Passions Update Wednesday 8/27/03

Passions Update Wednesday 8/27/03

By Mike
Pictures by Juanita



Tabitha is looking at Endora and talking to her when a nurse enters and says she has to sign some billing information. Tabitha can't believe she would ever need to deal with this, so she has no insurance. As Tabitha leaves, a second nurse enters and talks with the first nurse about how odd Endora and Tabitha are. Later, the second nurse is alone with Endora when Endora decides to use her magic and begins whirling blankets and teddy bears in the air. At first the nurse doesn't notice it, but turns around and screams when she does. Tabitha hears her scream and rushes back. The nurse tells Tabitha that Endora is practicing black magic, as the room turns black and sparks fly. The nurse screams out the window for someone to save her.


Kay is upset because she thinks Eve means that Maria will die. Everyone is trying to comfort Kay. Kay says she knows Maria will live. Charity agrees, to herself. The nurse tells Eve the baby's in distress. Eve rushes over and takes care of the baby. Kay blames Charity for her problems, even though Jessica and Simone try to convince her it's not Charity's fault. A little later, Eve finally comes over and says that Maria will be fine, but will have to stay in the hospital a few more months. Jessica and Simone offer to help pay medical bills with their Mark money, and Grace and Pilar agree to help watch Maria. Kay says she is never letting Grace or Charity near Maria.


Whitney says she doesn't like Fox, she loves Chad. She's just trying to convince Theresa to give Fox a chance. Theresa continues to say that Whitney likes Fox, but Whitney says he is just a friend. Whitney says she wants Theresa to get over Ethan. Theresa says she will never get over Ethan because he will come back to her. Of course, Whitney thinks it's ridiculous and says that maybe fate will bring Fox and Theresa together. Theresa says no. Whitney says that the whole world knows Ethan doesn't want to be with Theresa, why can't she see it?

At the pool, Chad wants to know who the mystery woman is, but Fox refuses to answer. Chad asks if it's Theresa, but Fox says he likes to keep this stuff private. Chad thinks Whitney is right and Theresa is Fox's mystery woman. Fox is getting upset with Chad bugging him. Chad says that if Theresa's not it, then it's gotta be Whitney since they all hang out together. Fox doesn't answer at first, and Chad is confused. Fox finally lies and says it's Theresa. Fox can't believe all the nice things Whitney is telling Theresa about him. Chad wonders why Fox cares what Whitney thinks.


Gwen wants to know why Ethan won't let Fox and Theresa date. She is upset that Ethan is making this such a big deal and asks whether he loves her or Theresa more. Ethan says Theresa is a friend, but Gwen knows she has ruined Ethan's life. Gwen keeps saying that she can't believe Theresa is so far away, yet she and Ethan are fighting over her and it feels like she is close. Ethan tells Gwen that he needs to confess something to her. Gwen thinks Ethan is going to say that he loves Theresa more and begins having severe pains. A nurse comes in and says she'll get Dr. Abel.


Beth and Luis go to the market. While Luis is getting food, Beth tells herself that she needs to make sure Luis doesn't find out about Sherdian. When Luis asks what Beth wants for dinner, Beth suggests that they just go out to eat, but Luis doesn't feel comfortable with that; he wants to be close to the hospital. Luis wonders if there's a reason why Beth doesn't want him at her house. She "cries" and says she knows he'd rather be with Sheridan and her baby. Luis says he has a surprise to show her that he does care for her.

Luis goes off, and Beth calls Mrs. Wallace. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth about Sheridan (she lets Beth hear Sheridan's scream) and almost tells about Charlie not being able to deliver, but Charlie grabs the phone and says she'll deliver the baby. Beth hangs up and says that she should go home and be with Sheridan and the baby. Luis walks around the corner and wonders what Beth's talking about.


Mrs. Wallace searches the internet for info on being a midwife. Charlie tells Edna that Sheridan is faking, but Edna says she wouldn't scream like that if she was faking. Edna finds a midwife's guide to delivery and prints it. Charlie keeps saying that Sheridan is faking her labor, but Edna keeps saying she isn't. After talking to Beth (above) Charlie heads downstairs.

Sheridan is in the pit the entire show in labor, screaming for help.

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