Passions Update Thursday 9/4/03

Passions Update Thursday 9/4/03

By Mike
Pictures by Juanita


Tabitha is telling Endora how Kay is going to ruin Miguel and Charity's relationship. Miguel is determined to go to the Red Sox game, and he takes Charity into the other room. Charity says that she isn't sure it's a good idea because Kay might need him, but Miguel says she has Simone and Tabitha to look after her. Kay says to Tabitha that she has an idea. Kay decides she's going to let Miguel and Charity go to the Red Sox game. However, she talks about some moments that she and Miguel shared as kids, going to Red Sox games, etc. Simone and Tabitha both wonder what Kay is up to. Charity wonders if Kay is serious or not. Kay decides she's going to go upstairs as Miguel and Charity prepare to leave. Simone helps Kay up the stairs, but Kay puts too much weight on her, and they both wind up falling backwards. Miguel and Charity rush over to help Kay. Simone is ok, but Kay has pain. Tabitha watches Kay and is glad that she is destroying Miguel and Charity.


Gwen continues obsessing about Theresa. Gwen doesn't see why Ethan doesn't think Fox and Theresa are a good match. Gwen is excited about the possibility of Fox and Theresa being a couple, but Ethan isn't. Gwen notices that Ethan is snacking on a cracker and decides that he needs a good dinner. She calls Chad and asks them if Ethan can go out to dinner with them. When Ethan grabs the phone from Gwen and Chad tells him Theresa is coming too, Ethan is hesitant, but Gwen convinces him to go. She says it's not like she has to worry about Theresa, as Ethan thinks "if you only knew".


Theresa wonders what changed Fox's mind about helping her. He says that he wants to see her happy, or something along those lines. However, he is still hesitant that her plan will work. Whitney later visits Fox at the pool, and asks him if he's going to help Theresa. He says he is, and she promises to be near him so much to help him get Theresa, that he'll probably get sick of her. Fox knows that he won't.

Around this time, Chad receives Gwen's call. Theresa is excited to learn Ethan is going to dinner at the Marina with them.


Luis tries to open the basement door, but it's locked. Beth says she can't seem to find the key, but Precious runs out with it. Luis is about to open the door, when he hears his name again, from the front door. It turns out to be Pilar, Grace, Eve, and Hank, who are throwing Beth a surprise baby shower. Beth is excited, but Sheridan calls Luis' name again and he hears it. No one else seems to, and Beth turns on some music to drown out Sheridan's cries. Both Charlie and Mrs. Wallace don't think it's a good idea for Beth to be having this shower with Sheridan in labor on the other side of the basement door, but Beth is enjoying it. Beth says Charlie can take care of Sheridan's delivery.

On the other side of the door, Sheridan cries for Luis. She finally decides she has to open up the basement door to get his attention. Sheridan puts her hand on the door knob and prepares to open the door, while Beth enjoys her party in the living room.

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