Whitney tells him to put his feeling aside, and not let her notice the jealous. Whitney tells her that he is afraid what might happen if he doesn’t. Ethan lets the subject drop, and leaves the club.

Chad tells him that he needs to work, and asks the group to stay with her. Theresa makes an excuse to leave, and Fox tells Chad that he will stay with her. Whitney tells Fox that it is only time till she realizes that him and Theresa are meant to be. Whitney and Fox go to the beach to wait for Chad to get done. Whitney remembers when she lived at home, and when they use to go to the beach.

Whitney tells him that she wish her parents knew why she came out here with Chad. She tells him that she knows that she disappointed her father, and her father’s dream was to win Wimbledon, and her dream is to be happy with Chad, and sing. Fox tells her that she will see that day.

Whitney tells him that she wants to learn the dance that he was doing with Theresa. Fox agrees, and asks her why she changed her mind about the dance. Whitey tells him that she wants to learn that dance for Chad. Fox takes her in his arms and they start to move to the music. While Whitney is moving to the music she is thinking of dancing with Chad. She kisses Fox, until she finally realizes that she is not with Chad. Fox tells her that it is okay, that he was fantasizing too.

PCPD gym

TC tells her that it is wrong, and Liz spies her sister out of the corner of her eye, and kisses him. Eve can’t believe the scene in front of her. Eve can’t believe her sister would do something like this; she turns away before she sees TC tell Liz that they can’t do this. He tells Liz that he loves his wife, and he wants to work this out with his wife. He said he is sorry but he can’t. TC leaves the building and Eve approaches her sister, and slaps her in the face.

Eve tells her sister that she can’t believe what she did. Liz tells her sister that her husband is begging for attention and she is going to give it to him, and there is nothing she could do to stop her. Liz tells Eve that TC went to arrange something romantic for her. Liz tells her that the only one that he really wants is her. Eve tells her that she won’t win this, and that she is going to fight him with every thing that she has. Liz tells her that she has everything that he wants. Liz tells her that her marriage is over.

Beth house

Luis thinks that he might Antonio might be right, but he can’t help but wonder of her and the baby. Beth tells him that she hopes that he will find her, and that he shouldn’t worry about it right know. Beth lets it slip that Sheridan is having a boy, and Luis questions a about it. Beth makes an excuse that she meant to say baby, and she is only thinking about there baby. Sheridan and Hank leave for the police department. Charlie comes upstairs, to deliver the baby boy. Luis is calling for her, and opens the door right after Charlie slips down into the basement. Luis comes back and tells her that he will have his cell phone on the whole time.

Luis tells her that he wants to be with her the whole time. Beth ushers him out the door, and Charlie asks him why she told Luis to go look for Sheridan. Beth tells him that she had to get him out of the house, incase the baby cries. Charlie tells her that she wants to kill Sheridan because she is getting on her nerves. Beth tells Charlie that she is right, and since they have the baby, there is no use to keep Sheridan around. Beth tells her that it is dangerous to keep the baby around. Charlie tells her that it is there baby. Beth removes the belly pack, and Mrs. Hodgkin’s asks for heaven to punish them for taking the baby away from Sheridan.

Beth basement

Sheridan tells her that she loves her, and Sheridan refuses to give up her baby. Sheridan tells her that she will do anything to protect him. Charlie tells him that if she doesn’t hand the baby over, then she will kill her and the baby.

LA hotel

Ethan is standing by the pool, when he flashes back to every time that he kisses Theresa. He tells him self that he has to let his feelings for Theresa go. Theresa is watching from her hotel room, and he glances over at him. Ethan and Theresa agree to talk, about what happened tonight. Theresa tells him that he doesn’t have to apologize for kissing her. Ethan tells her he is sorry for trying to boss her around, and that if she choices to be with Fox, he won’t stand in her way. Theresa tells him that he doesn’t believe her, and she only wants to be with him. Ethan tells her that he can’t be with him. He does tell her that he is still in love with her, but he made a commitment to be with Gwen, and he can’t break that promise. Theresa brings up there wedding day, and that they made promises to be together.

Passion’s police department

They meet up with the photographer. He will be able to tell if the movie is a fake.

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