Passions Update Thursday 8/28/03

Passions Update Thursday 8/28/03

By Mike
Pictures by Juanita



The nurse is screaming for help and accuses Tabitha of black magic. All of a sudden the lights come back on and everything goes back to normal. The other nurse comes in and thinks the nurse Kravitz is just crazy. Tabitha has to leave again for more insurance forms, so the two nurses stay. The other nurse leaves, while nurse Kravitz stays. Endora begins whirling objects again and makes a lightning spark. Nurse Kravitz yells again and the other nurse comes in. She convinces Nurse Kravitz to take a break. Tabitha comes in and sits with Endora. Nurse Kravitz spies on Tabitha and Endora from outside the nursery.


Kay doesn't want Grace or Charity near Maria. She complains that Grace only wants to help Charity and Miguel get back together, etc. Miguel, Pilar, Jessica, and Simone try to change Kay's mind, but Kay's opinion stays the same. Kay blames Charity for bringing on her early labor with her premonitions. Miguel is finally able to convince Kay to give Grace and Charity a chance at watching Maria. Kay accepts.


Gwen is having pains and Ethan is forced to leave the room. Ethan remembers when Gwen got stressed and started having the pains. The nurse finally comes out and tells Ethan she overheard him talking about some woman named Theresa, and it seemed to upset Gwen, so don't bring her name up again. Ethan goes back in to see Gwen, who's better now. Gwen says about how she's so happy Theresa's not in LA, etc. Ethan says he just wants to protect Theresa from Fox.

Whitney and Chad arrive. Ethan tells them not to say anthing about Theresa in LA. Chad and Ethan go outside. Inside, Gwen tells Whitney about being happy Theresa's 3000 miles away. Outside, Chad tells Ethan about Fox and Theresa. Ethan says no way is Theresa hooking up with Fox.


Whitney and Theresa talk about Fox and Whitney says a lot of good things about him, but Theresa's insistent on being with Ethan. Whitney says she won't give up until Fox and Theresa are together. At the pool, Chad wonders why Fox is so concerned with what Whitney's saying about him. Fox says he just wants her to make a good impression on Theresa. Chad later suspects that Fox is in love with Whitney. Fox denies it. Whitney, Theresa, Fox and Chad meet up. Chad and Whitney decide to go visit Gwen (see above) and give Fox and Theresa time alone. Both find it uncomfortable. A guy comes by and says to Fox that he and Theresa should cool off in the pool and pushes Fox right into Theresa's arms.


Luis wants to know what Beth means when she says about Sheridan and her baby. Beth says she wanted to surprise Luis and send him to see Sheridan in Paris, if she found Sheridan. Beth puts a guilt trip on Luis about loving Sheridan more and wanting to be with her instead of Beth. Luis says he wants to be with Beth now that Sheridan's gone. Luis goes back to the market and Beth calls home, but no one answers. She hopes it means Charlie and her mother are delivering Sheridan's baby. Beth has a fantasy of raising Sheridan's child with Luis through the years, and on her (the child's) wedding day, she looks exactly like Sheridan. Luis says Beth lied. In real time, Luis wants to know what's wrong. He has a surprise for her: ice cream with anchovies. Beth is disgusted but eats it.


Charlie and Mrs. Wallace are in the basement. Even though Edna says it won't work, Charlie sends some tea to Sheridan to stop the contractions. Sheridan winds up spilling it during a contraction. Charlie and Edna head upstairs and Charlie keeps saying what if blondie's faking, but Mrs. Wallace knows she isn't. Mrs. Wallace decides to head downstairs with her midwife's guide and deliver the baby herself, because Charlie can't.

Sheridan continues having contractions that become closer and closer, as Precious times them. Sheridan screams for help, but as usual, she's not getting any.

Beth and Luis arrive home, and Luis goes back to the car for something. Beth hopes the baby's being taken care of.

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