Passions Update Tuesday 8/26/03

Passions Update Tuesday

By Mike
Pictures by Juanita


Jessica and Simone are telling Kay about being Mark reps. when Eve and Miguel walk in with Maria. Kay is worried about Maria being out of her incubator, but Eve says she's doing ok. Everyone is talking about how beautiful Maria is, and Grace notices that Charity is upset. Grace tells Charity she and Miguel can marry soon and have their own family. Charity remembers her conversation with Death. Kay notices that Maria's lips are blue and Eve says she's stopped breathing. The nurse with Eve calls for an incubator and a ventilator to be brought to Kay's room. Miguel asks Eve if Maria will live, and Charity slips and says she has to, she (Charity) made a sacrifice. Miguel wants to know what sacrifice she made, but Charity covers and says she just means she's made sacrifices, such as praying, etc. as everyone else has. Kay doesn't believe Charity at all, and tells her not to interfere. Miguel and Kay ask how Maria is, but Eve says there are complications. Eve finally admits that Maria could die.


Chad doesn't like Whitney playing matchmaker. Whitney thinks it not only will help Fox and Theresa, it will also get Theresa out of Ethan and Gwen's life.


Theresa thinks of a plan to get Ethan, but Fox doesn't like it and reminds her that she won't have Ethan, he is committed to Gwen, etc. They decide to go for a swim, and Fox mentions taking a trip to Las Vegas to gamble and get Theresa's mind off Ethan. But Theresa admits that she's always wanted to go to Las Vegas with Ethan. Fox is sick of Theresa talking about Ethan and they start splashing each other. Chad and Whitney come up and see this and Whitney tells Chad she knows she's right about them. It won't be too hard to get Fox and Theresa together. Whitney and Theresa go off to talk alone and Whitney says all these good things about Fox so Theresa will want to date him. Theresa thinks that the way Whitney's talking, she wants Fox for herself. At the pool, Chad asks Fox if Theresa is his mystery woman. Chad says that the only other option would be Whitney. (not those exact words, though.)


Gwen is upset that Ethan doesn't want Theresa to date Fox. Ethan says Theresa is his friend, and he wants to look out for her. Gwen asks how Theresa could be his friend when not long ago, he almost proposed to her? Gwen wants to know if Ethan still loves Theresa, but Ethan says he would never leave her for Theresa or anyone else. Gwen says that wasn't the question. Ethan says he loves her and the baby, but Gwen says if he only married her for the baby, he can go to Theresa. Ethan is just scared that Fox will cause trouble for Theresa.


Charlie has food for Sheridan and wants Mrs. Wallace and Precious's help, but when they get downstairs they hear Sheridan say her water broke. Charlie doesn't get it at first, but Mrs. Wallace finally tells her it means Sheridan's in labor. Charlie thinks it's false labor, but Mrs. Wallace tells her it doesn't sound like it.


In the pit, Sheridan is in labor and passes out. She fantasizes that she is in heaven with her mother and has died. Her mother tells her the baby will be all right, but Sheridan is dead and won't know her baby. Sheridan is ipset because she wants to see her baby; at least Katherine got to see Sheridan before she died. Sheridan tells Katherine how Alistair and Julian have blamed her for Katherine's death. Katherine says that they just blamed her because they just needed someone to blame. Katherine tells Sheridan that she can fight to live for her baby's sake.


Luis talks about Sheridan and her baby. Beth tells herself that soon Luis won't be thinking about Sheridan anymore. Luis apologizes to Beth for not paying attention to her. He promises to cook a meal for her and her mother tonight. Mrs. Wallace calls Beth and tells her Sherdian's in labor. Beth says for Charlie and Mrs. Wallace to take care of it. Luis gets on the phone and tells Mrs. Wallace he's cooking dinner tonight. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that she better stall. Luis has to take care of paperwork, so that buys Beth some time. Luis comes back and Beth wants to go to his house, but he wants to go to her house. Beth says she'll be walking the green mile when Luis finds Sheridan.


Mrs. Wallace tells Charlie she has to deliver Sheridan's baby, but Charlie doesn't know how to. Mrs. Wallace and Charlie make Precious go on the internet and research how to deliver.

Downstairs, Sheridan comes to with severe pains and says she's in labor; somebody help!!

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