Passions Update Tuesday 9/9/03

Passions Update Tuesday

By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

LA Night Club

Ethan tells Theresa that Fox will only hurt her, and Theresa tells him that he can’t hurt her as much as he has. Ethan tells her that there is no way to rehash the past, but he doesn’t want her with Fox, because Fox is a womanizer, and cheater. Theresa flashes back to when her and Fox made that pack. Theresa finishes her dance with Ethan and goes to talk to Fox, about making him more jealous. Theresa tells him that they should dance more to make Ethan more jealous. Theresa tells Fox that she misses Ethan, but she will have to keep up her plan if she is going to get Ethan back.

Ethan dances with Whitney, while Theresa dances with Fox. Ethan tells Whitney that Theresa and Fox don’t make the perfect couple. Whitney tells him that since he is married that he should worry about Gwen and not Theresa. Whitney asks Ethan to back off of Theresa, and tells him that she is finally happy that Theresa is moving on with her life.

Whitney tells Fox that she will only focus on him, once she comes to her senses. Whitney tells him that he will get a chance with Theresa she will make sure of that. Chad singing partner is up to something. Fox tells her that she really thought that they were making a connection before Ethan barged in. Sid approached Fox about him being friends with Whitney. Sid tells him that if she becomes better friends with Chad that he will be able to find out more with Whitney.

Beth House

Eve’s sister has a clipping of the newspaper, and confides in herself that once he looks at this picture, that he won’t want anything to do with Eve. Antonio and Eve’s sister enter the house together, and surprise Beth and Luis. Luis asks him where he has been. Antonio tells him that he was in Paris, and that he wasn’t able to find her, and that he is more worried her about her more than ever know. Antonio tells him that he still is worried about her, that she hasn’t even used her credit card, or checked into a hotel. Antonio tells Luis that she could be anywhere, like in Beth’s house, and Beth jumps right in and tells her that she isn’t in this house.

Beth tells her mother to go out side and get Eve’s medical bag in her car, so Charlie can deliver Sheridan’s baby. Beth makes up her mind that she has to go down and check on Sheridan, and make sure that she is still alive. Beth walks down the stairs, and finds Charlie ready to kill Sheridan, and stops her. Beth asks her what Sheridan’s problem is, and Charlie tells her that Sheridan keeps passing out from the pain. She leaves to go upstairs before Sheridan wakes up.

Mrs. Hodgkin’s successfully breaks in to Eve’s car. She uses the basement window to deliver the bag to Charlie. Beth comes in to the kitchen after her mother returns, and questions her about if she completed her misson.

Eve and TC confide in each other that they miss each other. Eve gets paged, and goes off to make the phone call. When her sister is gone Liz comes on to TC. TC sees that there is a clipping in her hand, and Liz begs him not to look at it. TC doesn’t listen to Liz, and reads that Whitney has given up on her career in tennis.

Eve is unable to get the doctor on the phone, and promises Luis that she will call back together. Eve asks her about the sex of the baby, and Grace thinks that it might be a boy, because of how she is carrying it in the front.

Luis and Antonio agree that they think that Sheridan is still in Harmony.

Beth’s basement

Tabitha attacks Charlie with her powers, and docks her unconscious. Tabitha approaches Sheridan and tells her that the reason that she is being treated like this is because Luis and Sheridan are not meant to be together. The dark side doesn’t want them together. Sheridan doesn’t even seem to realize what she is saying. Charlie gets ready to turn Sheridan’s baby, because the baby is breech. Sheridan finally delivers her baby, and it is healthy. Sheridan begs to hold her baby, but Charlie refuses. The baby starts crying, and the house guest hear it.

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