Passions Update Friday 8/29/03

Passions Update Friday

By Michael
Pictures by Juanita


Gwen and Whitney talk. Gwen mentions how happy she is that Theresa's 3000 miles away, and Whitney looks worried. Gwen asks what's wrong, and Whitney covers and says she feels weird hearing Gwen talk about her friend in a negative manner. Gwen apologizes and says that she doesn't hate Theresa, she just doesn't like all the things Theresa's done and hopes she finds a man of her own. Whitney says that problem might be solved and says about how she thinks Fox and Theresa are perfect for each other and that Theresa is Fox's mystery woman. Gwen can't believe it; how can Fox love Theresa when they're so far apart? Whitney says that she thinks Fox just thought that since Julian and Theresa were married, he didn't want to interfere. Gwen wonders what about after he found out they weren't, and Whitney says that she just thinks he was nervous. Gwen is excited about Fox and Theresa being together and says this is her first hope for happiness in ages.

Ethan and Chad talk outside Gwen's room. Ethan says there is no way Fox and Theresa could be together. Chad tries to convince him to calm down; if he gets too loud, Gwen will realize Theresa's in LA. Chad tells Ethan how Whitney found out Fox's mystery woman was Theresa and tried to hook them up. Ethan says he doesn't want to see Theresa with Fox, and Chad realizes Ethan still has feelings for Theresa. Ethan changes the subject and says Fox would not get involved with a woman with a child, but Chad thinks Fox and Theresa would be good together; Fox would be good with little Ethan. Later, Ethan can't believe it when Chad tells him that Fox admitted to being in love with Theresa. Ethan says Fox is lying, and Chad realizes the only reason Fox would lie would be if his mystery woman was Whitney.


Fox and Theresa kiss each other after the man shoves Fox into Theresa's arms. Theresa sees Ethan's face, and Fox sees Whitney's face. They all of a sudden realize what they have done and stop. Theresa thinks that maybe Fox paid the guy to shove him into Theresa, but he says he would not do that now. Theresa says that Fox must have been thinking of his mystery woman, and Fox says he was. Fox imagines dancing with Whitney by the pool and Theresa imagines dancing with Ethan. Fox is excited to learn that Whitney likes him when Theresa tells him how she was trying to convince Theresa to date him.


Outside: Luis tells Beth her surprise will have to wait until after dinner, as he heads inside. Beth says for him to stop, but he insists on going in. Both Beth and Luis go inside and see Sheridan on the couch, in labor, as Charlie, Precious and Mrs. Wallace try to take care of her. But going inside is all a fantasy and Beth screams no as Luis is about to go inside a second time. She tells him she stubbed her toe and he rubs it for her.

Inside: Charlie and Mrs. Wallace are downstairs. Charlie tells Edna and Precious to go upstairs and prepare towels and water for the birth. Sheridan screams in the pit. Charlie finally decides to let Sheridan come up and sets her onto a cot. Upstairs, Edna realizes that Precious knows how to deliver a baby. Precious remembers assisting the doctors deliver an orangutan. Edna tells Precious to go get towels. Precious winds up going into the living room and spying on Beth and Luis as Luis rubs Beth's foot. Precious fantasizes Luis is rubbing her foot. Edna comes in the room and is horrified to discover Beth and Luis are home. Edna listens into Luis and Beth's conversation.

Outside: Luis finishes rubbing Beth's foot and wants to go inside, but Beth says she is exhausted and Mrs. Wallace is napping and she wants Luis to go home. Luis says he can't cook dinner tomorrow night because he's on duty, so he has to do it tonight. Luis also makes insulting remarks against Edna and Precious, but later says Precious is a genius.

Inside: Edna and Precious hear Luis and Beth talking about them and Edna is insulted, but Precious is flattered. Charlie runs upstairs and says to Edna that Sheridan is about to give birth. Charlie sees Beth and Luis. Downstairs, Sheridan is able to get up and go to the window. She throws rocks, and then has severe pains. Thinking of Luis helps her get through them. She throws rocks again.

Outside: Luis hears the sounds of the rocks and asks Beth what the sound is. Beth realizes it's Sheridan and says that they have bad pipes, and Luis says he wants to check them.

Inside: Sheridan goes back to the cot and sees that Charlie left the door open to the basement. She decides to escape.

Outside: Luis and Beth prepare to enter the house.

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