Passions Update Tuesday 9/2/03

Passions Update Tuesday

By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

Charity and Miguel plan to go see a baseball game tonight, and Kay has a plan to keep Charity and Miguel away. She wants Miguel to stay with her when she gets released from the hospital. She tells him that she is getting released from the hospital today, but really isn't getting released from the hospital until tomorrow.

Tabitha is also being released with her baby. The nurse that is taking care of Tabitha's baby knows that there is something wrong with that baby, and thinks that the baby has black magic. While the nurse was cleaning Kay's room, Tabitha's baby used it magic, to attack her, which caused her to spill food all on her.

Theresa has a plan to get Ethan back. Theresa's plan is to make Ethan jealous by having Fox fake his love for Theresa to make Ethan want her more than anything, and since Ethan is jealous of his half brother, she thought that this would be the perfect plan, But since that Fox is in love with Whitney he turns Theresa down.

Whitney and Chad have a matchmaking plan to get Fox and Theresa together. Whitney figures that if she gets those two together, then Theresa will forget about Ethan. Whitney tells him that she thinks that he should go for Theresa's plan, so that Theresa will fall in love with him, so that she forgets all about Ethan.

Ethan and Gwen are in the hospital, discussing about Sheridan having her baby, and that it is strange that she hasn't contacted her. Ethan tries to comfort her saying that Luis or someone probably has already heard from her, and that Luis did receive that DVD from her, and that it is Sheridan choose not to contact them.

Luis is at Beth's house, trying to put away groceries in the pantry, but what he doesn't know is that Charlie is on the other side of the door with a knife in her hand, ready to strike when Luis opens the door. 

Sheridan is in labor in Beth's basement. While Sheridan is pleading to Luis to come and get her. Luis finally hear's Sheridan call his name, but Beth tells him that she doesn't hear anything. Luis refuses to leave, telling the women that he wants to get to the bottom of the sound saying his name.

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