Passions Update Friday 9/5/03

Passions Update Friday

By Mike
Pictures by Juanita


Following Kay and Simone's fall, Miguel rushes over to see if Kay is alright. Kay insists that she is fine, but Miguel takes her over to the couch. Simone complains that her ankle hurts, as she remembers Kay tripping her on the way upstairs, but no one pays much attention. Miguel is nervous that some of Kay's staples in her stomach may have fallen out, but Tabitha checks it and Kay is all right. Tabitha gives Kay a "lecture" about being careful and suggests Kay sleep on the couch. Kay insists that it is already halfway through the first inning of the Red Sox game, that Miguel and Charity should leave. However, someone needs to help Kay up the stairs, and Miguel offers to do it after Simone tripped. 

Upstairs in Kay's room, Miguel lays Kay on her bed. Kay tells him she is ok, he and Charity should go to the Red Sox game. Simone whispers to Kay that she is rotten and knows Kay's up to something. As soon as Miguel is about to leave, Kay has a "pain". Simone realizes Kay is faking, but Miguel rushes over and tries to assist Kay. Kay says she doesn't need his help, but Miguel decides just to stay with Kay tonight instead of going to the game. Simone watches, disgusted with Kay.

Downstairs, Tabitha gives Charity some sodas for the ride to Boston, then tells herself that she hopes that Kay can break up Charity and Miguel. Later, Charity decides to go wait on the porch for Miguel. Tabitha watches her and tells Endora that Kay is the best thing in their lives, and if Kay doesn't break Miguel and Charity up, she (Tabitha) will. On the porch, Charity realizes how late it's getting and says that she knows her and Miguel won't be alone tonight or ever again.


Chad, Whitney, Fox and Theresa are preparing to leave for the restaurant. Theresa is putting on makeup as she and Fox discuss their plan to make Ethan jealous. Theresa is excited she will run into Ethan.

Theresa tells Whitney how fabulous she looks in her dress, as Chad and Fox agree. As Theresa and Fox talk again, Chad tells Whitney he isn't sure about Fox and Theresa. Whitney says that she wishes Ethan wouldn't come to the Marina, so Fox and Theresa could get closer. Chad, Whitney, Fox and Theresa head out to go to the Marina.


Gwen continues to try and convince Ethan to go to the restaurant. Ethan says he wants to stay with her, and she says he has a choice: he can either stay with her and eat crackers or have a nice dinner out. However, she says she is making the decision and he's going out. Ethan finally gives in and prepares to leave. Gwen says she is relaxed knowing Theresa is so far away in Harmony.


Chad, Whitney, Fox and Theresa arrive. Fox and Theresa immediately go off to dance, as Theresa hopes Ethan will see them. Theresa keeps pestering Fox if he sees Ethan, but he says he doesn't. Meanwhile, Chad and Whitney watch Fox and Theresa and Chad tells Whitney he isn't sure about her meddling in their love lifes, but Whitney thinks that it's not a problem since they seem to like each other so much.

Outside, Ethan arrives. He decides not to go in and to go back the apartment, but Gwen calls him. She wants to make sure he stays there. Ethan says something about takeout and bringing it back to the hospital, but Gwen says she is going to bed after he gets off the phone with her. After hanging up from Gwen, Ethan enters the Marina and sees Fox and Theresa dancing close.


Beth is having a great time at the shower, opening gifts and eating cake. Mrs. Wallace grabs her aside and asks how she's going to let Sheridan have her baby with all these people here. Beth says Charlie can take care of it. In the hallway, Mrs. Wallace tells Charlie that Beth wants her to deliver Sheridan's baby. 

Behind the basement door, Sheridan tries to open it, but Charlie stops her and drags her back downstairs. Sheridan pushes Charlie, and tries to escape again, but Charlie winds up dragging her back downstairs a second time. She blindfolds Sheridan and prepares to deliver the baby.

Upstairs, Pilar, Grace, and Eve joke about how much weight they gained during their pregnancies. Hank sees Luis is upset and helps him deal with Sheridan being in Paris. After Beth and Mrs. Wallace have another conversation about Sheridan, Beth returns to open her gifts. Hank mentions his mother saying something about boys being easier to raise than girls after everyone questions what sex Beth and Luis want their baby to be and Beth and Luis say they don't care. Pilar, Grace, Eve and Mrs. Wallace agree with Hank, although Mrs. Wallace does not say this aloud; just to Beth. Also, around this time, everyone is introduced to Precious. Beth sends Precious downstairs to check on Charlie. A little while later, Mrs. Wallace drags Beth off again and says something about everything spinning out of control with Sheridan's baby. Luis overhears, but Beth says that her mother said that she hopes Sheridan is all right in Paris. 

Precious arrives downstairs as Charlie realizes Sheridan's baby will be breech; meaning it will not come out head first. Charlie gets frustrated with Sheridan's screaming and begins crying because she knows how much Beth wants this baby. Sheridan says she knows something is wrong with her baby. (I think Charlie may have covered Sheridan's ears too, because she doesn't seem to hear Charlie real well.) Charlie writes a note for Beth and has Precious deliver it to her. 

Upstairs, Beth receives the note and Mrs. Wallace tells her breech is a bad thing. Beth decides to ask Eve for her medical opinion. Beth makes an excuse that she's been researching and was curious what would happen if the baby were breech. Eve says they would need a trained physician or midwife, and when Beth asks what were to happen if they weren't available, Eve says that mother and child could die.

Sheridan continues screaming downstairs as Charlie tries to think of what to do. 


Ethan tells Theresa he loves her.

Tabitha visits Charlie. 
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