Passions Update Wednesday 9/10/03

Passions Update Wednesday 9/10/03

By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

La Night Club

Ethan can’t stand Theresa and Fox together. Ethan tells Whitney that Fox is only in it for himself. Sid is up on the stage singing, and ends up kissing Chad on the stage, and Whitney gets a little jealous. Chad announces that there is going to be a dance contest, and Theresa and Fox agree that they want to sign up to make Ethan jealous.

Whitney and Ethan talk about Fox, and how he is only interested in himself, and that he is a womanizer. Fox tells Whitney that he only wants for the women that he loves to fall madly in love with her. Theresa and Ethan argue about Fox, Ethan tells Theresa that he will not allow her to be with Fox. Theresa tells him that the only thing that is going to keep her away from Fox is if he follows his heart and agrees to be with her. Theresa tells him that the only thing that is going to keep her away from Fox is if Ethan agrees to be with her. Fox tells Whitney that he really doesn’t think that Theresa is over Ethan when Whitney brings it up.

Ethan tells Theresa that he is married know, and that his baby id on the way, and there is no way that they are going to be together. Theresa wishes him good luck, and since they can’t be together that she wants him to be happy. And if he is going to be happy, then she asks that he be happy for her, even if she is with Fox.

Ethan refuses to go home; he wants to prove that Fox is going to break her heart. Theresa and Fox are putting the moves on each other. Theresa has Fox take off his shirt, and while she is dancing she fantasies that she is dancing with Ethan. Fox is doing the same thing and fantasies that he is dancing with Whitney.

Chad is talking to Sid, and a woman approaches them, and asks them about her new album, for a local TV station. Sid asks him to stay with them, because she is very nerves, and Chad agrees. Chad and Sid tells the lady that they are a team.

Beth’s basement

Charlie refuses to give Sheridan her baby. The baby keeps on crying and Sheridan keeps asking for her baby. Sheridan is now begging for her baby, Charlie tells her to shut up and Sheridan refuses to. Charlie pulls the knife on Sheridan and is ready to kill her.

Mrs. Hodgkin’s gets to the basement window and sees Charlie stab Sheridan. She starts yelling at Charlie, and asks her why she stabbed Sheridan. Charlie tells her that she didn’t stab Sheridan. That Sheridan fainted when she saw the blade of the knife. Mrs. Hodgkin’s is relieved. Mrs. Hodgkin’s tells Charlie that Luis heard the baby and that he is going to be down there soon. Charlie goes to shut the window but it is stuck, and she can’t get it down in time, before the baby starts crying again.

Beth’s house

Eve and TC argue about the article. TC wants to talk about it, but Eve has to take care of the baby crying in Beth’s house. The house guests go to investigate if Beth had her baby. Mrs. Hodgkin’s figures out that Charlie left the basement window open, and Beth becomes terrified now that she knows that they have heard the baby cry.

TC claims to Liz that everything is going wrong, because Eve let there daughter go and be herself. He is upset that his wife let Whitney go, and drop her career. TC leaves the house and Liz follows him so that he will forget about Eve.

Beth locks the kitchen door before Luis can get there. Luis is banging on the door, and Beth doesn’t know what to do. The house guests surround around Luis, and wonder what is going on. Beth has a plan that her mother is to go to the basement window and shut it.

Mrs. Hodgkin’s leaves the house, and Beth turns on the radio. Luis enters the kitchen after Beth opens the door. After they enter the kitchen the baby stops crying. Beth tells them that she didn’t hear any baby crying. Luis and the other guest can’t figure out where the baby’s cries are coming from. Tabitha is willing to help Beth out so that Luis and Sheridan can’t be together again. She tells them that the baby is in the opposite direction, so that will by her time.

Sheridan starts to stir, and the baby continues on crying. Luis refuses to give up. Sheridan here’s Luis calling, and calls out to him. Luis gets to the window and sees some thing, but what.

The PCPD Gym

TC goes to the gym, to work off a little steam and Liz follows him. TC, in unaware that she followed him. Liz is standing at the doorway watching him when she flashes back to when Liz kisses him, after he thinks that she is in a hypnotize stage. She also flashes back to when he found her in the shower, and when he was too weak to walk to bed she helped him.

Liz fantasies that she is helping TC doing crunches and that they are kissing. TC is hitting the punching bag, and remembers the night of the fire, when Chad tells TC that they are going to move to California, and get married. TC flips out and storms away.

Liz approaches TC, and tells him that he desires to be with a woman that is going to love him. TC is shocked that Liz is there. TC is furious that his wife is only concerned about her career, and Whitney is throwing her life away on Chad.

Eve tells Grace that she doesn’t trust Liz. Eve also tells Grace that she has a feeling that she is going to dry to put the moves on her husband.

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