Passions Update Wednesday 9/3/03

Passions Update Wednesday 9/3/03

By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

The show starts up with Tabitha and the nurse having words about Tabitha avoiding to use a wheelchair to leave the hospital. The nurse think that she is loosing her mind when she see's that Tabith's child in floating in mid air. Tabitha begs her baby to come down, from floating while the nurse is having a little spaz attack. Tabitha enters Kay's hospital room after Dora comes back into her arms. The nurse refuses to give up about the things that are weird with Tabitha's baby, and approaches Dr. Russell about it. Dr. Russell puts it in the back of her mind.

Miguel agrees to help Kay out at Tabitha's house, tonight. Simone puts two and two together that Kay only wants to have Miguel help her out, because she found out that Charity and Miguel were going to go to Boston to go to the Red Sox game. Simone thinks that it is wrong that she is trying to come in between Charity and Miguel, and Kay informs her that the only one that is coming in between anyone is Charity. Kay puts Miguel in a gilt trap, saying he did promise to take care of her and the baby. Miguel goes and breaks the news to Charity, who in a way all ready knew that they weren't going to go. Miguel tells her that she think that Kay that he thinks that she is going home to soon. Kay has a plan that Miguel won't get to that baseball game, because he is going to be making her comfortable.

Tabitha tells Kay that she has to come up with a plan fast, or Charity and Miguel could end up in a hotel.

Charity tells Miguel that it's all right that they can miss the game, and that it is not a big deal. Miguel tells her that to go to go home, and to get the tickets, and then meet him at Tabitha's house, so they can leave from there. Miguel tells her that they are going to this game and that and that he'll deal with telling Kay on his plans. Miguel tells him that he will be with them, but right know he has to be with other people that he loves. Kay goes to put up a fight, but Simone tells her that she will stay with her the whole night.

Pillar asks if it is all right if that Kay goes home so soon, and Dr. Russell tells her that it is all right and that they only have to worry about Gwen. She spills the beans that Gwen and Ethan are in the California seeing a specialist, and Pillar flashes back to when Theresa told her when she was going to California to take a vacation. Pillar finds it strange that Kay is doing everything in her power to bind Miguel and her together.

Whitney wants Fox to take Theresa up on her plan, and she is even willing to help coach him into winning her heart, so that Theresa will fall madly in love with him, and that she will forget all about Ethan. Theresa agrees that she can't give up, and she admits to herself that she has to come up with another plan, but if nothing works, she might have to give up on Ethan forever. Pillar calls in the middle of her brainstorming to ask her what she plans to do, with Gwen and Ethan out in California. Pillar doesn’t want Theresa to make stress for Gwen.

Chad approaches Fox about what else is going on. Chad warns that Fox should never get involved with Theresa hair brain schemes. Whitney comes back up behind the two, and tells Fox to go for Theresa, and Chad warns him that if he goes for Theresa that he might loose the girl of his dreams. Fox reassure him that won't happen, and that at the end of all this that they will be find. Whitney tells Chad that he thinks that they are made for each other.

Gwen is afraid that Sheridan is in really trouble in Paris. She finds it strange that the day that the baby is due, that Sheridan didn't even call her. And since they are best friends it is eating Gwen alive that she hasn't heard from her. Gwen is stilling having a problem with Sheridan not even calling. Ethan admits that he does find it strange that she didn't even tell Luis about what it going on. Ethan thinks that the real reason that Sheridan ran away is because she can't understand why Beth is pregnant with the man that she loves. Gwen puts two and two together, when Ethan doesn't respond to his wife’s statement about Theresa. She figure out that Theresa is in fact in California. Gwen tells Ethan that she is glad that Fox and Theresa might get together. Ethan tells her that is so ridiculous, that Fox is a bad thing for Theresa.

Mean while back in Harmony Luis goes to investigate what that strange calling of his name was, only to discover that the picture of him and Beth had fallen off the wall. Beth sees that Sheridan's hand is sticking out into the hallway, and goes to tuck it back inside the door, and Luis questions what she is doing. Beth makes an excuse that she is cleaning up the glass so that Precious won't hurt herself. She asks Luis to go home, but he refuses, saying that he is going to check the house to make sure where that voice is coming from, and put away the grocies. Luis won’t stop until he finds this, and he has this crazy plan that some little kid got trapped in the basement and that is who is calling him.

Sheridan locks the door, so that Beth and Charlie can’t get in. She knows that Luis is in the house, and that she has to do something so that he will notice so that he will come and rescue them.

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