Passions Update Monday 9/8/03

Passions Update Monday

By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

LA Night Club

Theresa and Fox confined in each other that they are having a great time, and Theresa gets Fox to kiss her when Ethan walks in the door. Chad tells Whitney that she better lay off the subject because Ethan is at the door way and he doesn’t look to happy.

Theresa is busy dancing with Fox, and daydreams in to the future of Ethan breaking up Theresa and Fox’s kiss. Ethan punches Fox in the face, and asks for her forgiveness about marrying the wrong person. Ethan asks if she will come with him so that they can clear everything up. She agrees and they kiss. Ethan tells her that she has to tell Gwen that they are going to be together. In the real world Ethan does break up Fox and Ethan dancing, telling her that Fox doesn’t love her, that he loves her.

Chad breaks it up before it gets to far out of hand, and Ethan tells Fox to get loss and then goes and dances with Theresa. Ethan tells Theresa that Fox is no good for her, and that he is only going to hurt him. Theresa tells that he has moved on, and that she has to move on with her life too.

Whitney is shocked that Ethan cut in on Theresa and Fox’s dance. Whitney goes over to apologize about what Ethan did to him. Fox asks if Chad will mind if her dances with her. Whitney tells him no, and they slow dance.

Beth’s House

Eve tells Beth and the guest that if the baby and the mother don’t get medical attention that her and the baby could die. Mrs. Hodgkin’s tells the whole party that Sheridan is going to die, and Luis questions what she is saying. She tells him that she is talking about some one that they all love. Beth tells them that she was breech and that her mother is just worried about her giving birth. She gives her mother the evil eye, that she is letting them all know that she is nuts. Eve tells her that once she gives birth that she might want to put her mother in a home.

Her mother, starts talking irrational, and Beth gets the lab top to have her mother go into the kitchen and look up breech birth. When Mrs. Hodgkin’s is out of the room, she tells them that she is going to have to put her in a home, and Luis tells her that she is going be with her. Beth sits down on the couch and asks about breech birth.

Mean while in the kitchen Mrs. Hodgkin’s finds the information about the birth, and takes it outside, and delivers is to the basement through the window. While Mrs. Hodgkin’s is doing this Precious is daydreaming about and her and Luis being together.

TC shows up at Beth’s house. And talks to Grace about having her and them make headway. Eve’s sister overheard that and refuses to let him get around Eve at all tonight. Luis asks Eve if the baby is all right, because he hasn’t felt the baby move at all. Beth tells him that it’s just when Luis is around that he tends to not move, but she feels him all the time. Luis’s asks if Eve would mind if she would giving Beth an exam to reassure him. Beth refuses to give in, and Luis asks Eve to call Beth’s doctor, just to make sure that everything is all right.

The Basement of Beth’s house

Sheridan is still in the process of giving birth. Charlie tells her that if she doesn’t get quiet that she and the baby are going to die. Sheridan keeps saying that she needs a doctor, and Charlie tells her that she isn’t going to get one, and pulls out her knife, and says what you really need is a c-section. Charlie decides that she is going to get Sheridan open and take the child, and then there won’t be any Sheridan to deal with.

Tabitha’s house

Tabitha tells her daughter that she is grateful for her, and that her past life was fun, but it doesn’t hold a broomstick compared to her. She tells the baby about Timmy, and how he was a doll, and then he became a human being, and then he died. Tabitha is saddened about Timmy being loss to her forever, because it’s highly unlikely that she will get to heaven to see him. While Tabitha is telling her daughter about him, a bright light shines down upon them, and then her pot starts to boil. She sees Sheridan in labor, and that she is going to die, and that means that her predicament will be right. Tabitha heads over to see if it really is going to be true.

Beth’s house

Tabitha is over there at Beth’s house talking to Precious, about Sheridan Crane. She tells him that she believes that Sheridan is in real trouble. Tabitha tells him that she is not her to rescue her; she believes that Beth and Luis are made for each other. Grace approaches Tabitha that she is worried that since Kay won’t come home, how she is. Tabitha reassures her that she is doing fine, and that she is getting everything that she needs at Tabitha’s house. Tabitha goes on right through the door, and into the basement, with out even opening the door.

Charlie approaches Tabitha about what she is doing down in the basement. Charlie attacks Tabitha, and she uses her magic against Charlie, and knocks her out cold. Tabitha tells Sheridan that the reason that she is being treated like this, because the cosmic forces won’t allow them to be together.


Anthony arrives at Beth’s house.
Theresa and Fox are making Ethan jealous again.

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