Passions Update Friday 9/12/03

Passions Update Friday

By Mike
Pictures by Juanita


I'm really sorry that I didn't have this up last night. My computer wasn't letting me go online. I'm not sure why. But it's working today so I have the update.


In Gwen's room, she is having nightmares about Ethan and Theresa. The first one is her telling Ethan she can't believe he still loves Theresa. The second one is Theresa and Ethan kissing on the plane ride to LA and then jumping out of the plane. Finally, the third is of Theresa asking Ethan to oil her up at the apartment pool while Gwen listens on the phone at the hospital. Gwen wakes up, and wonders why she's having nightmares about Theresa when she knows Theresa isn't in LA and that Ethan is in love with her and she's having a beautiful baby. She looks at a picture of her and Ethan while she says this, and then has a fantasy of holding her baby in the hospital as Ethan comes and visits her. He brings her flowers and tells her how sorry he is about the past and Theresa, but he's in love with her now and always will be. He gives her a ring (that's what it looked like, but I'm not 100% sure) and says he would marry her all over again if he could. Back in real time, Gwen decides to go back to sleep.

Outside Gwen's room, two nurses are watching TV when the footage that Chad and Syd's interviewers shot of Ethan and Theresa airs. At first they can't figure out who Ethan is, but then remember him as Gwen's husband. The footage continues to replay as the nurses decide that they can't let Gwen see this or she'll get so upset that she'll lose her baby.

Later, in Gwen's room, she wakes up and decides to turn on the news when Dr. Abel enters. He tells her that her vitals are good, and then has to check her and the baby's blood pressure. He leaves the room with a nurse who had also entered with him, and Gwen turns on the news. She suddenly says "how could they do this?"


Whitney and Fox are talking. Whitney says that any woman would want to be with a guy like Fox, and Fox asks her "even you?" Before she can't answer, they both see Theresa and Ethan outside kissing. Whitney says she is so sorry that she actually thought Fox and Theresa would have a chance, but Fox says it's ok, he's pretty much known all along that it wouldn't work, and then starts "crying". Whitney then gives Fox a big hug that he seems to enjoy. Later, Whitney tells Fox she is so sorry and is there any way he could forgive her? She says she'll do anything for him, as Fox smiles.

On the beach, Ethan and Theresa continue their long makeout session in the sand. The camera man asks the female interviewer if she's sure it's ok that they film this without Ethan and Theresa's consent, and she basically says yes, they'll probably be happy to see themselves on TV. Later, after the interviewer and the camera man leave, Ethan tells Theresa to stop. He says he's married man and he and she both know this is completely wrong. Theresa says it doesn't matter, there's nobody around to see them. Theresa later says that Little Ethan needs a father, and Ethan says that he has Julian. Theresa says something along the lines of "nobody deserves Julian as a father". Theresa wants Ethan's help to get full custody of Little Ethan, and Ethan says he thought she already had full custody. Theresa says that she can never trust Julian and Alistair and their plans. Ethan says none of this is fair to Gwen or her child either, but Theresa wants to know why he can't be fair to Little Ethan.


In Harmony, Julian is sitting alone in his office listening to a tape of Eve. Rebecca comes in and stops the tape, demanding to know who is the singer on the tape. Julian says he doesn't want to tell her, but she wants to know who her competition is. Rebecca says that if he doesn't tell her whose voice is on the tape, he and Little Julian will be all alone tonight. Later, Rebecca says that she knows whose voice it is. She says that it's probably one of the hundred sluts from Julian's past. Julian is angry with Rebecca for calling the singer a slut. Rebecca asks if Julian loves this woman, and he says he does, with all his heart and soul.


Eve and Grace discuss TC. Eve says that she is very suspicious of Liz and she's just going to have to trust TC around Liz. Later, Grace says that she knows TC would be the last man to stray from his wedding vows. Eve decides to go to the youth center and check up on TC and try to work things out.


Liz and TC continue their long kiss. All of a sudden, TC stops and says that it's not right. He says that he is a happily married man, but Liz says no, he isn't. TC wants to know what she means, and she says that if was a happily married man, that kiss wouldn't have been as passionate as it was. Liz says that she knows it's all Eve's fault that they are here together at this moment, because if Eve wasn't partying, she'd be home with TC to care for him. Liz admits that their kiss awakened something in her, but it doesn't matter now if all TC was doing was kissing her to get back at Eve. TC feels guilty, and tells Liz that he wasn't kissing her to get back at Eve, but doesn't really explain what he was doing. Liz says she is sorry for making a fool out of herself in front of him, maybe she'll just go back to her island. TC hugs Liz and says he's sorry, as Liz smiles.


Outside, Beth tells Luis that she doesn't care what Grace's ring game says, she's having a boy. Luis is excited to have a son and tells her that he will not leave Beth for a second until her baby's born. Beth says he will have to as she has to go check on her mother. Inside, Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that her plan's not going to work if Luis doesn't leave Beth's side. (Mrs. Wallace had been spying on Beth and Luis.) Beth says that she's not that worried because Luis will have to go to work sometime, that's when she'll "have her baby". Mrs. Wallace says that it won't work because Luis will tell the difference between a newborn and a baby that's 3 or 4 days old. They go back outside, and Mrs. Wallace says that Beth better get moving on her plan. Beth says for once her mother is right and she comes up with a plan. She's going to have Luis start searching for Sheridan again, but she's sure he won't find her in the basement.

Inside, Antonio tells Hank that he thinks Luis has been right all along about Sheridan being kidnapped. However, he wonders how Luis knows his wife better than he does. Luis comes inside and talks all about going to have a son. Antonio says he wishes he knew what Sheridan was having or if she had her baby yet. Luis says he is sorry, he forgot all about Sheridan.

Downstairs, Charlie tells Sheridan that she better say goodbye to her baby now. Sheridan thinks that Charlie's going to kill her baby, but Charlie says she's the one that's going to die, not the baby. Sheridan says that her baby can't grow up without a mother and tells Charlie about her childhood. Charlie gets choked up, but tells Sheridan that her baby will have a mother, it just won't be her. Sheridan wonders why Charlie's been refering to her baby as an it and wants to know what her baby's sex is. Charlie asks what's the point of telling her, it doesn't matter. Sheridan wonders what Charlie's going to do with her baby, but Charlie says that is for her to know and Sheridan to never find out. The baby starts crying, and won't stop. Sheridan wants to know what's wrong, but Charlie doesn't say anything. She shakes the baby to make it stop crying, but Sheridan tells her not to, it could break something. Charlie then sings her own version of Rockabye Baby, but it still doesn't work. Sheridan wants to see her baby, but Charlie says no. Sheridan then gets up, and tries to grab the baby from Charlie. Charlie pushes her back on the cot and tells Sheridan that she has really ticked her off now. Sheridan tells Charlie that she won't be able to live with herself after she kills her. Sheridan then says that there is no way that Charlie is going to get away with this because someone is bound to find out.

Upstairs, Beth and Mrs. Wallace enter the house. Beth looks for Antonio, but can't seem to find him. Luis tells her that Antonio went into the kitchen. Later, Antonio comes out and says he knows where Sheridan is, and he found proof in Beth's house.

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