Passions Update Thursday 9/11/03

Passions Update Thursday 9/11/03

By Mike
Pictures by Juanita


Fox and Theresa dance provocatively as Ethan watches. Ethan remembers being with Theresa on the beach himself. Theresa tells Fox that she wonders if his mystery girl dances like this. She tells him thanks for helping her with her plan. Following Theresa's statement, Fox imagines him and Whitney grinding on the dance floor. Theresa and Fox enter the dance contest that is going on, and eventually are announced the winners by the DJ. Ethan storms over and is upset for the way Theresa's been dancing when she is a mother. Theresa accuses Ethan of being jealous, but he doesn't respond. Theresa and Fox leave Ethan and decide to head outside.

At the other end of the Marina, Whitney tells Chad that Fox is sexy, etc. Chad becomes a little annoyed and Whitney tells him that she is only talking about Fox in terms of being with Theresa. Syd eavesdrops and makes remarks about Whitney to herself. Chad and Syd's interviewer comes and they have to leave. Whitney wanted to dance, but lets Chad go off. After they finish their interview, Syd tries to make a pass at Chad, but he wants to get back to Whitney. Meanwhile, Whitney talks with Ethan about his jealousy and reminds him that he gave up Theresa for Gwen. Later, Chad runs back into Syd and tells her that he's planning on buying flowers for Whitney. Syd says she wonders if Whitney will be so understanding when Syd takes Chad away from her.


Outside, Theresa and Fox are talking about the attractions they felt for each other the first time they saw each other. They hear a voice, and Theresa thinks it's Ethan. They launch into a long kiss that winds up with them on the ground, and a guy walks by telling them to get a room. Fox and Theresa realize it wasn't Ethan they heard, so they stop kissing. Fox decides to go get something for them to drink, and Ethan runs into Theresa. They wind up in a long kiss that Chad and Syd's interviewers decide to get on tape.




Liz runs her fingers over TC. She tells him she will never forget the night in the chaise and the night of her "sleepwalking" when they kissed. Liz promises she isn't playing tricks on him. She also says she is sorry for letting him see the article on Whitney leaving tennis for LA. Liz says she doesn't understand why he lets Eve treat him the way she does. TC punches the punching bag in frustration. Later, Liz decides to help TC with his punching bag, but accidentally gets hit and falls on the floor. As TC goes to help her, they wind up kissing.


Outside, Luis says he can't believe what he's seeing as he and everyone else gather by the window. However, it's only Precious in a baby suit, crying like a baby. No one can believe how much Precious sounds like a real baby. Eve and Grace wonder why Mrs. Wallace is so muddy, and she says because she tripped, but is fine now. Luis says he felt a connection with the baby's cry, so he wonders if it was really Precious' cry. The guests return to the house while Beth, Mrs. Wallace and Precious stay outside. Beth thanks Precious for her fast thinking. Beth says her plan is going well.

Inside the kitchen, Beth decides to go and see her/Sheridan's new baby, bur Mrs. Wallace is afraid she'll get caught. Beth finds her clown mask, but can't find Charlie's. Beth decides she doesn't need Charlie's and goes downstairs with her own.

Meanwhile, Antonio is telling the guests about Sheridan's fears of clowns and her dreams. Luis said he wondered if someone with a clown mask could have kidnapped Sheridan, but it seems they found no clown masks in the homes in Harmony. After Luis says this, Precious rounds the corner with Charlie's mask and is almost caught, but Mrs. Wallace sees her and stops her by jumping on her and hiding the mask under the couch.

Downstairs, Sheridan wants to see her baby, but Charlie won't let her. Sheridan also swears she heard Luis's voice. Charlie tells Sheridan that she's going to kill her soon. Tabitha spies through the window and says that Sheridan probably would never suspect her good friend Beth of kidnapping. Tabitha also says her motherly instincts now make her feel bad for Sheridan.

Beth arrives downstairs and makes Charlie give Sheridan her baby, but Sheridan doesn't seem to hear or see Beth. In the other room, Charlie tells Beth that Sheridan had a boy. Beth is happy, but Charlie doesn't seem to be. Beth realizes this will get her closer to Luis.

Sheridan talks to her baby and says it definitely looks like Luis. She says she wished the baby wouldn't have to have the same childhood she did. She hopes Luis can find them and rescue them before she dies.

Upstairs, Beth covers for Mrs. Wallace and Precious's actions by making up an excuse about Mrs. Wallace hiding her diaper after everyone becomes suspicious. Mrs. Wallace gets up.

Grace decides to play a game where you hold a ring over the stomach to see what sex the baby is. When Grace says it's a girl, Beth blurts out that it's a boy. Everyone thought that Beth wanted the sex secret, but she says she just figured it out on her own.

Meanwhile, throughout this episode, Eve discusses her suspicions of Liz and her hopes that TC isn't with her with Grace. Later, Eve goes home to try and talk with TC when she realizes he left, but returns and says TC wasn't there. Hank tells her his one buddy saw TC at the youth center. Eve is relieved knowing TC isn't with Liz.

Downstairs, Charlie returns and tells Sheridan that it's almost time for her to die. Charlie tries to take the baby back, but Sheridan refuses. Charlie tells Sheridan to say goodbye to the baby.

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