Passions Update Monday 9/15/03

Passions Update Monday

By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

LA Hospital

Gwen is upset when she sees her mother and Julian filing suit on TV. The claim said that the money that they raised is suppose to go to charity, but Gwen’s mother only wants to use it towards there wedding. The nurse flips the channel and it shows Theresa and Ethan making out on the beach. Gwen doesn’t even look at the TV, to notice what is going on.

Gwen asks the doctor if she could call her husband, and have him pick her up so that they can be alone together. Ethan isn’t picking up his cell phone, and the doctor tells her that she has to stay the night. After the nurse leaves her room, Gwen gets out of the hospital bed, with one mission in mind.

LA Shore Line

Theresa and Ethan are at the beach talking about Gwen and the baby. Theresa tells him that Gwen’s baby does deserve a father, and she deserves to be happy. Ethan jumps down Theresa’s throat that she is selfish that all she is thinking that little Ethan need him. He tells her that Gwen and him are meant to be together, and that they would have been married along time ago, if she hadn’t come to work for Ivy. Ethan tells her that she isn’t going to leave Gwen to be with little Ethan and her.

Ethan agrees that he will help her fight for custody of Ethan, but that’s it. Theresa asks him if he will stay, and Ethan tells her that he can’t be left alone with her.

LA Club

Fox tells Whitney that Theresa is the only one for him, and that he loves her, and that he needs him, but in return he is thinking that it is Whitney that he really wants to be with. Fox asks for help in being with the woman that he loves. Fox’s tells Whitney that he is head over heals in love, and that he wants it to be with her and Chad have. Fox has a little dream of Whitney and him dancing at the club. Whitney tells him that he will help him get the woman that he loves.

Fox’s asks Whitney to dance, but she turns him down. Fox asks Whitney to make sure that she knows that he has captured her heart. Whitney tells him that she will do it. Whitney confronts Ethan that he has to leave her alone, if he wants to move on with his life. Ethan tells Whitney that his place belongs with his wife.

Crane Household (Julian’s house)

Rebecca asks him about this singer, that Julian in love with. Rebecca goes nuts saying how he could leave her out of something like this. Rebecca asks him why if he is in love with her, why aren’t they married. Rebecca won’t let the subject slide. Julian tells her that the woman that he loves has been dedicated to her husband. Julian tells her that he won’t mess up her life because he really is in love with her.

Julian tells Rebecca that he isn’t ready to marry, and Rebecca tells him that it is to bad, and she doesn’t care what he has done to people in the past, that if he doesn’t marry her that she will tell the police everything, and he will go to jail. Rebecca tells him that there marriage will be in name only, because she will get the name and the money, or he goes to jail.

Beth’s house

Grace and Eve are talking about her sister; Liz, and how she will do everything in her power to be with him. Eve tells Grace that she has to go over to the gym, and check on TC, and make sure that Liz isn’t with him. Grace tells her that even though that he might be mad at her about Whitney going to LA, that they will work everything through. Eve tells her that she is glad that Liz isn’t around him right know, but what she doesn’t know is that she is.

PCPD gym

Liz tells TC that she thought that he had feeling for her, and she knows that he is married, but she thought that he truly had feelings for her. TC tells Liz that he is flattered that she has confessed to loving him, but they can’t do it, but gives up when Liz leans in for a kiss, and TC embraces her. TC pushes her away and tells them that he can’t do it with her, and Liz tells her that he is only holding on her to the marriage out of commitment, and that she really doesn’t love her.

Liz tells him that if he really loved his wife that they wouldn’t end up meeting each other all the time, when his wife is away. Liz claims that she will not push herself on him anymore and that he should face the truth. Liz tells him that they have awakened a new life in each other, and he let her stay because he really does care about her.

Beth’s basement

Sheridan tells Charlie that all kidnappings go bad, because she leaves careless eras around. Charlie tells her by the time that they figure out where she is, that there will be no signs on her left. Sheridan tells Charlie that she won’t get away with anything. Charlie corrects her and tell her that she all ready did.

Sheridan begs for her baby, but Charlie refuses to give it to her, and she pulls out her knife and tells the baby that she is going to kill Sheridan. The baby starts to fuss, and Sheridan tells her that something is wrong with the child, and Charlie tells her that the only thing that is wrong with the child is that he has enough of hearing her complain.

Sheridan tells her baby that she loves him very much, and that where ever he is that she will always be near him no mater where. She tells her child that she will never forget everything about him, from head to toe.

Beth’s kitchen

Luis tells the house guess that he knows where Sheridan is, because he found proof in Beth’s kitchen. Antonio tells Beth that he went into the kitchen, and by accident he knocked over Luis’s jacket and he found the ring that he gave Sheridan as there engagement ring. Antonio thinks that Sheridan is still in Harmony, and Luis tells him that he just must have knocked it out of his pocket when he walked by. Antonio goes ballistic.

Antonio asks every one why on earth would he have her ring, and Luis’s friend jumps in and tells Antonio that Sheridan sent the ring to police head quarters. Antonio asks why. Luis tells him that while he was in Paris, that she sent the ring, and a video tape.

Antonio apologizes for going off on Luis. Antonio can’t understand why she rather have their baby in a foreign country, and not at home with all the people that love her. Luis tells them that he doesn’t understand either, but he has nothing left to do, but take her word for it. Antonio gives Luis back the engagement ring, so that he can lock it up in police head quarters. Antonio tells Beth that he can’t help but when he looks at her, that he can’t but help think on Sheridan.

Beth tells Antonio that he might be right, that she does find it kind of strange that she sent him a DVD, instead of just picking up the phone. Beth tells him that she thinks that he might be kidnapped and here is something in Harmony. Beth tells him that they could have just planted the background, and that she is somewhere in Harmony. Antonio tells her that she might be right, and tells Luis that he wants to resume the house to house search again.

Luis tells Antonio that he is not making any sense. The police have evidence that she was not kidnapped, but Antonio tells him that all that photos could be faked. Luis agrees to call the station, and ask for some volunteers to start the search back up. Beth asks him if he plans on helping with the search, and he tells her no, that he promised to be with her until she has the baby. Beth tells Luis that he has to go find her, and that she will be ok with, that if anything happens that she will call him.

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