Passions Update Monday 9/1/03

Passions Update Monday

By Mike
Pictures by Juanita


Ethan and Chad talk outside Gwen's room. Ethan doesn't think Fox's mystery woman is Theresa, and Chad wonders if it could be Whitney. Ethan says it could be. Chad gets upset and says that he thought Fox was his friend. Chad wonders even if he and Whitney are engaged, would Fox still come between them? Ethan says that sounds like something Fox would do.

Gwen and Whitney are talking in her room. Gwen thinks Fox and Theresa are perfect for each other. Gwen is excited that Theresa will finally stop bothering her and Ethan. Gwen asks Whitney to help make sure Fox and Theresa get together. Whitney is unsure because she doesn't want to hurt her best friend. Gwen says that that isn't want she's asking. She just wants Whitney to try and get Fox and Theresa together. Ethan and Chad join them and Chad says he wants to talk to Whitney. Gwen tells Whitney to think about what they were talking about before. Whitney and Chad exit.

Outside, Chad tells Whitney about his suspicions of Fox being in love with her. Whitney denies it and thinks Chad is crazy. She thinks Ethan is just jealous of Theresa being with another man and told Chad lies about Fox so that Fox and Theresa wouldn't be together.

In Gwen's room, Ethan is about to tell her about Theresa being in LA when Dr. Abel arrives. He says that Gwen will have to stay in the hospital one more night to make sure her condition is stable. Gwen is upset, but Ethan says they will do what is right for the baby. Ethan later gives Gwen a back massage and she has a fantasy of returning to Harmony with Ethan and their baby. Fox and Theresa are married and going to have kids of their own. In real time, Gwen is excited about Theresa and Fox getting together.


Fox and Theresa are in the pool and Theresa comes up with an idea. If Fox helps her get Ethan, she'll help him get his mystery woman. He agrees. Later, Theresa wants to know some details about Fox's mystery woman in order to help him. Fox tells Theresa she will be in the entertainment business and is going to be famous. Theresa wants to know her name, but Fox says if she doesn't stop asking questions, he's going to dunk her. Theresa tells Fox she has a plan to get Ethan. Fox wonders if going on death row and almost getting executed didn't work, then what will?

Whitney and Chad return and spot Theresa and Fox. Whitney tells Chad he is wrong about Fox, and Chad agrees, but wants to make sure. Chad and Whitney meet with Fox and Theresa and Chad and Fox decide to go get some drinks. Whitney tells Theresa about her visit to see Gwen (but not what Gwen asked her). She tells Theresa about how Ethan got jealous when Chad mentioned her and Fox. Theresa is happy, but Whitney says not to do anything stupid. Theresa later says that if Ethan won't leave Gwen, maybe Gwen will leave Ethan when she discovers he still loves Theresa.

Inside the apartment, Chad questions Fox about his feelings for Theresa. Fox reassures Chad that his mystery woman is Theresa, then says to himself something about getting Whitney after Chad leaves.


Charlie and Mrs. Wallace are cutting up towels in the kitchen when Beth and Luis come in the front door. Luis says he can't believe this and Beth thinks he's seen Sheridan. However, it's only Precious, who is trapped under a crib that fell. Luis tends to Precious while Mrs. Wallace updates Beth on the situation. Charlie watches from the kitchen, realizing she's trapped and that she has to get to the basement. Charlie hopes Beth will get Luis out of here so she can tend to Sheridan.

Downstairs, Sheridan decides to escape. She falls before she can get to the stairs, and fantasizes about Luis being with her when their baby is born. Sheridan is ok, and begins crawling up the stairs. Halfway up, she gets incredible pain.

Back upstairs, Mrs. Wallace goes into the kitchen to get Luis a drink. Mrs. Wallace wonders why Charlie's so worried if Sheridan's in the pit. Charlie tells her Sheridan is out of the pit, and she is afraid Sheridan will escape. Later, Charlie thinks that Sheridan is probably too weak to escape.

In the living room, Beth tries to get Luis to work on the crib in the garage, but he says he is fine in the living room. In the basement, Sheridan hears Luis and wonders if she's hallucinating, but realizes she isn't. She continues to crawl up the rest of the stairs.

Luis decides to put the food in the kitchen, and Beth can't stop him. Charlie hides in a closet when Beth and Luis enter. Beth says she is exhausted and wants Luis to just go home. Luis says he will, but wants to put away the food first. Luis heads to the closet to put some food away, as Charlie waits inside with a knife, ready to kill Luis.

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